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Michael Lohan Jr. -- In the Name of the Father

2/27/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan Jr. has decided he's had enough of the moniker that links his him to his infamous father, so he's changing his name ... TMZ has learned.

We joked about it on TMZ TV this week -- that the name "Michael Lohan Jr." was holding him back in life. Now ... sources close to Junior tell us he had been thinking about changing his name for awhile, but our TV segment was the straw that broke the absentee camel's back.

Sources close to the Lohan clan tell us The Artist Soon To Be Formally Known Michael Lohan Jr. will be changing his name to ... Michael Cameron. We're told Michael plans on using the name starting with the upcoming movie he's starring in, produced by his mom Dina.


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Mike sr. changed his name to "Desidero"(I think)so he could scam old people out of their retirement money In Florida and was convicted of felony fraud so his kid can scam the little girls out of their lunch money..Maybe he could change his name to Jay Coopman his new GOD...

Posted at 7:35 AM on Feb 27, 2011 by sean

Is this right, Sean? Did Michael Sr. really scam elderly people out of their retirement money? If that's true, then he actually IS worse than Lindsay. Way, way worse. But she's certainly trying to catch up, practicing grand theft as well.

Also, the stuff you wrote about Koopman and Michael Sr. is interesting as well. I wouldn't past anything past him. His newest "endeavor" is creepy as well, trying to serve as a "role model" to people who are in rehab. No, I don't think so, Michael! You are too broken yourself to be anyone's mentor. Really freaking creepy that he's got that power over others - but that's the power he's wanted over Lindsay, which is why he kept saying over and over again why if she just listened to him and do what he said, everything would be fine. Creepy man.

1337 days ago


#11 - Carvey, yeah, you may be right. Dina and Michael seem to always make up any kind of BS in order to promote their latest agenda.

1337 days ago


lisa2 - the sane one is a relative term in the Lohan family. I think that every single person in that family has to be very deeply affected by Dina's lies/denial, Michael's lies/physical abuse/drug abuse/years in prison, and Lindsay's lies/denial/drug and alcohol abuse/thievery/crazy relationships, etc. Could a person stay sane under those cir***stances? Maybe.

But it's looking less likely, the more he hangs around Dina and gets sucked into her crazy lifestyle of "showbusiness." I think it's horrid that she tries to drag ANOTHER one of her children down into that morass. Guess she hasn't learned (yet) how terrible her original decision was. Or I guess that she just doesn't care. Make them all crazy "stars." Yeah, right, whatever.

Good luck to you, Michael Lohan, Jr. AKA Michael Cameron. You'll need to change more than your name to unlink yourself from the mental craziness that exists in your entire family.

1337 days ago


How ironic - he gets rid of the name but keeps hanging around with his crazy family, and taking part in a crazy role. Yeah, I know, it's his family and all but they are really horrible parental role models. Just horrible.

And if he comes on here (as I suspect) and keeps going on and on about how "innocent" Lindsay is, then he's already gotten indoctrinated into their craziness. Which is too bad. He's a young guy and deserves a decent chance in life. Not all of this craziness that Lindsay and her family put upon him.

1337 days ago


First of all, i am not THAT "Susan", who may or may not be Dina Lohan. My name really is Susan.
My question is: Will having Dina Lohan as a manager give this kid an advantage over other people auditioning for the same role? No matter what he changes his name to, i can't imagine that being connected to Dina Lohan would be helpful in getting hired, given Lindsay's horrendous reputation and the fact that Dina is her manager. Lindsay really doesn't give Dina too much to work with anymore. Oh, and anyone looking at his resume and seeing the name MICHAEL LOHAN, would stop reading before they got the "Jr" part and realized that it isn't the lunatic Michael Lohan.

This is totally off-topic, and THIS IS STRICTLY MY OPINION, but i don't even entirely blame Dina for how Lindsay turned out. I think early on Lindsay refused to be controlled by her mother or anyone else, and Dina's hands were tied since she unfortunately was/is financially dependent on Lindsay's career. I have always felt that Lindsay is the jerk driving this bus off a cliff. Yes, Dina's reputation sucks too, IF it is true that she does drugs with her kids, etc., but can you imagine her horror every time that phone rings and she gets news how Lindsay once again royally effed up? Do you really think that she looks at Lindsay having all those mug shots and truly believes that "this is just a child who wants to work"? True, she should just shut her hole and stay off TV, but i think that she is desperate to try to salvage what little is left of Lindsay's career and is hoping that making these excuses for her over and over will HELP. I think she's trying to show that she is loyal to her daughter, but i don't believe for a second that she thinks Lindsay's life of crime is awesome and nothing more than a normal learning experience. She's kind of in the same position that Lindsay's unfortunate lawyer is. She can't exactly say anything against her!!! How is she supposed to find jobs for Lindsay when for the past few years everything has to hinge on her rehabs stints or freakin' JAIL TIME???

I am not Dina, i am not "Nicole", and i am not that other "Susan" who is the apologist for the Lohan circus. I am not a fan of Dina Lohan, all i know about her is that she's Lindsay's mother, but LINDSAY is the person screwing up left and right, and we have all decided to blame her Mom, which once again absolves Lindsay of responsibility. Every time Lindsay does something else stupid, it makes Dina's job that much harder. She should have made plans three or four mug shots ago for a Plan B on how to support her family...

1337 days ago


He doesn't want his real name in the credits for that movie. It's like what the porn stars do.

