TMZ Live: Blake Griffin Accused of Stealing Dunk Idea

2/22/2011 5:55 PM PST
Did Clippers star Blake Griffin rip off the awesome idea that led to his amazing All-Star dunk?  The guy who came up with it has some harsh words for Mr. Griffin.     And what's Charlie Sheen privately saying about his TMZ Live appearance yesterday?  We answer these questions and a lot more.

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(1:20) Carmelo Anthony is heading to the Knicks ... and we have a photo of the MASSIVE sandwich that was just made in his honor.
(4:40) Michael Scrivner -- the guy who tweeted Blake Griffin the idea for the car/alley-oop dunk -- is on the phone ... and he wants credit where credit is due!
(9:23) Why are big celebs (Justin Bieber & Charlie Sheen) calling in to TMZ Live now???
(10:05) Charlie Sheen only wanted to talk to Mike yesterday -- so Mike explains how it went down.
(13:08) A picture of young Mike!!! Amazing.
(15:50) Why can't Sheen have as many women as he wants? Max takes this one.
(17:00) A very important question about Charles' hair.
(21:05) Skype question from Julie!
(22:10) Twitter questions galore!
(27:00) The fall of bookstores ... and what Harvey & Charles are reading.
(31:50) Derek Jeter's new crib vs Aaron Spelling's monster mansion.
(35:30) Puppies and kittens!!!