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Charlie Sheen -- I'm Gonna Sue 'Em All!!!

2/28/2011 10:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen says he plans on suing CBS, Warner Bros., and Chuck Lorre for breach of contract -- and he wants to back the money truck up straight to their door.

Charlie Sheen Abc Interview Video
When asked if he planned on filing a lawsuit over the "Two and a Half Men" fiasco, Sheen told ABC this morning, "Wouldn't you? I don't have a job. I got a whole family to support ... They're gonna put [the money] on a scale and say, 'A little more, a little more. Add some gold! Add some gold! Bingo!' ... I'm here to collect."

As TMZ first reported, even among all this animosity, Sheen wants to do a season 9 and even a season 10 ...  if they paid him $3 million an episode plus a $20 million signing bonus.

You can see the full interview below:

Wait ... there's more. Sheen did "Today" also, so you can watch that below ...


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Never cared for Charlie, always knew he was nothing more than a drug addict and would crash eventually.

THANK YOU HOLLYWOOD!! For enabling him all these years.


1297 days ago


Who cares if Charlie is doing drugs or not.It's his life. It isn't like he's some sports figure cheating to hit more home runs. He's an entertainer, and if you ask me...This is pretty darn entertaining!!!

1297 days ago


Oh. Sue them. I'm sure that will keep TMZ aka shttcharliesheendoes dot com going for a long, long time.

1297 days ago


He will be dead by the end of this year.... he already looks dead. HORRIBLE

1297 days ago

Eddie Poirier    

You messed up BIG TIME.
Your bosses allowed you to go into REHAB, you chose to SELF-REHAB and proclaim you are CURED.

You are only 1 of hundreds of employees, and you Charlie are the reason why those other people connected to the show our on UNEMPLOYMENT.

How can CBS move forward with someone as UNSTABLE as you are?
Charlie, I am as liberal as the day is long, but you Charlie Sheen are out of control.

You were ordered into REHAB by the state of Colorado, and you never were committed to any type of REHAB.

You look like a fool on the TODAY Show this am, your stock has dropped drastically.

I hope you enjoyed your run at the Top, it's OVAH!

Even Mel Gibson is more employable than you are , So long Charlie, LOSER!
P.S, I did like you

1297 days ago


This is getting sad. Poor man thinks he has something to fight when in reality, he fighting with himself. Must be a drug thing because Lohan seems to feel she is fighting the system too when in reality she's fighting her own weaknesses. Sad.

1297 days ago


IS he getting his cues from Col. Gaddafi?

1297 days ago

Eddie Poirier    

By the way, Charlie Sheen is not a Good Actor, His character is really Charlie Sheen and his real life.

A womanizer and a drunk, doesn't that describe the Real Charlie Sheen?

1297 days ago


WOW what is he on? He is so high in the interviews. He will not be with us long. He if F*cked up !!!!!!

1297 days ago


Nut job. I hope the lawsuit goes forward and he loses big time. He needs something to snap him back to reality. you have FIVE kids. Why are you out snorting up and humping every porn star/HO you can hire when you should be taking care of your real responsibilities..being a father.

After this, he will be lucky to get invited to be on a crap Dancing Show.

All of a sudden, Lohan looks sane

1297 days ago


Oh yeah, Charlie, sue everyone because they cut your financial sources for drugs and booze. You are in such denial about your problems and you have all these yes girls around, cashing their checks. You sekf medicate because you are mentally ill. Go for serious help, please.

1297 days ago


I wonder which family he was talking about - his Porn family? Or the kids he never sees except for a publicity stunt? And I have to say...his feigned humility about "other people more important than I" (paraphrasing) need their money too is plain sickening. And then he goes into one of his colorful descriptions but stops himself saying, "too much." Duh. You can't hide the crap flying around in your head, CS.

1297 days ago


He won Best Picture at 20! Ah...No Charlie. Oliver Stone and the Producers of Platoon won Best Picture.

1297 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

Charlie must have forgotten in his drug-filled and drunk stupors that people of the Jewish persuasion have run Hollywood since the beginning of film. And btw Charlie..their name is Warner. Not a good thing to go against them. He won't be able to work in that town again. No addict can cure themselves especially at "Sober Lodge". He's delusional to think he's going to own Hollywood and they'll be bowing down to him and begging for their jobs. People behind the camera can always get a job..and they keep their mouths shut. He just won't quit it and it's doing his career in every single time her opens his mouth.

1297 days ago


Hollywood paid this Psycho $2 million and episode?? What does it say for them?

1297 days ago
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