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Kim Kardashian -- Up for Role in New Gotti Flick

2/23/2011 7:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is on the verge of scoring the role of a lifetime ... opposite John Travolta -- as John Gotti's daughter-in-law in the new biopic about the mafioso's life.

Kim Kardashian Gotti
Sources connected with the movie tell TMZ, Kim recently met with executive producers on the film to discuss the possibility of playing Kim Gotti in the movie.

Nothing's been signed yet -- but we're told KK's a front-runner to land the role ... and producers have expressed strong interest in casting her ... to act.

Stranger things have happened.



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She needs to hurry up and make all her money FAST !!!

She's pretty but soon will be PRETTY OLD; at least for Hollywood.

Her body has been her meal ticket and recently her upper arm skin swings loose and flacid.

Her face looks like any dark plain Jane with lots of Avon product's on.


1339 days ago


It would be very difficult to take this movie seriously if she's in it.

1339 days ago


Somebody need to kneecap them damn producers who thought of casting KK in a Gotti's film.

1339 days ago


I actually like KK & their show.....Further, respect the fact that she's an entrepreneur with her clothing line; perfume; shoes; serveral boutiques & much, much more..... Very giving, although remains anonymous, with varies charties...Quite an accomplishment for a gal who's only 30!!!! Good for her & should she actually be cast for the part in the film, kudos to her!!!! I look forward to the film either way......

1339 days ago


when will she go away?? I'm already sick of her, We need a new reality star!

1339 days ago


I CALL BULLSH*T...P.R. STUNT by her hideous mother....these women will stoop to ANY level to make noise about themselves.

Bet the people casting this thing never heard of her...what a joke.

Kris Kartrashien and her spawn are on the same level as the Lohans...they just know how to wring a dime out of everyone that crosses their path better than the HOHANs...must be that Armenian blood...the HOHANs are just white trash...not true GYPSIES like the KARTRASHIANS.

1339 days ago


Kim KARDASHIAN is a VIRUS spreading our life, she is tenious and ambitious.

1339 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

not an actress, not Italian. What a joke

1339 days ago

the truth    

kim Gotti....

why not Alysia Milan (Sp?) good actress! i could see her playing this part but not a reality show girl.its to big of a role. it would also make john(who i love) not look so good. Kim and her tough act chewing gum NOW is nothing but she gonna dodge the paps if she gets the part because shes gonna think shes special? i bet she would!
i was reading an article about how a spy went into the dash store in NY and he said he would never go back. a lady also said the same thing. I'm gonna look for it. its pretty interesting.ohh one more thing,i thought Khloe was some ruff girl? when Kim was arguing with that girl Khloe was just sitting and watching Kim get yelled at LOL but she jumped in at the end lol....but that also could have been a set up because i would see a law suit and what a coincidence Kourt went to the bath room.
ok im done. one more thing. when kim didnt like the pic that showed her strange looking butt and boobs they could have been air brushed!!! her butt really looks strange.

1339 days ago


KIm is going to do carpeting on the red carpet invited by Ryan seacrest this week end. Her PR/Publicist is saying that she is going to be cast in a film that create the doubt that perhaps this week end she is going to be seen like legimate in the event. But in reality she has nothing to do apart taking photos with celebrities en send them to her Twitter or like she did this week Juliana rancic or her publicist send the twit in her place to spread the image that she is a celebrity legimat and that increase her followers, to attract more endorsement like money for doing nothing, and cheating on her image.
For me she is VIRUS spreading the world of fashion, movies and the world of music. She will never be Paris she is trying even to imitate her, but Paris has winning assets Kim don t have. She is a virus and nothing else, cause you cannot invest all the fields in such short time and pretenting earning that much money, all the serious poeple know that the kklan is lying to seems pricey, to reach richer fans.

1339 days ago


It's sad enough that some idiot on the CA Tourism board decided to include her in the latest commercial for the state. Tell your kids to make a sex tape, sell it to a porn site ASAP, act like you had nothing to do with it, and just maybe you can be a celebrity. The worst part is her mother is basking in the glory of it all. She has two younger sisters to follow her path. So sad.

1339 days ago


is this turning into porn?

1339 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Kim K acting????
...and monkeys will fly
out of my but any moment now!

Thank God for small mercies,
they will not shoot the movie
and her azz in 3 D -


1339 days ago


Ok, WHO ARE THE PRODUCERS? Time to blow up their twitter acct., emails, whatever they have! I know not to long ago she was begging James Cameron for a role in his movie, she's following him, Henry Winkler, Fonz, she's been kissing Elizabeth Taylor's azzz, ALL THIS IN THE LAST MONTH. I don't follow her, but sometimes I get directed to her page via my tweet peeps. Oh, and she was following Jerry Bruckheimer, but for some reason un-followed him. None of them follow her. So, who is producing this movie???

1339 days ago


That film is gonna suck!

1339 days ago
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