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MJ's Kids -- We've Got a UCLA Education!

2/25/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's 3 kids have already had a taste of the college life ... revealing that a UCLA film teacher used to come to their home to conduct private classes ... and even flew to Ireland to help the gang make a movie. 

Michael Jackson's Kids

The kids sat down with "Good Morning America" this morning -- where they also revealed that their favorite school subjects are "gym and lunch."

Still, 14-year-old Prince says he's already thinking about his career ... insisting, "I'm looking at a couple of opportunities in show business ... mostly producing."

In Hollywood, it ain't what ya know ...


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keep going prince, paris and blanket. don't let the doom and unfounded gloom of outsiders rain on your parade. life goes on. move forward. you're doing just fine!!!! all three of you are cutie pies to the bone!!! keep going!!!

1291 days ago


they are not MJ'S children or no one else, they are GOD what people have been doing to them and HE will know how to punish those who are bashing HIS children. Earth fathers and mothers are just lent. the REAL father is GOD.

1290 days ago


MJ was a child molester, his kids are not his, etc, etc, etc, but who are you, GOD?. Take out what is in your own eyes to take out what is is in your neighbors' eyes. Those who have never sinned throw stones at MJ. He was a child molester and you are the faresiums as those who wanted to throw stones at May Magdalene to death.

1290 days ago


This is the last time I comment here. Will make any difference in our lives whose they are children? will it change our lives to know they are Arnold's MJ's or anyone else? No, of course not, so, why caring so much about people we have never seen, we have never talked to? Discussing here is rather stupid and dumb, I think they mighr laugh at us for being so moron waisting our time here to talk about them. Till now I have written many things here because I want people to grow and open their eyes. It won't take us to any place to discuss about the life of a person we have never seen. On contrary, it will disturb our own lives.

1290 days ago


For all those saying they are not Michael's biological children...go learn about genetics! They ARE Michael's biological children.

1290 days ago


Prince will be an adult in less than 4 years. No one has lawyered up and filed a petition for a DNA test nor change of custody for any of michael's children. Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson are michael jackson biological children. Only Debbie Rowe is a party to the case and we know what decision she made. Case closed.

1290 days ago


Why does it matter to some of you if their his biological kids? He's the reson why their here and that's why he's the father. I don't see or hear people making a big deal when other people or celebs have children in different ways. Just because it's MJ people feel the need to say something. Don't think it matters to them if he's their bio father. The love he gave them is all that matters really. And go back and watch the Debbie Rowe interviews. Nuff said! One more thing who's raised them since they were born?........Michael Jackson! maybe we need to past judgement on some of the things you all do!!!

1283 days ago


im sick and tried of this paternity talk my self people are so racist and have a problem with mix kids first off get a life loser 2nd it really none of our business of what went on between debbie and michael that was their business 3rd i dont c debbie backing up FAT GAY **** klein or any of those s*** who cares about money any if they were the dads then y they didnt try to file to get those kids when mike was going court in 2005 oh since *** klein or paris 2nd dad mark Lester oh so i wonder did mark and gay klein **** debbie or the two mix their dna since gay klein claims both of them and mark claims paris out of the two stories doesn't even add up since they so worried about their well being and their safety ?then soon as they heard there was Will and mike left them 40%of his estate here they come making false untrue stories all of sudden about them being the dad and last y did Klein refuse to take an DNA test then? y b/c he not the father white people grow up and black people learn the history of our race back in the slavery days and how interracial mixing was going on and blacks could past 4 white u maybe entitle into your opinion nothing wrong with that but know this it worthless and so is mr gay Klein so called claims with no proof the damn court didn't even bother to take his case dumb ass America it's pretty **** up that Hitler and those ****s that bomb the twin towers get more respect than a mike and his kids but **** u guys that y America is in the **** hole due to racism and hate u guys probably are the same ****s who thinks Obama is the damn Anti Christ tea party inbred ****s the world doesn't give a **** about u

1282 days ago


Omer Michael Bhatti 'O-Bee' Interview. Speculation and rumors...

1262 days ago


Omer Michael Bhatti 'O-Bee' Interview. Speculation and rumors...

1262 days ago
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