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Famous Designer

Detained for Anti-Semitic Rant

2/25/2011 10:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Galliano -- the head designer at Christian Dior -- was briefly detained in Paris last night for allegedly attacking a couple at a cafe ... and spewing anti-Semitic insults at them.

John Galliano

According to the Associated Foreign Press, cops swooped in and detained Galliano ... and found that he had been drinking. Galliano was released without charges ... and escorted home by police.

The details surrounding the incident are sketchy ... but Galliano's lawyer Stephane Zerbib told AFP the designer "formally denies the accusations of anti-Semitism made against him."

Dior has officially suspended Galliano pending an investigation into the incident.

FYI -- Kate Moss recently announced she tapped Galliano to design her wedding dress.


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@ Nicole...Couldn't agree anymore. Enough said.

1338 days ago



I lived in France for 4 years. I got the fact you are Jewish and your comments about WWII are totally false.

Second, Galiano was not screaming anti-semitic comments, it was in a cafe or restaurant near a couple who they were sitting near his table and they got involved in an argument. He was not screaming on the streets or he didn't make a comment to the media. it was a private argument.

I stick of what I said at the beginning. Sorry

1338 days ago



I would prove my case. At the Golden GLobes Gala, Robert de Niro made a PUBLIC comment about Javier Bardem and all the waiters who "they were deported", assuming that all hispanic people they are illegal in this country,

Did you see Robert de Niro in jail after his "anti-hispanic" comments?

1338 days ago


He said "This Matzah ball soup sucks!" = Nazi

1338 days ago


This guy has always been a self serving turd.
What an ass.

1338 days ago


What happened to Free Speech? You ought to be able to have a conversation without threat of going to jail. That's what free speech stands for.

That law needs to be abolished. The French are not anti-semitic. If they were, they would not have allowed the jewish people to move into their country in the first place, think about it. And don't forget about La Resistance, the French fighters who resisted the Nazi occupation, and risked their lives to fight against the Nazi takeover. Abolish that law, you ought to be able to say whatever you want, without the threat of GOING TO JAIL, PATHETIC.

1338 days ago


@ NICOLE no 17
Before this becomes a WWII thing about what happened and what not and who's jewish and who's not:
They probably arrested him because he was very drunk and aggressive, aside from the things he said. They would book you even in the US when you're very drunk and lashing out at others.
It says that he went on an anti semitic rant, which is against the law, it doesn't matter if he were in the streets shouting it or in a cafe. These people felt violated by him and they filed a complaint which is their right to do so.

1338 days ago

tippy katz    


1338 days ago


Boycott Natzis like Galliano & Mel Gibson!

Posted at 7:00 AM on Feb 25, 2011 by Pookie
Did you intentionally leave out Charlie Sheen? or did you intentionally give him a pass

1338 days ago


He should gay marry Mike Vick! Ha hah!

1338 days ago



I am absolutely correct in what I said about WWII read The rise and fall of the third reich by William L. Shirer or the Winds of War by Herman Wouk. Both acknowledged experts on the war.

1338 days ago

george clooney    

don't understand why when you make "anti-semistic" comments you go to jail. However, when you make comments against afro americans, hispanics or arabs nothing happens.

Could somebody explain this issue?

Posted at 7:28 AM on Feb 25, 2011 by NICOLE
Oh Really Nicole? Be a white comedian and use the N Word in standup comedy and see what happens; but go to a black comedy club and listen to how often the N Word is used and how HONKEY, WHITE TRASH, CRACKER, WHITE DEVIL is used and NOTHING IS SAID about that. You need to get a grip Nicole

1338 days ago



Your argument is idiotic! Robert de Niro made his comment in America and the Dior designer made his in France. Neither of them were arrested. The designer was "detained" in France the police have the right to detain someone for up to 72 hours. That person is not arrested they are detained! During a period of detention the person has no right to a lawyer or to communicate with anyone but police.

In America it all but impossible to be arrested for what you say, this is not the case in France.

1338 days ago



are you "detained" at 5 start hotel? It doesn't matter if you stay at the police station. You are behind bars.

You mentioned two authors who wrote about WWII to make your comment. But you cannot learn history based in two books .

It doesn't matter if Robert de Niro made his comments in America. It was against hispanics. But nobody made a big deal of.

And please, to make your point it's not necessary to insult me . You are losing your credibility.

1338 days ago


stay tuned...

1338 days ago
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