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Christina Aguilera's Friends Begging For Rehab

3/2/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some of Christina Aguilera's friends and business associates have been pleading with her for several months to get treatment for alcohol abuse ... TMZ has learned.


As one source put it, "Maybe when she was married she was able to keep it under wraps, but it's out in the open now."

And we've learned ... Christina's drinking became an issue in her divorce.  Jordan Bratman voiced concern about Christina's drinking when they hashed out their child custody agreement but they ultimately agreed on joint custody.

We're told Jordan has been mum since yesterday's arrest.  It's unclear if he'll try and reopen the custody case.

We're told Christina has shut down all attempts to get her into rehab ... at least until yesterday.

No word if she's had a change of heart.



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Sounds like Sober Valley Lodge could use another patient.

1329 days ago


She hanst been so fat her entire life.
Shame on her.

1329 days ago


I've said for years Christina loved to party to hard, and know one would listen. She has a child now, and refuses to change her wild ways. She is starting to swell up and get FAT from to much partying. Who takes care of the child when your to drunk Christina? Hmmmmm.

1329 days ago


Men are so screwed in divorce cases!!If it were the other way around and he was the one partying and drinking , i bet he wouldn't even have the right to TOUCH his kid anymore!And I don't talk about the amount money he would have paid!

When a man wrecks his marriage and family ,he has to pay.
When the woman do it ,she's seen as the victim.People almost pity her!!SMH!!

1329 days ago

Peter Sc    

If she had taken the wheels herself, she would have needed rehab. Instead she took the responsible choice of letting a driver drive her home.

How should she decide if he was able to drive or not? She has the rest of us no device on her so she could test him.

I am happy that they didn't charge her as it would have been close to a setup.

What is wrong about having a woman having fun in town?

1329 days ago


5'2" and 100 pounds???? Maybe half of her weighs 100 pounds....

1329 days ago


I find this hard to believe. If she had such a problem why is this coming out now? Is it an attempt at getting publicity? It seems like a lot of desperate celebrities are doing it these days.

1329 days ago


Christina is a loser while Charlie is a winner!

This is sad. Christina has so much talent and so many people love her but she clearly doesn't love herself. So how is anyone else supposed to help her if she doesn't care? Time to place bets on Christina's death pool.

1329 days ago

Sir Boo    

What's with all the stupid advertisements in the comments? TMZ get rid of them!!

1329 days ago


Another out of control entertainer. What's new? I really thought this woman's 15 seconds would have been up years ago. She cannot sing. All that off key warbling and yelling she does is just horrible. Imitation is not a form of flattery. It's just, well...a bad knock off of the real thing. The whole bleached out tramp look is old too. She needs to grow up. Learn to count your blessings Christiana. Even though you can't sing, you've been blessed to make a ton of money. Go sit down, raise your child, and enjoy life. I hope they give the father of her child full custody until she gets her act together. No child deserves to put up with the drama of a drunk.

1329 days ago


Another disgraced star with too much money and no brains !

1329 days ago

Butt Lovin Bear 401    

First off she wasn't arrested. However she was taken into custody because she was sssooo hammered that she had no idea where she was & could certainly not take care of herself. So she spent the night in a cell to sleep it off. So far there has been no information of an charges filed against her, unlike Mr. Irreconcilable Differences who has been charged with DUI...But none of this takes away from the fact that it seems she's had a drinking problem for a long time.

1329 days ago


OF COURSE she has an alcohol problem because Britney HAD an alcohol problem. I swear I am so over Christina and her stupid stunts. what does she think she is going to play this alcoholic card and then come back bigger then ever? It is not going to happen, she was never really that big and and her career went sour a long time ago. She needs to get it in her head where she stands as a celeb and that she is never going to be as big as Britney

1329 days ago


The over the top screaming instead of singing,the breast implants with the very bad visible scars,the National anthem fiasco,failed album,failed movie,failed marriage,idiot for a boyfriend,all the new weight gain from alcohol and now this.When divas fall,they fall harder then the rest of us,they have been pampered their whole lives and have only had yesmen to answer them,When they fall and fail,they can't handle the reality of it,and tend to fail harder and faster.Classic case right here!

1329 days ago

Northern Lights    

X-tina LOVES THEM X-tini's!!

She is becoming SUCH A TRAINWRECK. Cops said that she couldn't even stand up or knew where she was... her weight gain is probably from the intense liquid diet she has been giving herself all this time. However, the red lipstick and the un-flattering outfits she chose for the Superbowl and MTV awards, CLEARLY shows she needs to get back into investing in a stylist for future venues.

Upside to this is her son Max knows how to make and stir mommy's drink PERFECT so at least we know he can bartend for a living when he gets old enough.

1329 days ago
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