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Lindsay to Dad -- Why The Hell Are You Doing 'Rehab?'

3/2/2011 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was "shocked and upset" to hear that her father signed up for "Celebrity Rehab" ... telling friends she's worried he'll embarrass the family.

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan

We're told Lohan is saying she's most upset that her dad, Michael Lohan, began taping the show without ever giving her a heads up.

Lohan is also adamant she will NEVER make an appearance on the show.

Lindsay also wants to know how much Michael is getting paid for the gig -- because she wants to make sure her dad kicks over some of the cash to Dina ... since "he should be paying his child support for Ali and Cody."

FYI -- "Celebrity Rehab" had been gunning for Lindsay to star on the show in the past ... but it never came to be.



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Oh poor Lindsay, you might be embarrassed. Heaven forbid. I wonder what your dad should do to pay that child support. I am sure he has to do something. Not that he is a wonder, but I am sure your legal bills have to be paid. For once the guy is doing something. Can't fault a guy for doing that for once. It might be better than doing coke with their daughter.

1308 days ago


This is a CLASSIC....Lindsay's worried that her DAD will embarrass the family but she doesnt think what SHE's done has been embarrassing.

The upside is we can count on DUIna to out do them all in the embarrassment arena!

This is, at best, LAUGHABLE.

1308 days ago


she's scared he's going to embarrass the family??? ROTFLOL!!!

he can't embarrass the family any more than she has.

1308 days ago



Thank you. Sad for LL and the other kids in that family.

1308 days ago


Okay Lindsay, time to step up your game. You are so boring compared to Charlie. Get with it girl.

1308 days ago


@ #39 - MacGuffin


Michael Lohan was busted for Insider Trading and therefore did a 3 year prison stint - so how much more of an embarrassment can he be for the Lohans?

1308 days ago


why is Lindsey worrying about the child support? Why is her mother discussing that with her? Why wouldn't she want her father to get sober? Why, because her mother has made Lindsey the parent and bread winner in the family. It seems everything about that family is upside down. Maybe her DAd getting sober will be a step in the right direction and help put the family in order.

1308 days ago


Actually, my prob isn't with Lindsey or dad who are both dealing with addiction issues. My prob is with Dr. Drew whose career
is based on our (the viewer's) need to see people at their worst.
Is he really a Dr. or a celeb pimp?

1308 days ago


They're estranged -- **** if he's obligated to run any of his paying gigs, be it a TV show or working at McDonald's, past her first or tell her how much he's getting paid.

1308 days ago


I asked myself the same thing when I heard he was going to be on CR but he's going on there for anger management.

1308 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Uh Lindsay, embarrassing the family ship has sailed. We all know Michael is an embarrassment and can't be saved. You on the other hand are 24 and have a long life in front of you. Stop worrying about him and concentrate on your own issues.

1308 days ago


Embarras the family, Lindsay, really!! Those stones you throw might break your glass house!!

1308 days ago


Funny that the Lohans fight over which one embarrasses the family. Wouldn't want to ruin the Lohan name.

1308 days ago


"Lindsay is worried about HIM embarrassing the family?"
That was my first reaction too. She's such a hypocrite. Like someone else said that's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black lol

1308 days ago


she's scared he's going to embarrass the family??? ROTFLOL!!!

he can't embarrass the family any more than she has.

Posted at 4:48 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by HarlotO'Hara


Harlot I almost always agree with you. But this is too much for anybody even a trainwreck like LL. Like it or not she does have a Zlist publi profile and its creepy of him. Why can't he (and she and Dina) just stay out of the public's eye. It is selfish and destructive.

No child wants to have to compete with his or her parents.

This smacks of the jerky things Demi Moore's mother did, like when she posed for playboy.

1308 days ago
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