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Charlie Sheen -- I'm Gonna Sue 'Em All!!!

2/28/2011 10:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen says he plans on suing CBS, Warner Bros., and Chuck Lorre for breach of contract -- and he wants to back the money truck up straight to their door.

Charlie Sheen Abc Interview Video
When asked if he planned on filing a lawsuit over the "Two and a Half Men" fiasco, Sheen told ABC this morning, "Wouldn't you? I don't have a job. I got a whole family to support ... They're gonna put [the money] on a scale and say, 'A little more, a little more. Add some gold! Add some gold! Bingo!' ... I'm here to collect."

As TMZ first reported, even among all this animosity, Sheen wants to do a season 9 and even a season 10 ...  if they paid him $3 million an episode plus a $20 million signing bonus.

You can see the full interview below:

Wait ... there's more. Sheen did "Today" also, so you can watch that below ...


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North Texas    

I love me some Charlie Sheen, but it really does make me sad to see him like this. In my opinion, if you're clean, why would you think it's ok to say some of these things - ON NATIONAL TV? I have experience with addicts and when I've witnessed them act like this, they are using. I hope you are telling the truth and that you are taking care of yourself. It would be a sad day if we lost you. I wish you the best, Charlie.

1335 days ago


he doenst look very healthy

1335 days ago


Funny how he is saying it is the responsibility of CBS and Chuck Lorre to take care of his family. Perahps he should of thought of taking care of his family and get some help before all of this new mess.
Someone needs to shut him up. He's annoying now and has lost all of his charm.

1335 days ago



1335 days ago


He was high off his ass in the first interview posted, no doubt... Chain smoking, eratic behavor, classic signs of cocain/ upper. No way he is sober... no way. I would have had my crew go to CVS or walgreens and get piss strips and drug tested him right there on camera just to call his bluff.
He ruined his life, as well as the rest of the crews.
How in the hell are you going to act like that, miss work, call out your bosses, and then expect to sue?
I hope he has reached his bottom but I doubt it.

While he is pissing away money maybe he can send me some :)

1335 days ago


I swear this is looking back at John Belushi!! Charlie sits there for the long TMZ interview, he cannot sit still. He is wearing pants that look like they have stains all over them, he looks 60 years old. Those people hanging around him now will disappear as soon as they appeared when the money runs out, or he dies. I also find it very telling that Charlie is using the catch word "winning" all the time now. He calls AA people fools, trolls, and weak. Yet, a slogan in AA is "Stick with the winners", and Charlie although he hates those of us who are recovering (over 9 years for me) he wants to steal our catch words and use them like he made it up himself. He and John Belushi's lives are very similar right now, only Charlie has a chance still to get out of it. He is so angry right now (I went thru the same thing right before I got clean and sober, I hated everyone for "being against me") at everyone that is not bowing to him and telling him he is right in this, he is blaming everyone but himself for where he is right now. Even though he hates everyone in AA, and everyone who is telling him he needs to get help, he knows in his heart they are correct. I really hope he can get the people around him out of his life as they are not helping him, and gets back with the ones who CAN help him. There is still hope, Charlie. I hope you get it before what you are doing to yourself finally catches up with you. You cannot be the only one who is right in this, and everyone else who has been on this ride with you is wrong. Even you have to know there is something wrong with that kind of thinking.

1335 days ago


Look, when I was using and would be called into the bosses office at work and they would tell me my name was picked to take a random drug test. They give you the paperwork and you have to go to the dianostic test place within a couple hours. SO, I would go to the health store first and tell them I "need something to cleanse my system out". Out would come the bottle of something that had creatine in it, cost about 30 bucks (9 years ago at least) and you drink it down. Then you fill the bottle up with water and drink that. FOR THE NEXT 4 HOURS OR SO, YOU WILL BE GUARANTEED TO PASS A DRUG TEST, OR THEY WILL PAY YOU TRIPLE THE COST OF THE STUFF!! I did that for years, and not one time did I get caught using. Not one time.
SO, if a regular person with a so so job can do it, I do not think for a minute that Charlie Sheen cant. He probably has a fridge full of the stuff. And yes, they make it to pass a hair follicle test, too. Look it up, people.

