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Lindsay Lohan

Stealing the Show on Oscar Night

2/27/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is only two steps removed from the Oscars -- and by "steps" we mean "time slots" -- because TMZ has learned she'll be a part of Jimmy Kimmel's big post-Oscar special.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she'll play a role in Jimmy's taped sketch that will air during the special, which airs after local news, which airs after the Oscars.

You'll remember ... last year's Kimmel bit was the Handsome Men's Club, which featured Matthew McConaughey, Josh Hartnett and Rob Lowe, among others.

We're told this year's sketch features some of the hottest women in Hollywood -- Lindsay, Scarlett Johansson, Emily Blunt, Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria, Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel.

Pretty good company.


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Good suggestion #93...maybe the public will do what her parents NEVER did, make her responsible for her idiotic behavior.

If she is forced to lay low...she may get through the next year...if she continues to be PIMPED OUT by her family? NOT A CHANCE.

1303 days ago


@john smith

"Lindsay is friends with about half of them, she is very well liked by all the A ++ listers!

Posted at 8:57 AM on Feb 27, 2011 by john smith

Then how do you account for her complete absence fram all A List events and consistent reports of being turned away for all industry parties?

(Listem JS, no one has to do any of those things to lead a full life. They do need to be honest about where they`re at.)

1303 days ago


Making Lindsay a felon with a suspended prison sentence hanging over her head is a very inexpensive way to aid her district attorney campaign.

The VMA thing was unfortunate as she had already slipped up and failed the drug tests.

Posted at 9:03 AM on Feb 27, 2011 by Nicole
Oh Poor misguided NICOLE...Ms. Myers DOES NOT HAVE A VENDETTA against your precious DRUG ADDICT IDOL (you might want to reconsider who you think is a quality person).

Ms. Myers has bigger fish to fry, but none as DESERVING as HOHAN. Get over is, she's going to pokey, you can camp out and send "Air Kisses" with her insane MOTHER.

1303 days ago


lol Nicole, you're trippin. Lindsay has gotten special treatment from day one. I had a friend that slipped up and failed a drug test while on probation, and despite being a musician with a semi decent following - he spent over TWO YEARS in a Nevada prison cell. Do you think a black woman would receive the kind of treatment Lindsay has gotten from our judicial system? Of course not! Even if they send her to state prison, you know that they'll separate her from the general inmate population because she'd be a target.

People like you that stick up for and enable her ridiculous behavior are wasting our tax dollars. THANKS !!!

1303 days ago



it as in hollywood these days this and isnt ----

Posted at 1:28 AM on Feb 27, 2011 by do***ented_as_puzzling
CHUCKLES...GO TO BED! And if you can't sleep? (wink wink) then stay on your own story. HOHAN doesn't need your advice about "IMPULSE CONTROL"...I think you've proven to the world that you can't control your impulses for HOOKERS AND BLOW...go to sleep CHUCKLES before your heart explodes.

1303 days ago


Oh and Nicole and John Smith - your beloved Lindsay may not be drinking, but she is still snoring llello. I know of several people that have seen her doing it since she's been out of rehab.

Which is probably why she very obviously has a coke bloat face (aside from the ridiculous amount of restylane she has shoved in there).

1303 days ago


I just contacted ABC and complained about her being on Jimmy Kimmel's show. I really can't believe that they will reward her with some air time, given what she is currently involved with. I told them that I won't be watching the Oscars or his show this year as a result of this programming decision.

If anyone else is interested in doing this, just google "Contact ABC," and you'll get to their contact page.

Posted at 9:01 AM on Feb 27, 2011 by lou

I just did the same. We all need to. It took only a few minutes.

1303 days ago

Davey Boy    

As delusional as Nicole is at least she's not a flaming racist like he ex, John Smith. John is both delusional AND a racist. Your worst type of Lohan loser.

1303 days ago


Greeaat, The Oscars. Another round of "entertainers" masturbating each other for being so special. Another parade of hideous dresses and douchey tuxedos. I look forward to tuning it out and anything related to it, especially if it features Lindsay or Charlos.

1303 days ago

Zach Swan    

Lindsey - congrats. Other ladies - keep a close eye on your purses and other valuables. You've been warned.

1303 days ago


Lindsay currently only has misdemeanors and did when she failed the drug test.
When she failed the drug test the drug charges had already been dismissed as part of her plea deal(thanks to the awesome Blair Berk) so it was only a violation of her DUI probation.

If she had failed a test prior to August 26th(when the charges were dismissed) such as before the injustice of July 6th then she would have been totally screwed.
Lindsay got really lucky about the drug tests as the Judge basically gave her a fresh start and of course she screwed it up.

1303 days ago

Davey Boy    

Yup, I just complained to ABC also. Here's what I wrote:

"I've never gone out of my way to complain about something because typically if I don't like it, I'll just not watch it.

I find it patently hypocritical to allow a drug-abusing, felony-accused thief (Lindsay Lohan) to appear of Jimmy Kimmel Live,


Not allow a drug-abusing loud mouth Charlie Sheen ad to appear during the Oscars.

I had plans on watching the Oscars, but ABC's flaming double-standard is just too obvious.

No ratings from me this year. YouTube for me tomorrow.


1303 days ago


Oh good grief, cut the crap, Dina. This is NOT just a "misunderstanding." Your daughter is a thief. One who has stolen almost a million dollars worth of jewels, clothes, etc., ***ulatively. Some "misunderstanding." A thief - just like Michael Lohan. Ironic that you demonize him while making his little mini-me into a semi-saint, in your mind.

Revolting family.

1303 days ago


My heavens, themare, Lindsay looks horrid in that photo, just like a Real House Wife at about age 50. She does look better this year but I suspect that Botox has a lot to do with the "change."

And GOD, how I do HATE those duck lips! WHY do actresses THINK they look better with them? (Not just Lindsay on this complaint but any actress who inflates her lips.) Duck lips make their faces look deformed. So ugly.

1303 days ago


That's a good one. Why are most the comments from haters of Lindsay?? Some comments are hilarious, I admit, but some people here are actually getting all upset at Lindsay. She is her own worst enemy. She needs support to get better. I just don't get all this jealousy. To get all riled up like that is just being jealous and hateful.

1303 days ago
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