'Mission Impossible 3' Lawsuit

3/29/2006 9:14 PM PST

'Mission Impossible 3' Lawsuit

A stuntman who received burns over 60% of his body during the filming of 'Mission Impossible 3' has sued Paramount Pictures, Tom Cruise's production company (Cruise/Wagner) and others, alleging that their negligence caused him "severe personal injury."

Steven Scott Wheatley alleges in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court that last June, during the filming of a scene involving pyrotechnics, the stunt "malfunctioned" and a "gasoline bomb" exploded, engulfing him "in this ball of fire."

According to the suit, the stunt was supposed to be a simulation of a missile attack on a Chevy Suburban. Once hit, the vehicle was supposed to "flip over and burst into flames." Wheatley claims he was standing a few feet from the Suburban when the premature fireball consumed him.

Wheatley and his wife, Mary, are also suing for loss of consortium (marital relations).

The suit asks for unspecified damages

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