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Rihanna Photos


2/24/2011 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New photos of Rihanna reportedly taken shortly after Chris Brown beat her have shown up online.

Rihanna Abuse Photos has published photos of Rihanna which appear to have been taken at a hospital back in 2009 ... following the brutal attack.

Rihanna Assault Photos
No comment from Rihanna's camp ... at least so far.

Shortly after the incident, TMZ published a photo of Rihanna's injuries. Brown eventually plead guilty to assaulting Rihanna and was ordered to stay away from the singer.

However, just this week, a judge agreed to allow Brown to once again have contact with his ex-girlfriend.




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i cant form an honest opinion unless i can see the photos without all the text covering up the pics. all i see is "mediablahblahblah"

1336 days ago


I'm kind of happy that these pics r out so she can be reminded what happended to her,he can now get near her & we all know how charming he is & can be so if he tries to charm his way back into her heart again just in case she can't handle his charm & smile these pics can remind her about what happened,that's just in case she gets brainwashed for a minute & forgets how she felt that night she can turn to these horrible pics...

1336 days ago


These personal photos should have never been made public. She's not out in a club, these are pictures of a vulnerable battered woman in the hospital, for God's sake. Confronting images like this can show people the horrors of domestic abuse and I suppose encourage others to be strong and get help, but here it's just a gossip item. Seriously low to publish this without her consent.

1335 days ago


These pictures have already been around...shortly after the incident happened. you people really like digging up old news right? Rhianna and Chris both moved on from this. Get the over it. You people need to find better things to report about. This **** isn't new..and it did not just resurface. Your anti-chris brown stories are just pathetic.

I could give a **** about Chris brown or a year old incident SHE FORGAVE HIM FOR AND RECENTLY LESSENED THE RESTRAINING ORDER!

1335 days ago


Yeah, because it was all Chris Brown's FAULT.
It takes two to cause a fight, don't portray
Rihanna as the victim here. It was BOTH of
there fault. And how would you know it wasn't
Rihanna's fault? i mean you weren't there when
it happened where you?So STFU.

1335 days ago


Um, who CARES if her lip is split to the bone or slightly less deep than that...LOOK AT HER FACE!! Anybody who ever sends a penny Chris Brown's way is insane. The fact that he still has a career in music is disgusting to me, as he hasn't even come close to an appropriate display of remorse; rather, right after he beat Rhianna (for the who-knows-how manyeth time) he behaved as an entitled squib, making excuses, lying, and oh yes, riding wave runners with a disgusting ****-eating grin on his face. Good job raising that one, Mrs. Brown.

1335 days ago


The sad part about these photos are that nobody cares what Chris Brown did to her. They're too busy dancing in the clubs to his latest single...

We have a strange society.

1335 days ago


Its sad what happened to her but everybody makes mistakes and Chris Brown is only human! He manned up and apologized to not only Rihanna but to the world. This sitation happened 2 yrs ago let it ago. It seems they both did.

1334 days ago


So we make her a victim again? Being brutalized isn't enough. No, we have to (even after all this time) post the pictures of her all over the web. God, we are a sick people. The shame and pain in her eyes is overwelming. For a stupid school assignment I was forced to blog about something. I never blog. Why do we assume people care what we have to say? Through my search of blog sites I came upon the TMZ page. I am sickened by the publics need for personal information about people because they are celebs.These pictures were taken in a hospital why were they made public? Stupid shcool assignment. I hate that I found these pics and hate more that I had to blog at all. Shame on all of us for looking. Rhianna, I am sorry. Success and fame should never have to come at the price of ones privacy. I will hopefully never have to return to this site ever again.

1334 days ago


I realize that the pictures look awful, but rememeber he is human. Each of us and allowed ourselves to go outside of the box in our lives. I hope that we will learn how to stop judging and let God do is will. I pray that he has learned from is mistake. I also pray that Rihanna will forgive him, so that God will continue to bless her. Judge he not. what if God did not forgive us. where would we be now?...

1334 days ago


He mest her up like crazy I fell back for her now.

1334 days ago


The sad part about these photos are that nobody cares what Chris Brown did to her. They're too busy dancing in the clubs to his latest single...

We have a strange society.
So f*cking what?! People can like his music, just not him in general. Common sense1

1334 days ago


Chris Brown is an ******* . . . it takes a real man to beat up a woman. I dont listen to his **** anymore.

1334 days ago


really, i feel bad at what has happen to her. Ber seriously people lets move on from this! She has and Chris has too. Looking back at the past will get you no where so keep going forward!!!!

1334 days ago


Can't eveyone tell, one of these pictures have to be fake, 1 the cuts, bruises, tatoo and clothing, they are all different! One of them have to be completely photo-shopped. Leave these 2 alone already!

1334 days ago
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