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Charles Manson's Attorney

Asks Obama For Help

2/22/2011 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Manson's lawyer has just sent a fax to President Obama, asking for mercy.

Barack Obama and Giovanni Di Stefano
Giovanni Di Stefano -- known as "The Devil's Advocate" -- tells TMZ, he wants the Prez to set Manson free.

Di Stefano -- who has also repped the likes of Saddam Hussein -- says Manson was nothing more than a cult leader, not a murderer -- Manson didn't do the killing.  Di Stefano says at worst, Manson is guilty of telling his followers to "do something witchy" -- never specifying murder.

Di Stefano complains, "Manson has been made out in America to be the Satan of the criminal justice system. He does not deserve the title."


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And what is this man gonna do -if he is set free?
He still can prolly motivate losers to do his bidding!

1340 days ago


He does have a good point...Manson didn't do any of the killings what so ever and he was a cult leader...He sent his family to the Tate house thinking it was still the manger of the Beach Boys (because he use to do back up for them until Manson started losing his cheese off his cracker and fired him) but when they showed up to kill the manger they didn't know he moved months earlier so they ended up killing the Sharon Tate and whoever else was in the house that night. So why can't they set Charlie free they already set free 2 members for his "family" so why not him??

1340 days ago

Uncle Fred    

Obama couldn't let manson out if he wanted to. Manson was convicted of a california state crime, murder. Obama only has the power to commute or pardon federal crimes. The lawyer would need to go to Gov. Jerry Brown.

1340 days ago


all of you saying there's no way ... this attorney knows a jellyfish for a president when he sees it and he's pouncing on it.

a president that stands up for illegals over legal citizens, who apologizes for america and who promised to stand with his muslim brothers if the winds change ... this would be enough to get obama's tree hugging bonfire swayers to hug him just a little tighter with elections coming soon and his numbers being in the toilet right now.

go ahead, make my day.

1340 days ago

somewhere in Texas    

Manson and his followers were originally given the death sentence but it was commuted to life when the death penalty was ruled unconstitutional. They should all be grateful they were allowed to continue to breath this long. Their victims, don't forget were not given that chance as they begged for their lives. They were even laughed at as they layed dying. He and his followers deserve as much mercy as the victims.0

1340 days ago


Most of the twits posting here don't even know who this man IS.

What's the demographic here? 1-25?

1340 days ago


p.s. to Charley in High Def


Charley, Sam Ronson and Lindsey - living together down at Venice Beach.

Jim Carrey as their apartment manager/rental agent.


1340 days ago


p.s. to Manson in HDTV

1. Howard Stern'd fire Quivers, replace her with Manson.

Lady Gaga'd bring Manson on tour.

Start wearing him.

Dude'd gross 600 mil his first week out.


1340 days ago


After all his racist Helter Skelter bull****, Charles Manson has some nerve asking a Black president for a pardon!

1340 days ago


He has a better shot at going with the chewbacca defense

1340 days ago

Dandy Dan    

So if I write a letter to the President I get to have my letter on TMZ?
That's what this story pretty much proves... Hey everyone write a letter to President Obama about whatever you want then you get to be on TMZ! ...
I was saying you guys are getting dumber by the day nooooooo its by the hour. MORONS.

1340 days ago


I think he should just use the Sarah Palin defense.. "I'm just passionate about my opinions, it's not my fault some nut acted on them"

1340 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL.Agreed #14

1340 days ago


p.s. to many other useless/senseless p.s. 's's:

Put Charlie in a Brooks Brothers suit, give him a haircut/facial, run him through the same Goodwill/P.R. tour
Charlie Sheen's currently on.

doeb out

1340 days ago


You gotta be kidding me.

1340 days ago
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