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Famous Designer

Detained for Anti-Semitic Rant

2/25/2011 10:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Galliano -- the head designer at Christian Dior -- was briefly detained in Paris last night for allegedly attacking a couple at a cafe ... and spewing anti-Semitic insults at them.

John Galliano

According to the Associated Foreign Press, cops swooped in and detained Galliano ... and found that he had been drinking. Galliano was released without charges ... and escorted home by police.

The details surrounding the incident are sketchy ... but Galliano's lawyer Stephane Zerbib told AFP the designer "formally denies the accusations of anti-Semitism made against him."

Dior has officially suspended Galliano pending an investigation into the incident.

FYI -- Kate Moss recently announced she tapped Galliano to design her wedding dress.


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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

What an evil-looking disgusting old reprobate. And for all the IDIOTS who see a double-standard: Things are a lot different over in Europe than they are over here. There are stricter laws for this kind of FILTH. The crap a lot of you are spewing is exactly what went on in Germany in the '30s. As a matter of fact, it's going on here now against Christians. except when we speak up we're thought of as anti-muslim. Smart people don't buy that crap though because they see through the smoke & mirrors. So if you don't like it, take your pseudo-courage over there & do something about it. I'm sure they'd LOVE to entertain the ideology of you & your ilk. This guy & people who agree with him can't be locked up soon enough.

1334 days ago


Everyone should understand that the laws against making anti anything statements in most European countries are based on the intent of the statement. If you say all black people, all Jewish people, all Russians, or all Americans are stupid you will most likely not be in trouble. Change the statement to all of them should be murdered and your in trouble.
Usually the police will exclude the person who made the statement and the person who it was made to in determining the intent. Anyone who heard the statement and says they think you intended to incite violence against the group you named will cause the police to detain or arrest you. Usually it will take more than one person to tell the police this.
The same determination applies to statements that are made to incite someone to violence against the person who made them.

1334 days ago


Are you all illiterate? It says he was arrested for ATTACKING A COUPLE.

Nicole you sound like an idiot. We aren't the ones getting all sorts of handouts and have reverse-racist programs in place to force people to give us jobs and college admissions we didn't earn. People are way more politically correct talking about blacks and even Muslims than Jews.

Antisemites like yourself crack me up how you openly discuss us in an obsessive and idiotic fashion then cry about some imaginary censorship. People can and do publicly say any stupid thing they want about Jews and that's whats really annoying. Not the pretend censorship you want to whine about. You sound like a typical rude arrogant entitled jackass who is mad anyone expects manners and decency out of you.

1334 days ago


This is why I am over their whining! We all have a history. I personally survived a genocide but do I get appeased every second of the way? This is not doing anyone any favours...just serving to plant more fatigue in us

Posted at 2:22 PM on Feb 25, 2011 by randomnone

If not making anti-semitic statements fatigues you then there is something very wrong with you. It's funny how you call Jews whiners when jew-haters are the ones endlessly whining about us and making up new nonsense to accuse us of every day. What a bunch of pathetic babies antisemites are, boo hoo some Jewish guy has a nicer car than you let's make up 8000 fairytales about him. Get a life.

1334 days ago

Jenny Simmons    

Suddenly the Jews are more sacred than the Christ child? People can blaspehem and spout chains of Jesus Chirst profanity- but any anti-Jew comment and suddenly you're as bad as Hitler's lovechild with Stalin?

1333 days ago


Was JG insulting in French or English? Yes, it makes a difference. English is very limited as far as bad words and you can only get so far with it. Now if he was insulting in French,... he has no excuse :-) People note that one thing is to get colorful with the language and another very different is to take action against a group of people. Let's not get overly excited and call this guy antisemitic when in reality he may just be inarticulate :-) Let's not cry wolf.

1333 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

This is ridiculous. What ever happened to 'sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me'?? Are all those of Jewish religion big babies?? Whiners?? Absolutely ridicuous all this fuss over a few silly words! Like Jews use their own slurs like gentiles or goys. Silly nasty childish behavior to get upset over some silly names!

