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Lindsay Judge to Broker Plea Deal With Jail Time

2/23/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge who will determine Lindsay Lohan's fate in the probation and grand theft cases will be the middleman in plea negotiations today between Lindsay and the prosecutor ... and sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the judge thinks Lindsay should do time.

Lindsay will appear today before Judge Keith L. Schwartz, and sources connected with the case tell TMZ that during the hearing prosecutor Danette Meyers will present Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, with a formal offer to plea bargain the case.

Sources tell us Meyers has already told Holley any deal will include significant jail time ... but Lindsay steadfastly refuses to accept a plea that involves time behind bars.

Sources connected with the case tell us Judge Schwartz will propose that Lindsay accept jail time for the probation violation and three years felony probation for the grand theft case. But here's the BIG problem with that -- if Lindsay gets in trouble during the probationary period, she'll go to state prison.

We're told Holley has not seen the surveillance video yet, but Meyers will present her with her very own CD tomorrow -- before the hearing.

If Lindsay doesn't accept a plea, the judge will set a date for a preliminary hearing.

UPDATE: Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, as of early this morning, Lindsay insists she's innocent and is ready to go to trial to clear her name.



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Dina and Mike (Nicole and John Smith) were up all night snorting coke and posting for poor LiLoHo - too bad the judge doesnt read TMZ and take their middle of the night rants into consideration -

Because if the judge did -

Then she would probably tack on a year or two until these leeches went away!

1303 days ago


Looks like the Lohans have exited the discussion in order to get a few hours sleep before court.

1303 days ago


Come on, if this were anyone else she'd already be in prison. Time to stop coddling the hollyweird has been. She either takes the deal or she goes to trial. The prosecution has first hand testimony and video, she should just take the deal. She can clean up in prison and work while she's on parole. Time for this adult to wise up !

1303 days ago


I'm starting to get the feeling that not much is going to happen today.

If Shawn Holley is going to see the surveillance tape for the first time today ... and... if discussions about a plea deal are continuing...... I'm guessing that this whole thing will be continued to another day.... sigh....

Hopefully I'm wrong.

1303 days ago


Its easy - if they dont agree on a jail term, just revoke probation.


1303 days ago


I read SCH always tries to work a plea to avoid going to trial.

She must not be much of a trial attorney

1303 days ago


Lock her stupid a$$ up for awhile...... enough of the special treatment and slaps on the wrist.

1303 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Looks like the Lohans have exited the discussion in order to get a few hours sleep before court.

Posted at 5:02 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by duh

Beer run, they'll be back....

1303 days ago


Delmar is very informed about mental behavior and psychology,Susan is British ans @sittingbull just likes her movies.I just spit out my coffee laughing Trollhans are in for a big surprise when they get the civil suit for slander/libel that I have been preparing for 5 moths.

1303 days ago


@ Holly
"I read SCH always tries to work a plea to avoid going to trial.

She must not be much of a trial attorney"


Actually, I suspect the problem is that many clients are able to be proven guilty and a plea is their best option. I'm sure there is a process where a good attorney helps get their client to the best option for THEM at the moment, while maintaining pblic neutrality. Probably a plea here.

I'm amazed how comfortable some people are here with a mounting criminal record. The average person would be ashamed and embarrased. Not Lohan. No remorse. No insight. No change. No respect. Ergo no pity from the public.

1303 days ago

Gene Lane    

One law for the Rich and Famous and Politicians and one law for you and I.....This arrogant spoiled Brat has no respect for laws and athourtiy. I keep hoping the youth of this Country would band together and bring some sanity Back. Lindsay should be sentenced to one year in Libya. Canuck

1303 days ago


#118 FUTMZ

Good morning, FUTMZ!

1303 days ago


This has nothing to do with Lindsay but here is a funny youtube remix of an anti-depressant.

1303 days ago


You know if she was innocent her parents would be having interviews every chance they could to try to defend her. I think the police have good evidence to charge her for this one. I dont wish jail on anyone, My prayers are with you Lindsay as you go to court today.

1303 days ago


anti-depressant commercial that is.

1303 days ago
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