1337 days ago


Wait, Dina's brother died of a heroin overdose, her daughter is a drug addict and now she is producing a moving about a heroin abuser staring her own son?? How long before he tries the real stuff.. given that families propensity for drug and alcohol abuse I give him a year maybe two before he's either arrested on DUI or drug possession.

1337 days ago


Get rid of the magic marker eyebrows

1337 days ago


@Lou you are talking about a 14 year old vs. a now 17 year old Ali. Since Living Lohan went off the air in 2008, though 2009-present, Ali is no longer chasing fame or trying to live in Lindsay's footsteps. We only see her because she spends a lot of time with Lindsay but she doesn't give press interviews since 2008, has not recorded another song, hasn't been in any movies, and only seems to do modeling every once in a while. She's got the looks and body and height for a model so why not? (I don't agree with those that think she does not have the looks for modeling, I think she does) She does not in any way the past few years put herself out there and dresses 90 percent of the time like an average teen. I think Ali has to deal with a lot of vile and stupid comments from nasty people and speculation. There is no evidence that Ali has had breast augmentation or plastic surgery, those are lies that she has to deal with. People are constantly saying she looks middle-aged. People criticize her one time she decided to thicken her eyebrows last year and can't even realize she was a 16 year old teen just trying out different looks, hair styles, make-up. As far as Ali goes, nobody knows much about the current Ali, because she's really not a public person.

If Michael Lohan Jr. or Michael Cemeron if he wants to be known as such thinks Dina is the backbone of the family, he is in a much better position to know what she really does in terms of raising Ali, Cody, and interaction with Lindsay than whatever perception the public has about her. People's perception of Dina is not necessarily accurate. Not that I think she doesn't do stupid things, but I don't think she's this monster that she's made out to be either. From what I can see of Michael Lohan, he is a monster, what he says can not be excused. He constantly betrays his family with his comments and scares people with his confrontational, irrational, and sometimes violent behavior. He tapes people and puts tracking devices on his girlfriend's cars. He's sick and sickening.

So, yes Michael, Lindsay and to some degree Dina can be criticized for their public behavior. Cody, Michael Cameron, AND Ali are too unknown and scandal-free to be equated with their parents and siblings.

1337 days ago


ROTFLMAO, did you claim a Lohan is 'starring' in a movie! Produced by the skanky mom no less.
Any Lohan movie will be direct to the dollar discount bin at Walmart and BestBuy.

Posted at 8:17 AM on Feb 27, 2011 by george fudge!

That's what Dina says... lol

Dina will be the producer and Michael Jr. will be the star.

Of course... first.. she has to get financial investors to provide the money to MAKE the film.

And who in their right mind would do that???

Dina as a producer.
A totally inexperienced recent college graduate as the star?

and given Lindsay's "problems".... I'm guessing any potential investors would run the other way....

Maybe that's what she was doing having breakfast with Larry King the other day.... trying to talk him into backing her film.

Larry King has lots of money.. but he's getting senile.... I would think his financial advisers would say NO !!!

1337 days ago


@Lou I'm sorry but Dina does not bash Michael in the press every chance she gets. That's not true. First of all, for every one press interview Dina gives, Michael gives 10. He is far more the media whxxx than Dina is. Dina only says she has an order of protection up when asked about him. Michael constantly talks about Dina and is obsessed with her. It's not anywhere close to the equal amount of bashing each other you are making it out to be.

1337 days ago


If you look up the phase "white trash" you will see the whole Lohan family. Also, look up "trailer park trash" yes their picture is there. WHITE TRAILER PARK TRASH are called the Lohan's

1337 days ago


Sorry Delmar but my impression of Ali was formed when she did a photo shoot for Lindsay's clothing line sometime in the last 6 months.

She looked and posed like a street walker. Not appropriate for anyone in my mind, but certainly not appropriate for an underage teenager.......

To my mind, that is Dina pimping out another one of her children. Inexcusable.

And how about sending Ali out to CA to live with Lindsay... with no other supervision... when Dina (now) says that she knew that Lindsay had a drug problem??

Yea... send your teenage daughter out to live with her hard partying drug addicted sister.... that makes a lot of sense... NOT

1337 days ago


@9:01 am Susan Finally, a clear, sensible perspective. Sometimes parents aren't responsible and just have a teen to adult that doesn't listen to anyone and does things to hurt themselves. Personally, I think Michael and Lindsay Lohan have mental illnesses. It's good to hear someone not repeat for the 3 millionth time how horrible a parent Dina is, how all the Lohans are losers, and such crap and see someone being rational and objective without pretending to know what really goes on behind the scenes. Good post.

1337 days ago


@Rose5491 So what she wore on a photo shoot, which incidentally 14 year olds wear the same sort of thing on their photoshoots, gives you an impression of Ali. Not that she's hung out with Lindsay for 2 years and not once has had any public incidents, public intoxication, confrontations, inappropriate behavior with boys or men, no, none of that matters. She shows a bit of skin in a model shoot, she's a hooker. Oh please. As for her spending some time with Lindsay, so what? She's her sister, they are very close, and obviously Ali hasn't repeated Lindsay's behavior. It would show up by now, she's certainly has had enough opportunities to do so.

That photoshoot was for Lindsay's line, so why do you think Dina is pimping her? If Dina was pimping her, where's the shoots that Dina found for Ali? Ali won't be underaged anymore come Dec 22 of this year.

1337 days ago
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