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Charles Manson's Attorney

Asks Obama For Help

2/22/2011 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Manson's lawyer has just sent a fax to President Obama, asking for mercy.

Barack Obama and Giovanni Di Stefano
Giovanni Di Stefano -- known as "The Devil's Advocate" -- tells TMZ, he wants the Prez to set Manson free.

Di Stefano -- who has also repped the likes of Saddam Hussein -- says Manson was nothing more than a cult leader, not a murderer -- Manson didn't do the killing.  Di Stefano says at worst, Manson is guilty of telling his followers to "do something witchy" -- never specifying murder.

Di Stefano complains, "Manson has been made out in America to be the Satan of the criminal justice system. He does not deserve the title."


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To #1....Obama IS stupid enough to free that turd.

1339 days ago


Bush would have let him out.

1339 days ago


p.s. to in-demand Manson sex-tapes.

Personally, I've always wanted a sex tape to pop up, so to speak, of Britney Spears.

My concern:

Can Manson still perform.

In the masculine sense?


1339 days ago


Obama can hire him - he'll fit right in with all the other criminals on Obama's staff. He gets involved in beergate, now sends his goons to Wisconsin, this isn't that far away from what he's doing already. He apparently has enough time on his hands to involve himself in things the shouldn't but can't handle running the country nor foriegn affairs. 2012 can't come soon enough.

1339 days ago


That lawyer has some balls, big balls.

I wonder how much money he'll make on this publicity stunt.

Obama is smarter than that, he's not going to et that psycho free.

That's just what we need Manson capitalizing on the REALITY SHOW CIRCUIT!

Could be an interesting show, what would they call it:

"Helter Skelter" "Mason's New Family" "Manson Feud" "Survivor: Manson Edition" "The Apprentice: Mason Family" "Teen Mom 3 with your host Mason"

That would be funny, Maci, Farrah, and Amber with Manson...I wonder if he will say something witchy to Maci and Farrah to take out Amber.

That action would never start a race war, in fact I doubt people would care.

1339 days ago


"Beleieve me, if I started murdering people, there would be none of you left" -Charles Manson,

And this ****ing lawyer is trying to get him released?

1339 days ago


So wait , we are actually IN agreement here that if someone instructs or encourages others to act out violently against someone then they themselves are guilty of the crime of violence... right?

1339 days ago


If the put Manson on The Bachelor, I'll watch it.

1339 days ago


And Obama is stupid enough to do it.

1339 days ago


eum ... did i just read it right? ^_-

1339 days ago


it's a shame Manson is making money on his crazy arts/drawings, paintings...he has no shame...
and that lawyer must have been formed by the devil himself to try to free all of his followers upon the people of earth!

1339 days ago


forgot to mention some of those crazy followers to this day who are buying all of his arts and praise everything Manson...
hope they hurry and go back home to h3ll b/c they will not succeed in freeing this devil incarnate!

1339 days ago


p.s. to agencies who might rep Manson.


In a heartbeat.

Let the Farrelly Brothers have first crack at him.

doeb (former roommate of one of the Farrelly Brothers)

1339 days ago


Hi 'River Rat',totally agree with you,what a scary true account of what really happened by reading 'Helter Skelter',I remember the killings were done in '69 and I think the book came out in '75. Bugliosi did a great job on the book.

1339 days ago


If you haven't gone to youtube and watched some of Charles Manson's interviews from prison, they are an absolute must see. The guy is crazier than a hoot owl but makes astonishing sense at times. Whether he did order the killing or not, the best place for him is in custody. Period.

1339 days ago
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