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Chris Brown

I'm Allowed to Go

Near Rihanna Now!!!

2/22/2011 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Award shows just got a little less awkward for Chris Brown and Rihanna ... because a judge just lifted the restraining order prohibiting him from going near her.

Chris Brown and Rihanna
Brown appeared in court moments ago in downtown L.A., where a judge replaced Rihanna's restraining order with a level one order -- meaning Chris and Rihanna can have contact as long as he does not harass, annoy, or molest her.

Rihanna was not in court -- but her attorney Donald Etra was ... and told the judge RiRi has no objection to the new order.


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People actually can change if they want to.

1317 days ago


I fear for Chris. It's only a matter of time before her no talent, trashy, diseased self wants another go at it. Drake, Kemp, Colin, Timberlake, TI, Hov...the list is endless.

1317 days ago


i love you riri and chris one i heard you had said this is the biggest love that you ever had

1317 days ago


Did everybody forget after Chris and Rihanna had their domestic fight they were back together in the water jet skiing. The photography only showed Chris jet skiing in the water at P-Diddy's house smiling. We will never know what happened in that car between Rihanna and Chris so everybody just let it go. Rihanna never told the whole truth even with Barbara Walters and the whole world. We tend to say all women who are abuse go back to their abuser. We make excuses for women all the time but not for men. It would be the same amount of women who get abuse as well as men get abuse, if men would have reported being hit and beaten by women. Men tend not to report being abuse verbally or physically. It is time for men to start reporting your wife, girlfriend, and associates who are females from hitting YOU and getting away with it for centuries. We have given women the right to hit any male and get away with it. If the man hits back than he goes to jail while the women sits like the victim. It has happened to many times. Men be smart and start reporting. Rihanna wants to get back with Chris from the beginning but the only reason she hasn't is because of people like you keep controling their lives and telling them what to do. If no one put their two cent into Chris Brown and Rihanna Fenty business than they would still be together today people.

1317 days ago


I'm kinda hoping that this whole thing is just about Chris Brown being able to attend events that Rihanna will also be attending (i.e., the Grammys). And I sure hope that he behaves himself and continues his progress in self-improvement. I just spent my lunch hour watching his videos - the boy has talent for sure and he can dance up a storm with the best of them! As for the two of them getting back together, only time will tell, completely up to them - I certainly wouldn't judge them for what may be in their hearts. Only problem being is that Chris has now learned the skills he requires in stressful situations; Rihanna has not. (C'mon people, heard her new song about chains and whips excite her?? Wow, how wrong is that considering her "I'm a victim" role in the whole assault fiasco?) P.S. I'm not a young fan; I'm a 50+ professional woman who can recognize God given talent and gives second chances.

1317 days ago

Lady .    

Yall are all dumb.
He does not want anything to do with her. He still has love for her, but he doesn't wanna be with her. She obviously doesn't know what she wants, she's always all over the place. WHO CARES.

*He just wants to be able to go to the same events without getting in trouble for it. So leave it alone guys. It's not what you think.

1317 days ago


Even if the can be around each other now, why would he want to be?

1317 days ago


WoW that would be nice if they started talking again. Hahaha! I wonder would you haters hate on Rihanna for talking to him. She don't give a damn what you haters think, you see what she did to Donald Trump so you haters don't mean nothing. Rihanna wanted that ordered removed and the judge said no. Rihanna is her own women and she can do what the hell she wants to do. So get the hell over it because it is what it is even if you don't like it or not

1317 days ago


Hope he is NOT stupid enough to go back to Rihanna.
He will find someone worthy of him.

1317 days ago


Once your a beater your always a beater. Maybe she'll put a slug right between his beater eyes. The people who say leave him alone should spend a minute in her shoes when he snaps. He needs to get a bridge to somewhere else. Stupid judge & Kobe too you can't wash it off ever.( Mel G ) also.

1317 days ago


Chris go be nice somewhere else you blew this she misses the idea of you.
Ha LOSER. You'll never be the same. You will not forget this till you are 90.Stupid.Fail she owned your ass. hahaha. from old ass lonely beater. You are just like me. O she still loves me. Not. She could legally shoot you.
Go away get on with your life. You do not belong near her. Today's domestic violence law's are so hard maybe she's trying to nail you for what you did to her. She won't ever forget the humiliation and raw fear you caused.

1317 days ago

Kitti B    

Wow...amazing how nobody thinks Charlie Sheen's a s***bag when he hit's women. Hmmmm. I wonder why??

1317 days ago

Tiffani Hall    

People crack me up with their judgemental selves. Yeah, that teenage boy really messed up but if we all were judged so severely without redemption guess where we'd all be. He's been punished. Lord willing he's learned from this situation. If not then God will take care of it. Until then we should all focus on what we r gonna be judged on. None of us should be delusional enough to believe we're any better. If we really believe that then tell God just that when we r in the line of judgement.

1316 days ago


It's unfair to think his future date needs to bring a "BAT" with her.
Brown won't be swinging any thing DEADLY anytime soon;

1316 days ago

Misty Jean    

Chris, I'm single.

1316 days ago
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