1333 days ago


I am French and your comments tell me that you yourself are an antisemite. Nothing to be proud of, sweetheart!
Right on Spot and Nessie!

1333 days ago


#36 and #38 I agree with you both 100% I am black Jews do own the world they sold they soul to the devil. Anyways not all blacks stand by when certain kinds of blacks are bing racist I don't. Plus my son is mixed and his father is white so I speak out.

1333 days ago


This is stupid. It's okay to call Muslims terrorists, blacks thugs, but you say something about jewish people, and you get arrested. It's one thing to take a knife and start stabbing someone because they are jewish, but to say something stupid and get in trouble with the law for that?!

1333 days ago


Im am so proud to be a Jew . You can call me what ever you want . I am of Russian , Italian , English and Scottish decent ...My childrens are that and Irish ...Jews ...I do see alot of feedback from the extremist hating Muslims (what a shame their are many nice Muslims)... Now hold on you bunch of disapointed people it has always bothered the world that Jews have survived , educated themselves and made money . You anti-semitic racists must get very angry that we thrived in spite of your persicution and trying to anialate all Jews of all ethnic backrounds .When they tried to wipe out an entire religon that has many ethnic backrounds . We rise , We rise , we thrive , we get smarter , richer , and rise , are you offended by my Jewish nose or my hand of God , Do I bother you ? thats Good it means we won !!!!!!!!!!

1333 days ago


Why does making anti semitic rants get you arrested? if someone made anti Christian remarks or anti Islam ones, they wouldnt get into that kind of trouble. So what if you say something anti semitic? Most people will just brush it off and ignore the crazy person who is being a bigot.

Seriously, Jewish people need to grow a pair.

1333 days ago


Honestly, people need to GET OVER IT. Just because someone says something doesnt mean the whole world is suddenly gonna turn on the Jews. People are always saying anti black, anti islamic, anti hispanic, anti everything ALL THE DAMN TIME. When I hear people say stuff like this, I laugh at them. LAUGH AT THEM. Grow a damn back bone.

1333 days ago

Rosie the commenter    


My family has lived in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Kuwait. I know full well what Semitic means. You seem to assume everyone who isn't an anti-Jewish little douche like you is ignorant, anti-Arab and god-knows what else.

Most Jews are not Semitic? You sound so ignorant. Ever heard of Mizrahi Jews? You know MOST jews in Israel are Mizrahi and Ashkenazis are a minority there? Oh but you think every Jew has a name that ends in 'thal' 'berg' or 'vitz' and they all live in Brooklyn and work in banks and law firms.

Ashkenazi and Sephardic jews have strong genetic links to the near east and North Africa, that is why they often 'look' more Semitic than their non-Jewish Europen counterparts. While I agree calling Arabs anti-semitic is ridiculous, they have every right to call THEMSELVES semites.

All that aside, this story makes me sad. Galliano is a talented designer. Really hope he's not racist/anti-semitic, but if this is all true I'm no longer a fan :(

1333 days ago


There are tons of black civil rights groups that make a media spectacle every time someone publicly insults black people. Look at Kramer, Don Imus, etc. There are Muslim organizations that force revisions of public school textbooks to make sure nothing insults Islam. And Hispanic groups that cry racism anytime someone objects to illegal immigration.
Al Sharpton, Black Panthers, La Raza, CAIR, etc. So don't give me this bs about how Jews are whiners and no one else says anything when they are insulted.
Jews are very thick-skinned moreso than Blacks or Arabs. And if you really want to get into who wants special treatment let's talk about affirmative action and the white-washing of Islamic history in textbooks and in the media. Every other day on the news there is some liberal commentator practically praising terrorists. They are extremely careful to never insult Islam.
Europeans especially are bending over backwards to appease Muslims. And Muslims groups are out in public protesting "Islamophobia" all day long in Europe, even threatening their own European governments in the streets.

So whoever is talking about Jews complain more than blacks or Arabs you are just full of crap. And "Jews" didn't complain about this fashion designer some individual couple that he ATTACKED did. And the police did. Get over Jews Nicole and whoever else has left idiotic comments on here.

1333 days ago
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