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Katie Holmes Sues Star Magazine

3/1/2011 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes just filed a $50 million libel lawsuit against the publishers of “Star” magazine after a recent cover insinuated she's a drug addict.


The centerpiece of the lawsuit is the headline, “ADDICTION NIGHTMARE - Katie DRUG SHOCKER! – The Real Reason She Can’t Leave Tom”  -- while the actual article does NOT allege any drug use by Katie we’re told she feels the suggestive cover is deliberately defamatory and is libelous on its own.

The lawsuit states, "[Katie] has no intention of leaving her husband, and is not prevented from doing so by any drug addiction."

Holmes' attorney tells TMZ, "Star Magazine's malicious claims about Katie are untrue, unethical and unlawful.  Not only do they cruelly defame Katie, they play a cheap trick on the public, making ridiculously false claims on the cover unsupported by anything inside."

And, the attorney adds, "Someone should bring a class action to get all buyers their money back."

Holmes is seeking $50 million in damages from American Media Inc.


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She did an interview a long time ago that she said her mother always knows when there is something wrong with her because it shows in her eyes. Every pic you see of her lately her eyes look dead.

1334 days ago


I doubt she'll see a dime, Its not like people could think any less of her at this point. But honestly who cares. she's a useless person. in fact i'd like her more if she was on drugs.... at least she'd have an excuse for her horrible life choices, and her stroke victim face.

1334 days ago


so she just naturally started acting like a zombie?

1334 days ago


Too bad if she cannot sued some people in here who talk crap about her and TC without knowing anything from them. This is the kind of society we are living in? Gezz.. scary...

1334 days ago


LMAO @ Nicole. Pot meet kettle.

1334 days ago

susan chandler    

Good for her.

1334 days ago


She always looks miserable. She is a stepford wife who is married to a controlling NUT! Freaky Scientologists....

1334 days ago


I would be on drugs if I was married to Tom cruise, and she definitely looks like she is

1334 days ago


Good for you Katie ,it's about time someone did this! The money she is asking for just might scare the hell out of them from publishing other untrue garbage. I say the girl has a good head on her shoulders.

1334 days ago


She's looked very unhappy ever since the honeymoon has ended. Never flashes that winning smile anymore. She looks years beyond her age. Apparently she's a turbo shopper. What void is she trying to fill by shopping?

1334 days ago


She's only suing because she can't EARN a living since marrying Captain Crazy.

Posted at 12:52 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by gigi

LOL! I totally agree with your comment! I truly believe Katie Holmes' career was over the day she hooked up with Tom Cruise. For ANY acting job she now gets, people believe she only got the role because she is "connected" through Tom Cruise. Without him, she probably would get acting roles and people would say "remember Katie Holmes from 'Dawson's Creek?' She is in this movie or TV show and is pretty good." Since she has been with him and all the made up "religion" and other garbage he proudly wears, her value as an actress has gone down with the public.

One other thing: My teen son picked up a magazine and was looking at a photo of Suri (I personally DETEST that name; but it IS their choice to name their child whatever they want) and he truly was freaked out. He didn't know who she is; teenaged boys don't keep up with children of celebrities who are old enough to be their parents. What he did know was he saw a photo of a little girl, barely past toddler age, walking in a pair of heels and carrying a designer handbag. This is a teenaged boy stating how inappropriately this extremely young child is dressed. Please, keep this child age appropriate in her dress!

1334 days ago


Bitch, please.

1334 days ago


Bitch, please.

1334 days ago


Katie is going to win this lawsuit and rightly so. What kind of a country allows these magazines to tell lies and get away with it? I hope she puts them out of business, and other magazines like this take note.

1334 days ago


She is a gold digger. She's married to Tom coz of his money. Wait in future when divorce **** happens....She will exposes a lot.

1334 days ago
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