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Kim Kardashian -- Butting into the A-List Acting Biz

2/24/2011 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is in talks to star in the new John Gotti flick with John Travolta ... proving it's just a matter of time before that butt conquers all of Hollywood.

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Trooper Tom    

Why would any one want to see a movie about some dead mobster, seems like a waste of money to me. Travolta is a passable actor his movies don't open very well or do any good at the box office. Why they would put some one like this no talent motel mattress in a movie? is she under some ones desk or arse up on some ones sofa?

1300 days ago


I guess it pays to be a no-talent, fat-a$$, attention-whore. Not wasting my money to watch this movie for sure!

1300 days ago


OK, didn't her and Reggie break-up because they couldn't find time to be together because of their busy schedules? She now models, clothing chain, Perfume, sings, and now acting. She's not leaving much time for the child that she is wanting to have with her latest of what... 3 months. Just do one thing to the best of your ability.

1299 days ago


Have to say, 4REALZ, you called it as it is... They're Armenian roaches that never die and won't go away, that's the Kardashian's - indeed!!! What has happened to our society that we continually give non-stop airtime, coverage, articles, pictures and updates on these no-talent, uneducated over-exposed skanky family and others like them such as the Jersey Shore cast. Every entertainment media show gives them coverage thinking that this is what America wants to see, we've stooped so low that this is what takes-up most of our media air-time -seriously! Kim and her pimp of a mother and talent-less sisters are an example of what so many parents don't want their families and children to become and or to believe it's what is important in life to become responsible and successful citizens. Seeing Kim Kardashian in the front row audience at the Grammy's made me lose respect for the organization. What was she doing there in the first few rows? Really, is she an artist? Was she up for an award? Was she someone's date? So many other worthy artists and struggling artists should have been given that seat and opportunity, but the show and their producers think Kim is what we want to see and could give them ratings? Really? It made me sick as it did many others that I spoke with after seeing the show. When she and her sisters speak, it's so annoying, they are pretty girls that wear far too much make-up, but when they open-up their mouths, one immediately wants to turn off the sound! OMGosh, every other word is "like." Like I, Like he, it's like, I'm like, he like, she like!!! WTF??? They sound so uneducated and when I saw that Kim and Kourtney were on Piers Morgan and watched five minutes of it, I was horrified how they spoke and answered questions in a serious interview - both of them! Kourtney is the official Armenian Valley girl and when Piers asked Kim what she thought of Palin and Obama, she couldn't answer with anything intelligent or specific. Yes, Hollywood producers, put her in a Travolta movie, that will sell tickets! Thanks for the warning, I wouldn't waste a dime on a film or project or show that involves that Kardashian family and their media antics. TMZ, you need to dial-up your content and stop including Kim and her family in your coverage, it's meritless and insulting!!! NEXT!!!

1299 days ago


Good for Kim! I think Kim K and her family are hilarious. They are so much like my family that I feel like an episode is a visit back home. I watch TVeverywhere with my sponsored DISH Network account. I laugh everywhere while I am watching my DVR recordings and Live Stream of TMZ on my iPhone. You can too at

1299 days ago


i wish e! and tmz would stop giving her attention.this girl is so dumb and such a whore. i had no idea she was sexing her body guard. what a douch bag.she have no talent at all why would anyone even think about putting her in any movies of such.and that voice make you want to throw up.get lost kim please.people are sick of you dont let ryan tell you you are hot.he just want to make as much money off your family as he can and will never tell you the truth.

1289 days ago


WHAT? first the uncensored Kim Kardashian sex tape where we have the honor of seeing Kim getting peed on and now she is supposed to star in a Goti flick? Please no?

1275 days ago

natalia bukatko    

thats sad that people think all pretty girls are talentless and stupid

1250 days ago

natalia bukatko    

thats sad that people think all pretty girls are talentless and stupid

1250 days ago
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