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Charlie Sheen: Brooke and I Reached a Deal

3/3/2011 7:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just tweeted ... he has "verbally reached a deal" with Brooke Mueller, so they will not be going to court.

Charlie told TMZ 1 hour ago they were working on the deal, which would reinstate the custody arrangement the way it was before the meltdown.  If the deal goes through, Charlie will get his kids back under the custody schedule.



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Val: "FACE IT JWLor, you aren't paying attention to the facts and you want a forum to pretend you're bright .. not a chance. Brooke is looking for fame she never had..."

Posted at 2:54 PM on Mar 3, 2011 by val

That's the straight truth!

1330 days ago

karen anthony    

Brooke Mueller is an idiot. She cannot make up her mind to save her life. Stay in REHAB and let someone else more stalbe take care of the kids. (and Im not saying that would be Charlie)

1330 days ago


How can you make a deal if you are not allowed CONTACT with each other???!!!!

1330 days ago


Whatever "deal" she made must have something to do with the amount of cash he has agreed to give her for her cooperation. But the fact is Sheen is morally unfit and a danger to any chld and has been a danger going back to the first time a woman (among many)testified that he used violence against them. The fact that he is also insane and likely an incurable drug addict should also be considered by L.A Social Services and so they might, finally, want to start taking their public responsibilities to heart.

1330 days ago


Custody and visitation should be out of the hands of these two idiot parents. CPS needs to be involved and the kids should be appointed a guardian ad litem. Their parents are using them as bargaining chips and the best interests of the children are not being considered.

1330 days ago

dad of kids in pain    

"If a judge receives credible evidence that a person poses a threat to another parent or their children, they grant restraining orders first and ask questions later, to err on the side of caution,"
that part is 100% bull**** , ONLY the woman can just say thing...s the man has to have a blood gushing and a dead kid to get anyone to take notice. the laws are BS iam going though the same crap { but i get my child and my other child now lives with me } problem is the woman lies all the time keeps me in court and at anytime i can go to jail for noting but a lie . the laws need to change and be fair and real not used for bs revenge cuz a woman is sad and has nothing better to do .

1330 days ago


Jimmy Fallon mocks Charlie and his new cologne called "Winning" ...

No doubt Charlie is giving the late night TV comedians good material to hammer him with. Sorry Charlie. You earned the ridicule in the last week or so. Those drugs really DID fry your brain.

Wake up dude !! You are NOT "winning" Charlie! Not even close. If this was football, Charlie would be behind 49-0 at least.

1330 days ago


Ugh. She's such a piece of crap. Why would anyone believe anything she says?

1330 days ago


Those poor little boys need a stable loving home even if it comes about by adoption. Neither one of their parents should have custody (ever). Brooke might be testing positive of drugs but has anyone condidered Charlie may have drug induced schizophrenia. His drug tests may be negative but mental issues will last a life time. Not that anyone thinks he is going to be alive for very much longer.

1330 days ago


She's a drug addict who won't agree to take a test... of course its about the money. He's Epic - she's a perpetual victim.

1330 days ago


before all these tv interviews
i thought charlie must have personal problems because hes an *******.
two 1/2 men - totally cute show, everything you dont want in a guy riiight but some how catch a womans eye. anywayssss
since he took advantage of lovely media hovering over his shoulder while he takes a poop, i actually thought he is decent.
in relevance to his california upraising and enviroment possibilities, he is a decent guy. creative yes high yes arrogant yes but loving father of course. i don't even know why i have a opinion on this nonsense but i cant seem to catch a news channel showing news instead of media-itis. well, its importaint that people are giving him limits. that is the positive of the scandel because the risk was there. will it be now. i dont think so if someone draws the line. er. makes a stand.

1330 days ago


the rest of the world is laughing at us paying money and attention to this bs story

1330 days ago


who ****ing cares, enough with the sheen coverage.

1330 days ago

Martha Lopez    

Am I the only one that thinks he is DEF not a fitting father to raise those two kids...The judge that originally grant him custody should be removed from their seat - bunch of incompetent people we having making these decision in a court room!!!

1330 days ago


CPS needs to get involved. Those two children do not belong in that messed up household! The grandmother is the only viable choice.

1330 days ago
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