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Natalie Portman DISGUSTED At Designer's Hitler Rant

3/1/2011 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar winner Natalie Portman says she's "shocked and disgusted" at new footage of a famous Christian Dior designer praising Hitler and telling a young woman that her forefathers would have been "gassed."

Natalie Portman John Galliano

Portman -- who's Jewish and recently signed an endorsement deal with Dior -- released a statement saying, "I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano's comments that surfaced [Monday]."

Portman adds, "In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way."

Galliano -- the chief designer for Dior -- has been FIRED by the company after a video surfaced showing John launching into a VERY anti-Semitic rant at a cafe in Paris ... and insulting a woman for being "ugly."

In the video, obtained by The Sun, John can be heard saying, "People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f**king gassed."

John was allegedly involved in another anti-Semitic incident last week -- in which he verbally assaulted a couple at a Paris cafe.


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it's scary to realize that for some people, 6 million innocent lives killed is not enough. i don't understand why people hate Jews. Their religion is outnumbered by Christians, Muslims and so on, and yet, they are always picked on.

1330 days ago


What a disgusting pig. I suppose people will defend him though, just like they still defend Gibson, the washed up loser.

1329 days ago


Rico ( comment #11 ) You are as stupid as this designer you dumbf#ck !!! Galliano is Italian not French ! But Millepied, Portman's Baby's Dad is French ! Stupid ignorant retard !

1329 days ago


Why people are bringing up Portman's opinion about Roman Polanski in relation to the Galliano statements is befuddling.

I'm not at all sure how they are related, nor am I understanding why her opinion about an alleged crime that took place 30+ years ago, a crime that even the alleged victim is no longer interested in resolving, is somehow going to nullify her ability to be deeply insulted by anti-semitic remarks. One has no bearing on the other.

1329 days ago

Mark Johnson    

Insulting comments about any ethnic or religious group is not helpful, but I have to admit the fact that he can call anyone ugly is quite funny. Not to be critical (but he deserves it), he is one strange looking dude. I am guessing if Hitler was around, he would probably gas him : )

1328 days ago


#149 Hitlers main target wasn't the Jews but its the Jew's who cry the loudest & its the Jews suffering who the history channels do***ent....Natalie is Proud to be Jewish & no one has the right to take that from her....or her friends who 'take a little of this & a little of that & "I don't go to Temple"' Tee Hee giggle giggle...'I love my religion'....They believe in only the pentateuch (meaning 5 scrolls) the first 5 books of the bible....So, Christendom laughs at them but they too only pick & choose 2 or 3 scriptures from the new testement to base their beliefs, lets see...Its kind of like a pilot who takes a little out of the FAR Regulations & the AIM & tosses aside the PIM & says--'I don't need to know about weight & balance & the rest of that stuff! As long as there is air moving over the top of the wing it will fly.....Understand what I'm saying? Do you? Then explain it to me cause I'm totally confused!

1328 days ago


hes a brit number one...second he was obviously under the influence of large amounts of alcohol when he said what he did..the Sun is well knw for its dirty tactics to pull out what they please from a convo with it maybe wrong wat he said...but then again..white supremists say things like tht in the states all the time...and i dont get it...hitler didnt ONLY kill jews...he killed anyone not "perfect" jews do need to get a grip...and Natalie...just as said b4....hubby stealer...fornicator....and bastard child...and yet wow shes "proud to be jewish"... confused thts wat she is....

1328 days ago


In vino veritas, ever heard of it? You are more likely to speak what is in your heart while drunk then sober. Think about that. This guy is a Nazi at heart...

1327 days ago


Natalie Portman is a vlle homophobe. We all know her remarks were influenced by her well-do***ented homophobia and hatred of men. Please, Natalie, conquer your disgusting bigotry soon! I am ashamed of Natalie's sexist, racist, and homophobic actions. She should be forced to pay compensation to her gay victims.

1200 days ago
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