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Christina Aguilera Hits the Deck After Arrest

3/1/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera's fingers appeared as she arrived home after spending time in a jail cell this AM.

Christina Aguilera Released
TMZ broke the story ... Christina was popped for public intoxication and her BF Matt Rutler was arrested for DUI.

Aguilera will not be prosecuted for the incident ... but she'll probably be hung over.


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Christina should wake up and smell the coffee( i believe she needs a coffee by now), her life is going to get much worse if she chooses to continue dating this moocher life wrecking boyfriend, if she really cares for her son as she claimed when she broke up with her husband, she'll dump his sorry ass( and for now she can let his sorry ass rot in jail)

1329 days ago


What do you expect from Trash like her. Just another way of getting publicity for an old skank.

1329 days ago


People, get off your high horse! I understand that she's a mother, but she is allowed to go out and let her hair down. It's not like she was driving and had her child in the car with her. Heck, she wasn't even driving. Now if this incident starts a pattern, then I can understand why people would start to get concerned about her. But one incident, for which she is not even being charged with, does not make her out to be a trailer-trash-bad mother!

1329 days ago


Sad to see another trainwreck in active mode. She's young and can get it together with professional help. Hopefully, someone trusted and close to her will offer guidance. Geebus, what the hell is going on in Celebrityville these days?

1329 days ago


Oh oh say can you see, hiding under the seat.
it's the girl whom we hate,
cause she raped our dear anthem.

And the flashbulbs white glare.
The extensions of hair.
Gave proof, through the windshield
That her fingers were there.

Oh say is that glitter spangled screeching harpie
still cluttering a stage?
Did she sing that bad for freeeeeeeeeeeeee
or was she ac choooo leeeeeeee paaaaaaaaaaaaid?

1329 days ago

J Garfield    

Probably drunk from all night knobbing

1329 days ago


britney, i mean christina, you see where i'm going? don't become another britney. this is exactly what happend w/her and k-fed. . . slow down. you're too old for this foolishness and you have a child to think about. keep it up, and your ex will take your son and your $$$.

1329 days ago


What is the big deal? She can have a few drinks and she has every right to feel good.......Get your buzz on Christina. she is far from being a drunk.

1329 days ago


That picture is SO FUNNY.
If it wasn't for fame and what it does to people, then where's the comedy in life?

1329 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

OK, we had Britney lose it and somewhat come back. Paris, well she's Paris. Nicole went from drugs and booze to her kid, husband & working out. She's cool now. Lindsay still up at bat and really who cares? Now it's the ultimate little "I am better than you" Queen herself starting her downward spiral Christina Aguilera. Word has been spreading that she's a drunk and a bad one at that.

So who wants to start the pool that she will have more "Legal" problems before 2012? I am saying 3 more incidents, rehab & a look at me now with Barbara Walters... Anybody?

1329 days ago

Jack King    

WOW! Her fingers! Nice scoop, TMZ! And people say you and your "reporters" are all useless idiots. Jokes on them, eh? After all, those can't be anyone else's fingers. Right?

Hey, I hear some guy shot a photo of Elvis's fingers the other day. OMG! He must still be alive!!

1329 days ago

bob wade    

She should dump him, and probably will. This is very bad publicity and he was driving. Why not call a cab or private limo service if you are going to get smashed? They have tons of cash. Now her every move will be talked about in hushed tones.
Hollywood is Babylon.

1329 days ago


Wow and who the thunk now days the cops are being soo super nice and letting it slide when your INTOXICATED in public..way to go AG HAG ..just another Fake getting a Free get outta jail card this isnt Monopoly its life and she need to learn some...stay home with your child instead of actin like trash in public ..CLASS hAS DIED IN HOLLYWOOD but NoT DIRTY cops...

san diego

1329 days ago

bob wade    

Not really talented, can't think why she's so famous? Pretty face is all. Music of her generation is the worst tripe foisted upon a dumbed down generation of teen mutants.

1329 days ago


Has she learned the correct words to THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER, yet?

1329 days ago
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