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Charlie Sheen Demands Apology from Jewish Group

3/1/2011 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen claims he doesn't hate Chuck Lorre because of his "Jewishness" ... he hates him for other reasons ... and now Sheen is lashing out at a Jewish org. for insinuating he's an anti-Semite.


Sheen is still FURIOUS with the Anti-Defamation League for saying the actor exhibited "borderline anti-Semitism" when he referred to the "Two and a Half Men" creator by his Hebrew name Chaim Levine.

Now, Sheen's lawyer -- legal pitbull Marty Singer -- has fired off a letter to the ADL demanding a retraction  ... because Sheen's only intention was to "address the man rather than his television persona."

In the letter, Singer points out that Chuck has referred to himself by the name Chaim on a vanity card back in February ... a vanity card in which Charlie claims Chuck writes about "a lifetime of distancing himself from Judaism."

In fact, Team Charlie insinuates the ADL should denounce Lorre for acknowledging his "disdain for the Jewish religion."

Calls to the ADL have not been returned.


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Charlie deserves an apology from CBS, WB, and Lorre!

Keep rockin, Charlie!

1330 days ago


Why doesn't his father move for a conservatorship over Charlie and his estate? Charlie Sheen is completly out of touch and watching this go on with intervention is just so heartbreaking.

A conservatorship might just be what gets Charlie's attention.

1330 days ago



1330 days ago

Snoski Roc    

Keep up the good fight Charlie!!!

1330 days ago


Classic! Not a huge fan of Charlie Sheen, but I'm really starting to like this lawyer. And screw the ADL.

1330 days ago


Chuck Lorre is Anti-Semite, not Sheen.

1330 days ago


Those F***heads at CBS and WB should give us fans all 8 of the remaining episodes WITH Charlie Sheen! Don't even think of replacing Charlie with someone else.

...and finish off the story with Manny Quinn.

1330 days ago


yeah, I like it . This is a rock attitude, more that the ******* rock stars. Long live to charlie !
I am sick of the double moral.
If we call someone for his real name we are racist, lol. What about the people that hide his real name ? they are not racist ? why we could not call him levine ? is an insult to him be jude ? pathetic

1330 days ago


Charlie is crazy like a FOX! Lorre messed with the show by saying he couldn't do it. He tried some lame clause. Charlie is sober, clean and playing Charlie HARPER all day/everyday to mass media. We soak it up on every network. Two weeks from now his Lawyer tells everyone it was a gag to prove that he could have worked and Lorre/CBS slandered him to break his contract. Then Charlie will disappear, keep his mouth shut and collect full compensation, lawyers fees and damages. It's brilliant!

1330 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Sheen continues blaming everyone but himself for his conduct and then credits himself for deeds he had nothing to do with. Hallmarks of megalomania which may be the result of drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatric issues or both.

His "pitbull" lawyer would be best advised to not act on Charlie's every insane whim. Charlie's in a bubble where his reality is badly skewed.

If his comments were not intended as antisemitic, he should simply apologize again for the poor choice of words. Going after the ADL may be a "winning" strategy in some circles, but in the court of public opinion, Sheen is already losing badly and looking more desperate and unhinged with each new press release or media appearance.

He's gone so far rogue that Sarah Palin is like WTF!?

1330 days ago


Charlie, please shut-up. Get some sleep.

1330 days ago


First Charlie should apoogize to the world for still being alive and continually spewing the garbage eveytime he opens his mouth.

1330 days ago


someone pls open the oven XD

1330 days ago

jus say'n    

I can't believe Charlie isn't running around in a tin foil hat! He has boinked and blown his brains out.

1330 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Oh Wow. The King of he World, Charlie Sheen speaks. The only people who give a crap about him are himself and TMZ Mike.

1330 days ago
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