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Sheen vs. Lorre -- You Decide!

2/26/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The war between Charlie Sheen and "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre has torpedoed the show and cost hundreds their jobs. So as the dust settles, we ask ...



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Charlie needed help a long time ago. Instead of worrying about ratings, etc. Lorre needed to stop this BS a long time ago. If you put money and fame ahead of anyone and anything else, this is what happens...cause you can't take it with you when you go.

1305 days ago


Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre are nearly identical. The only difference between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre is that Sheen makes a fortune living it and Lorre makes a fortune pandering sex to America and its children during prime time TV. Sheen is pathological and Lorre is a supreme hypocrite.

1305 days ago

b mchugh    

replace him with David Spade.

1305 days ago


i think sheen, needs help in the worst way. he is an addict and needs long term rehab. i do love all the actors on 2 1/2 men, they are so good, and complement one another. i cant decide which i like more since they are the perfect cast. i hate to see the show canceled, since there arent that many good shows on tv. its just sad because they all just clicked. but without sheen, it wouldnt be as good.

1305 days ago


There 60 seconds I won't get back - how dumb is this page. Oh ya it's conceived by a bunch of idiots that chace celebs around

1305 days ago


Totally team Charlie! Love the way he speaks his mind and tells it the way it is!!!

1305 days ago


my mum is 70 she likes the show but she said the other day it use to be good but now charlie just talks silly all the time I think charlie has a point julie

1305 days ago


with out Chuck there is NO show!!!!!!!CBS SUCKS

1305 days ago


I feel sorry for Jon Cryer having to put up with Charlie's B.S. for all these years. He shouldn't have had to deal with that. I hope he'll start work on a different project.

1305 days ago


F**k 2 1/2 men the show sucked and Charlie carried it. Charlie is way to talented for that show. Charlie THANK YOU for calling it like it is and not being afraid to speak your mind. You F**king rock bro. All his ex cast members for 2 1/2 are scared because they know that they are talentless and wont be able to find another gig and ride on his coat tails to the bank any more.

1305 days ago


Nope, you don't get "REAL" sobriety that fast. period. doesn't happen that way. body/brain chemistry can't recoup that fast.
You can, however, NOT do drugs or alcohol for a day, and let it metabolize. But that's not sober, that's "coming down".
Not being "stoned" at the moment isn't sober. It's just, not being "stoned" at the moment.

He DID sound messed up on the rant. He really does need help, even his dad has tried to make him get help for years. I feel bad he's allowed himself to get in this situation. Why, is a very good question I'd like to understand one day.
Until he can admit there really IS a problem, we're just gonna have to watch the meltdown, and pray for him.

The puzzle pieces with what happened with Denise and Brooke, are finally starting to make a picture.

1305 days ago


I just bet Chuck Lorre and CBS have been telling Charlie not to express his political views the past couple of years. He's rich enough that no amount of money will keep Charlie silenced when it comes to all the corruption and deception that corporations and government get away with today.

Charlie, I am one of your true fans who will follow you anywhere. <3

1305 days ago


The only reason I think Charlie would win in a fight is because he'd fight really dirty. Chuck Lorre's best defense would be to have naked porn actresses in the audience to distract him.

1305 days ago

steve shearson    

Charlie's fun to watch. The show won't survive without him. His personal problems just reinforce his character on the program. The only one it's hurts is Charlie. If he can survive it, let him. The show must go on.

1305 days ago


It’s kind of like the lifestyle of Charlie Sheen killed Charlie Harper with his own roles persona, weird. Maybe that's the last show and a jumping point for a spin off with Angus living a new contemporary version of C.Harpers persona. In this way many of the show’s original people roles can continue on in some way. Surely they already have enough in the can to have C.H. have a heart attack, stroke, or even get Ebola. This is a good opportunity for Chuck Lorre to have some revenge on Sheen thorough torturing Charlie Harper. Have C.H. have a debilitating stroke and no one to care for him leaving him to sit in his own feces and urine with blood running from his eyes and then to do not resuscitate finally.

1305 days ago
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