1335 days ago


In that "Today" interview where Charlie takes out the AA book and reads a part of it to Chuck Levine like it is supposed to be some kind of hit to his way of living, he reads a part from page 417. The working of the AA program are pages 58 (How it works) to page 71. Before that is the forewards, The Doctor's opinion, things like that. After page 71 it talks about how to implement how it works into your life. AND, the page that Charlie was reading from was a personal story of someone who made it thru the program. There are many such stories in the back of that AA book and they are there to inspire. So, I do not get what Charlie was asking Chuck "and you know what I am about to say", he says. It makes no sense. But if you are a addict in denial who thinks he has cured himself "in a nano second" of addiction is not thinking clearly at all. I, for one, have seen it a hundred times. He and Christy from the show "Intervention" should get together, as they are on the same wavelength right now. Go and watch the Intervention show on A&E, Christy's story is there for you to watch. You will see the similarities.

1335 days ago


Hear ye, hear ye, all you folks out there! Charlie is in withdrawal, that is what happens to people's bodies when they give up their substances.This will pass, given enough time. Stop all of this nonsense, and mind your own business. He is trying to tell the truth as he sees it,as to what really happened, and no one seems to be listening. Remember, withdrawal is very, very difficult. His personal life is his business,he is trying to defend himself against all of the ugly insinuations and rumors out there. Why is everyone being so nasty?Why is everyone so self righteous and opinionated, who said you were perfect, anyway?? This is his life, not yours! Is anyone slamming you for all the things you do or decide? Time to back off Charlie and give him space and time. Charlie, go home, stop talking to everyone now, and keep on your course. Good luck!

1335 days ago


He’s a bit pissed off at how other people (CBS) made a decision and blames Charlie for the decision. CBS pulled the plug on the money machine, they should own up and take responsibility. Pure and simple.

Blaming Charlie is wrong very wrong. He shows up for work on time and ready to work. CBS are idiots unplugging the money machine and blaming Charlie.

I think Charlie has a point, his personal life’s choices are not in breach of his contract but CBS is in beach of theirs and should pay Charlie for his damages which are immediate and apparent to his image.

CBS would have fared better to keep quiet and salvage the rest of the season and talk to Charlie discretely. Any organization that goes public about their employees should be sued to their underwear.

They are not owning the decision just a bunch of cry-baby weasels. Bad on you CBS. I hope you loose everything you made on 2 1/2 men. Charlie made that show and made it entertaining, funny and
#1 show on CBS. Are these guys idiots or what? What's in their heads? Make the shows, make the money and shut up CBS. Charlie's the star. Biting the hand that feeds you is a shameful and disgusting show of betrayal by CBS to a person whom made billions (2.5) to be exact. A little loyalty, discretion and respect goes along way.

Bad move by CBS and I hope and pray Charlie wins his law suit and sues you into the stone age.

1334 days ago


Has anyone noticed how much Charlie Sheen looks like Christian Bale's character in The Fighter? Maybe he can be in The Fighter II, if he doesn't die first. Does he not see how TERRIBLE he looks? I am a huge fan of Two and a half men but Berta and Evelyn can keep the show going. Anyone can play a drunk idiot!! He thinks he is God and now God is going to humble him. CBS will have to pay him some money but they don't have to put up with his **** anymore! Go get help, Charlie!

1327 days ago


well i know "as a recovering addict" myself, it was always nice to hear a possitive before a negative. you know, they say, when you point your finger you have 3 pointing right back at ya...maybe we should try showing our love and support to help charlie instead of being judgemental and hateful, you would be surprised at how much farther you would get...

1321 days ago
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