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D.A. On Verge Of Charging Mel Gibson

2/28/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Mel Gibson criminal investigation tell TMZ ... Gibson is about to be charged with domestic violence, but Oksana Grigorieva will not be charged with extortion.

Mel Gibson Charged
Multiple sources say the die is not officially cast, but the powers that be think there's enough evidence to prosecute Mel, however not enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Oksana extorted him -- notwithstanding that she demanded $15 million from him in return for keeping the tapes secret.

All of our sources say ... the turning point for prosecutors was the fact that prior to Oksana going to the Sheriff's Department and accusing Gibson of domestic violence, Mel's family law attorneys filed a declaration in the family law case, in which Mel admits to slapping Oksana -- he says because she was shaking baby Lucia wildly and feared Shaken Baby Syndrome.
We're told the likely charge against Mel will be misdemeanor domestic violence -- he will not be charged with a felony.  Misdemeanor domestic violence carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail.

Sources say the extortion investigation has become a bone of contention between the D.A. and the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.  We're told Sheriff's investigators believe there is sufficient evidence -- much of which has not been made public -- to prosecute Oksana, but the D.A. doesn't agree.

As for a timetable ... we're told the decision is expected in the next two weeks, and very possibly this week.



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I know nothing of this DA, but sounds like he has decided to just 'drift' along for the next 1 1/2 yr till his term is over.

This makes a mockery of all the Sheriff departments efforts.

All that money and time up in smoke. The decent thing to do would be ...TRY...

WOW! I bet Gloria Allred and all the gold diggers are smacking their lips!

This will make it open season in LA. Every little girl who just had her boobs inflated will be buying a one way bus ticket to LA.

1334 days ago


The California legal system is a damn joke. So she gets away with extortion? Figures.

1334 days ago


So, another rumor from "multiple sources". And just who are the "powers that be"?

A bit vague if you ask me.

Posted at 4:14 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by Ira Black

Hmmmm could it be Horowitz and Garbus by chance?

1334 days ago


New Radar Story. Ox is trying to get back in Mel's good graces/wallet.

Oksana Grigorieva secretly saw her ex-lover Mel Gibson at a pediatrician appointment in Los Angeles two weeks ago, and it wasn't friendly, has exclusively learned.

The Russian musician had a clandestine rendezvous with the Lethal Weapon star at a doctor's clinic, but we can reveal it was a far from peaceful encounter.

A witness told "Mel seemed to be hostile toward Oksana."

"Despite all their battles, Mel and Oksana came to a private agreement to co-parent for Lucia," a pal, who is close to the situation, told

"Oksana invited Mel during her custodial time to the pediatrician's appointment because she thought both Mel and Lucia would like it.

"Even though Mel was supposedly hostile to Oksana, she did not engage with him and has told friends that she is prepared to continue this as a move toward co-parenting."

The meeting was sanctioned by a Los Angeles judge who is presiding over the pair's custody battle over their baby daughter Lucia.

Before the encounter, the pair hadn't seen each other since November 10 when both appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom for a custody hearing.

The former couple have been viciously sparring for months over custody and financial issues after reaching a private agreement.

Grigorieva had previously sought a restraining order against Gibson, 55, from a family law court, alleging the Hollywood star got violent with her on January 6, 2010.

1334 days ago


According to the new ROL story. Ox wants to "co-parent" with the man she claimed "beat" her and "punched her in the face. TWICE." Purpose of this story is to make Ox look reasonable and forgiving and Mel look bad. It's also an effort on her part to get near Mel again because it's no secret she wants him back. What a sick, twisted, b.itch.

1334 days ago


Why are the Jews persecuting Mel Gibson? Because he made a film about Jesus? Let me tell them that it is not Mel Gibson whom they are persecuting but Jesus.Jesus is protecting Mel Gibson and his family and everybody who worked in The Passion of The Christ.It was God's will for that film to be made and you can't do anything about it.Have the Jews forgotten how they were persecuted in the past? When no country wanted them? How they were expulsed from many countries? Have they forgotten how they had to use false names in order to get employment in Hollywood? The same Hollywood that they made their possession and where they make it impossible to make movies about God.Where they make movies against the Catholic Church.Have they forgotten how many Catholics saved them during the Holocaust risking their own lives? It is good to know your history before you do the same thing that was done to your ancestors so many years ago.May God illuminate you to follow the only true Way to God and salvation and that Way is Jesus Christ.

1334 days ago


Hes looking like an iguana these days. they very angry reptiles.

1334 days ago

Brugge Restaurant    

Yeah, this makes a lot of sense. Good police work as always. Oks needs to be in jail.

1334 days ago


This is how it should go. She should be charged with felony extortion, he should be charged with felony battery on a PERSON (regargdles if its on a woman or a man, you cannot put on hands on another person in anger, in an attempt to "bring them back to reality", as he puts it. You simply cant do that, period!)
Then she should be deported back to that wonderful country that she came from, and take her child with her, so she can get what she really wanted in the first place, CHILD SUPPORT from a very wealthy man. Any Man...if s just her tough luck it turned out to be the violent, alcholic former wondrfully loved and admired and extremly talented Mr. Gibson. Then he should go back to wherever it is he came from Australia,? And never darken the door of the country that gave them both a shot at being decent citizens and they failed.

1334 days ago


I love being RIGHT!!!!

Mel Gibson is an out of control LUNATIC!!!!!

Go listen to the tapes again dummies, it's all right there!

I love being RIGHT!!!!

1334 days ago


Another case of a woman getting off of charges because shes a woman. end of story. ill slap any bitch who puts my kid in harms way.

1334 days ago


Have to agree, so many no name sources. Wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth.

Ox has been getting away with everything else.

1334 days ago


The way they are hunting Mel surprise me! I thought the american cops were busy going after killers, rapists, robbers...etc

1334 days ago


ha ha ,so funny..Now crazy Mel is shocking ex girlfriends back to reality with a slap. someone needs to slap him back to reality with a kick in the ass.

1334 days ago


Mel is trying to get OG charged with extortion. I don't think he has any intentions of getting back with her. It's all wishful thinking on her part.

Of course, they have to interact because of Lucia. It doesn't mean it's going to be friendly on his part.

1334 days ago
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