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Kelsey Grammer's Bride Wore White ... Bathrobe!

2/25/2011 5:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kelsey Grammer's latest wife Kayte Walsh arrived to her Broadway wedding at the Longacre Theatre today in a white bathrobe.

Kayte Walsh in Wedding Day
The fourth Mrs. Grammer likes to keep it casual.

Kelsey's rep sent out a statement at 1:30 PM PT, confirming the couple tied the knot. Hazah!

UPDATE -- Our photog spotted Kelsey and Kayte in the Plaza Hotel, right after they exchanged vows.


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He is so gay,all this crap is fake just like all that eddie murphy crap with the black spice girl..People actually believe all this cad behaviour

1344 days ago


Blah...that's all I can say! The whole situation is just sick. If my dad acted a fool like that, I might beat the crap out of him. Wait, my dad did act like that but geez he didn't marry her. How embarrassing.

1344 days ago

what the heck??    

Congrats!! Good for them!! She looks very nice, and I'm sure she isn't a psycho like the last one...what a freaking nightmare!! Thank god he ditched her!!!!!! Go Kelsey!!

1344 days ago


Kelsey Grammer must be quite an "optimist", if he still believes in the institution of marriage after three failed marriages. Perhaps he's learned enough from his failed relationships to make this current marriage work. You can't hate him for trying. Congratulations to the "new" Mr. and Mrs. Kelsey Grammer and may they enjoy many years of happiness together. I'm quite sure the ceremony was the "absolute" bomb!

1344 days ago


At least it looks like she put on some makeup and washed her hair. She normally looks like a homeless person.

1344 days ago


it's not going to last....they'll be done in a few years and she'll be ex #...whatever, and he'll feel so stupid for acting like a drama queen.

1344 days ago


Dont care. And I want to TELL you I dont care. Kelsey is a great actor and entertainer. He is happy. She seems to be happy. Alas, I dont care!

1344 days ago


Why such a long face now? He was beaming before, showing her off, and now it's completely different.

1344 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

The Plaza used to be the most beautiful, storied hotel in NY. Sophisticated, elegant, & full of class. Now, it's owned by some dubai sh*thead & they allow people like this in there; an endless line of pop tarts who want to up their cosmopolitan factor. To the management: Please don't let this be the beginning of the end.

1344 days ago


Jeez TMZ.

Don't 'cha think you could have used a different photo so it doesn't look like there's some of Kelsey's baby gravy running down her chin?

1344 days ago


They deserve each other. Kayte for sleeping with a married man and getting pregnant, and him for cheating on his wife and kids.

Hey Kayte, do you really think he will stay faithful to you? He won't, but I guess you don't care anyway. All you care about is Kelsey's money.

1344 days ago


Can't blame a girl for trying to make a buck! Worked for Camille!

1344 days ago


I'm sorry, but I cant help notice that in all the photos I've seen of Kayte, she looks like she has an assymmetrical face - one eye is higher than the other and further away from her nose than the other one.

1344 days ago


Within the year she will file for divorce.

Just watch...

1344 days ago


This is such a big joke - He is the whore,this whole double standard thing needs to end. If the tables were turned - OMG can you imagine? Kinda like the Charlie Sheen thing - just imagine if this was about a woman behaving this way,she would be done, gone, finished. Not glorified as a party girl. Just a crazy hormonal nut job. A low life, a whore. Its never the man's fault - its always the fault of the women. Look at Clinton - not his fault. It was Hillary's - Monica's. Try to imagine if Hillary was the one getting oral in the oval office - she would of been stoned to death. She certainly would not be in the position she is in now.

1344 days ago
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