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Lindsay Lohan -- Looking Suite

2/26/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan showed up at Kari Feinstein's Academy Awards Style Lounge at Montage Beverly Hills yesterday.

Generally at these things, all the stuff is free.


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LL tweeted : Enjoying a night at home with my family w/a delicious meal #madebyLindsayLohan

(Bowl of Spaghetti)

Guess by hers and Dina's standards, this makes LL a world-class chef and gourmet cook too. Her list of accomplishments is getting longer and longer. Soon it will be as long as her extra-curricular activity (unlawful stuff) list.

1304 days ago


Who is this retarded butterball?

1304 days ago


She looks just like her father. Yucks ....

1304 days ago


Why should she be embarassed?

Posted at 3:55 PM on Feb 26, 2011 by Nicole

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole.... sigh

Why should she be embarrassed?

Let me count the ways....

carjacking, kidnapping, DWIs, DUIs, lying to police, doing illegal drugs, drinking to excess, stealing mink coats from clubs and wearing them around town, stealing from photo shoots, failing drug tests, skipping court dates to party in Cannes, lying about her passport being stolen, 4 failed rehabs and 1 to be determined, stealing a necklace from a jewelry store and coming up with at least 10 lies about it, painting F*U on her fingernails when going to court, dressing like a street walker when going to court, getting a speeding ticket when she is charged with felony theft and in danger of having violated her probation..

is that enough for ya?????? I'm sure there is lots more....

1304 days ago



Lindsay's behavior qualifies her for any number of anti-social personality disorders. It does not absolve her of criminal or civil liability or personal responsibility.

Anyway, they're just another way of saying a person is greedy, selfish, dangerously inpulsive and lacks empathy. Just as easily a MORAL problem rather than a mental one.

1304 days ago


FUTMZ - I like that you always include "good-smelling." That's important in an accused felon.

1304 days ago


dumas1000- Thank you, I now know that I suffer from Hypomania as well. And Ill bet you aint even a doctor.

1304 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

That is so pathetic, Grandma...

Posted at 3:42 PM on Feb 26, 2011 by CN

What is pathetic is that LL was at the hotel to shoot a public service announcement (probably a ploy on her mother's part to make her look like a philanthropist or something) and Dina made her pose for this picture and leaked it out all over the internet to make people think LL was getting star treatment. The look of sadness in this child's eyes is heartbreaking and it is at the hands of her own mother. It is so obvious that this is not the look of red carpet, but the look of a kid forced to pose for a ridiculous photograph for her mother's pleasure. I swear Dina Lohan throws this girl under the bus more than anyone else on the planet. Shame on her!!

1304 days ago


Sometime in the near future, the updated DSM-IV (we don't know which update yet) will have a specific mental health condition that is called LOHAN Delusional Syndrome, with specific hallmarks noted that are fully distinguishable from current DSM-IV disorders, and will fall on all the Axis
•Axis I - Clinical Disorders
•Axis II - Personality Disorders & Mental Retardation
•Axis III - General Medical Conditions
•Axis IV - Psychosocial & Environmental Problems (stressors)
•Axis V - Global Assessment of Functioning
but especially is presented with failed functioning in the Axis II, with Personality Disorders and Axis I Clinical Disorders.

1304 days ago

Davey Boy    

LL is HOT, I'd knock the dust off that in a heartbeat! She's way too famous to need to steal crap, I don't understand why everyone is out to get her????

Posted at 3:00 PM on Feb 26, 2011 by therock

Yick, therock is back (aka Michael) with his usual, weird, pervy comments. That guy is just plain weird.

1304 days ago


Thanks to spreading my imaginary movie ideas to the infinate universe of the matrix here in computerland, I have been now able to channel the ideas to start writing my screenplay for my movie Hellbent for Leather.

1304 days ago

Davey Boy    

quack, quack...I'm dressed somewhat conservatively and perhaps this is how I should have dressed last week for court...quack, quack.

1304 days ago


Wow....she doesn't look a day over 40.

1304 days ago


Grandma - I agree, she has a strange, awkward look in this photo. But she is a grown woman. At what point do you put your foot down, draw some boundries, and push Mama to the side?
Surely LL doesn't think her mom's done a good job up to this point, looking at the results.
I understand lovin' your mama, but at some point LL's got to realize DUIna doesn't have her best interests at heart, and break away. It's sad.
And I'm sure Nicole won't answer my earlier post about Danette Meyers doing her job. Answering would require too much spin.

1304 days ago


Wow....she doesn't look a day over 40.


Only because she fully covered her boobs AND her v-jay-jay.

1304 days ago
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