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Lindsay Judge to Broker Plea Deal With Jail Time

2/23/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge who will determine Lindsay Lohan's fate in the probation and grand theft cases will be the middleman in plea negotiations today between Lindsay and the prosecutor ... and sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the judge thinks Lindsay should do time.

Lindsay will appear today before Judge Keith L. Schwartz, and sources connected with the case tell TMZ that during the hearing prosecutor Danette Meyers will present Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, with a formal offer to plea bargain the case.

Sources tell us Meyers has already told Holley any deal will include significant jail time ... but Lindsay steadfastly refuses to accept a plea that involves time behind bars.

Sources connected with the case tell us Judge Schwartz will propose that Lindsay accept jail time for the probation violation and three years felony probation for the grand theft case. But here's the BIG problem with that -- if Lindsay gets in trouble during the probationary period, she'll go to state prison.

We're told Holley has not seen the surveillance video yet, but Meyers will present her with her very own CD tomorrow -- before the hearing.

If Lindsay doesn't accept a plea, the judge will set a date for a preliminary hearing.

UPDATE: Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, as of early this morning, Lindsay insists she's innocent and is ready to go to trial to clear her name.



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lou- The double chin is very odd. She cant seem to loose it.
Add in the balding, duck lips, and wrinkles you've got a very unusal 24 year women.

1346 days ago


Such a scofflaw. But, she does keep herself in the news. TMZ keeps her career going. AND, i think many fringe actors should be grateful to TMZ for the publicity they get, otherwise they would have faded into distant memories by now.

1346 days ago


Riddle be this Trollhans, I don't remember a half bald actress being in Mean Girls 8 years ago, was Lohan really in that movie?

1346 days ago


#77 Nicole

How do YOU know who Sitting Bull, Delmar or Susan are? If you are not a Lohan than how do you know EVERY move they make? Are you a stalker? Their drug dealer? Mike, Jr? (since it seems that he, too, is not working)

Posted at 4:14 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by themare


Hahah, themare, I was just going to ask her the same question! Funny how she speaks for all of them, as a group.

You KNOW it's a Trollhan when they use the following terms: misunderstanding, free publicity for shop owner, LINNOCENT, haters, Dannette using Lindsay to be next DA, cheap worthless necklace...

Come on, guys, help me out here. I know there are countless Trollhan signature lines. Help me fill in the blanks.

1346 days ago


It looks like her goose is cooked. She will definitely be doing time, it's just a question of how much. I would NOT want to go to prison, especially state prison. She's in for a rude awakening.

1346 days ago



Oh please its allegedly a $2500 necklace that someone obviously gave her access to in the store.

I have had the same kind of "access" that was obviously given to me in stores of high priced items (It's called trying it on) by salespersons or store owners, but that's not the same as giving it to me outright, like its a gift to me, or the same as my then walking out of the store with it and not having paid for it; this is what you are essentially saying it equates to - you try something on in a store with the permission of a sales clerk or store owner, and voila! its your's to keep!!!! You are truly delusional if you think that.

1346 days ago


Come on, guys, help me out here. I know there are countless Trollhan signature lines. Help me fill in the blanks.

Posted at 7:39 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by lou

the judge has it out for her cause she is famous..forgot that

1346 days ago


the injustice of jul 6 is another

1346 days ago


"If LL is and truly believes she is innocent, aside from interrupting her life and what she wants to do, I think she should not plea, but stand her ground. But to do so accepts that if she does and is found guilty, she will have to accept that and what it entails."

I don't believe any of the lohan/Trollhans think she is innocent. They think she's above prosecution.

1346 days ago


Have fun today

signed 'a stupid person' (according to you)

1346 days ago


As much as of s***bag Michael is, he flew in from Florida to be here for Lindsay. He hasnt missed any of her court apperances, and was there for her in Rancho Mirage

1346 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

linnocent----written by Ali Trollhan

1346 days ago


So...again...anyone know what time the hearing is?

1346 days ago


While one is certainly innocent until proven guilty, keep in mind it is not unusual for a prosecutor to have a 100% conviction rate. Many have NEVER lost a case. You know why? They are too busy to waste time on the marginal cases. When a DA decides to pursue a case, it is because it is solid. For matters of judicial economy, many cases are settled (plea bargain).

There are some variables, but for the most part the only criminal cases that get tried are cases where the defendant is truly delusional (thinks there is no way he or she will be found guilty, no matter what the evidence) or where the defendant has nothing to lose (plea bargain isn't much of a break).

1346 days ago



1346 days ago
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