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Michael Lohan Jr. -- In the Name of the Father

2/27/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan Jr. has decided he's had enough of the moniker that links his him to his infamous father, so he's changing his name ... TMZ has learned.

We joked about it on TMZ TV this week -- that the name "Michael Lohan Jr." was holding him back in life. Now ... sources close to Junior tell us he had been thinking about changing his name for awhile, but our TV segment was the straw that broke the absentee camel's back.

Sources close to the Lohan clan tell us The Artist Soon To Be Formally Known Michael Lohan Jr. will be changing his name to ... Michael Cameron. We're told Michael plans on using the name starting with the upcoming movie he's starring in, produced by his mom Dina.


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He should keep Lohan and change his first name. Michael is such a common, boring name. He needs something that will stand out from... shall I go through all the actor's named Michael?

1343 days ago


I'm not surprised. This is irrefutable proof of what a horrible father MiLo is.
BTW, you should hire a copy editor.

1343 days ago


While I can understand why he would want to change his name to get away from the convicted felon, fame whore, fake Bible toting, con man father....

That won't save him if he is going to listen to his pimp-your-kids-out fame whore mother and "star" in her so-called movie that she is allegedly producing about a heroin addict.

This family - ALL of them - are certifiably nuts.

Michael Jr. ---- you graduated from college last year... that's one thing in your favor. Now... if you are smart.... you will run from every member of your family, move to Missouri or Kentucky or Chicago... anywhere but NYC or Hollywood/LA and get a real job and a real normal life.

It is your ONLY hope.............

1343 days ago


I think it is more like the Lohan name because of his sister.

1343 days ago


These people just do not fit in in Hollywood. There is no longer a market for the Beverly hillbillies and they're giving the industry a bad name. Has not ONE Of them any pride?

1343 days ago

pink glitter    

No-name reality stars have a better shot at a hollywood career than any lohan family member. MICHAEL LOHAND JR. looks aLOT like his father, lol...he needs more than a name change

1343 days ago


Wonder if he has the same felon genes as sis and daddy.

1343 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Doesnt change the fact that he is a LYING LOHAN

He will never change his name...Even Lying Dina keeped the Lying Lohan name, she could of changed her name back to Sullivan, BUT she needs the Lying Lohan name

All a bunch of LIES just to piss Douche Bag Daddy off

1343 days ago


He looks like a retard. Can some mafia take this whole skanky Lohan family out already, jeesh.

1343 days ago


It looks like Michael Jr. has joined the family business... lol... selling stories to tabloids to make a dollar.

The family has only 2 sources of income:

1) Selling stories and photos to tabloids.
2) Filing lawsuits against everyone.

since I'm guessing that Junior doesn't have anyone to file against yet, he can only participate in #1.....

1343 days ago


and.... I'm sure that TMZ is hoping that Michael Jr. will turn out to be the next in a long line of s***bag Lohans to drive hits to this website.....

I wonder if Michael Jr. has all of Lindsay's skills: alcohol, drugs, stealing, lying..... etc. etc. etc.

1343 days ago


I don't blame him a bit. It's a good thing Dina didn't have anymore than 3 kids or we'd have another Jackson 5 on our hands - except there wouldn't be any talent there.

1343 days ago


Sammie - I hate to tell you this.... but Dina and Michael produced 4 children..

Lindsay, Michael Jr., Ali and Cody (Dakota - a son).

I know... scary, but true... lol

1343 days ago


He might be the only one in the family that has any common sense. There is hope for at least one Lohan.

1343 days ago


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think his middle name is Cameron so in reality he's not changing his name at all. As for being an actor, his only acting role was as an "extra" in one of Lindsay's movies.
Lose the Groucho Marx eyebrows, Mike. Not flattering. And get a real job! Do your sister proud since she paid for your college. Use the damn degree!

1343 days ago
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