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Lindsay to Dad -- Why The Hell Are You Doing 'Rehab?'

3/2/2011 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was "shocked and upset" to hear that her father signed up for "Celebrity Rehab" ... telling friends she's worried he'll embarrass the family.

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan

We're told Lohan is saying she's most upset that her dad, Michael Lohan, began taping the show without ever giving her a heads up.

Lohan is also adamant she will NEVER make an appearance on the show.

Lindsay also wants to know how much Michael is getting paid for the gig -- because she wants to make sure her dad kicks over some of the cash to Dina ... since "he should be paying his child support for Ali and Cody."

FYI -- "Celebrity Rehab" had been gunning for Lindsay to star on the show in the past ... but it never came to be.



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It's almost as if we were (telepathically) in some sort of clique, and can just come in and swoop down and leave a comment and then just go.

1299 days ago


You leave a little niblet out, and the rats scurry out to feed. Yes the haters can simply be labled as vermin, certainly never worthy of a star like Lindsay. Go away vermin/haters your not wanted! Lindsays message is of love, and is certainly not for verminous s*** such as yourselves.

1299 days ago


Oh Lindz,
I hear they're hiring actresses in Burnt Mattress, Arkansas....
why don't you go to your probation officer and find out if you can leave the state for that???? They'll probably find you the role of your lifetime, and you might win that oscar you've been wanting.

1299 days ago


And the 1st rat appears, your mother must be so proud. Time to scurry back into that dark little hole now.

1298 days ago


6 more days, LL

1298 days ago


miss princess poop, do you think that TMZ will have a new story on you tonight or by morning???????
Wonder what it could be? Must be hard knowing that you can't keep the headlines with some of the other celebs doing what they're doing.
See ya later!

1298 days ago


Wait a minute...she's worried HE'LL embarrass the family? Really???

1298 days ago


Well Friend Of Ol Lindsay (FooL for short),

Your hubris is astounding, really it is. You call US rats and vermin but it's YOU going on trial for Felony Grand Theft. If we're rats- what does that make you?

I'll make you a deal, answer these two questions and I'll go away. No big deal, I'll be gone on to better things but you will still be here reading and commenting on every little word written about you. (Pretty sad actually.)


1) Does the paperwork that proves the necklace was a loan exist?

or if you're going with the other story you're spinning....

2) If you truly forgot you had the necklace on, why did you not return it the same or next day?

I fully expect you to pretend my words were never written because you like to ignore the tough questions.

And calling me a hater isn't an adequate response. They are simple to answer and would be the heart of your defense if you really ARE Linnocent.

1298 days ago


These two Father and Daughter seem to always somehow sh-t and always fall back in it time after time after time. Will either one ever learn they are their own worst enemy???It costs nothing absolutely nothing to pay attention and think before you speak or do anything.

1298 days ago

Jeff Becker    

This carpet muncher gets stupider by the day. He's going on the show for MONEY! He can't embassas the family anymore that she has unless Jeff Conaway gets caught *********** him on camera.

1298 days ago

john smith    

Yeah well I'm from North Jersey and over a hundred people from Bergen county died in 911.....and believe it or not Homeland Security has 17 acres of computers monitoring the internet for words like BomB, Plutonium, Terrorist,Mercury, Plot, Praise Allah ect good luck with that.....

1298 days ago


By--- I believe Patrick

I also think the ONLY reason Patrick went back to being friends with Lindsay is because when she was in Betty Ford it was reported that Lindsay was writing "Im sorry letters" to all her old friends, lord knows what she said and lied about to get Patrick to be her friend again, BUT I guess he feel for it.
I am a strong believer in friendship, BUT if my friend hurt or said what Lindsay said and did to Patrick, I dont think I would be able to trust them again. But thats just me. I do have a forgiving heart but I wouldnt let me wall down if I was Patrick and it seems like he did. He could be in a world of trouble if Lindsay brings her case to trial, they will put a focus on him since he was with her. I wouldnt want Patricks shoes thats for sure
Do you think Patrick will take a fall for her or will he give her up?

1298 days ago


I bet Lindsay and daddy have a secret love child....

1298 days ago


Linday's outrage speaks of jealousy. It's no secret that ever since Lindsay became successful in show biz, her dad has been very jealous and desperately wanted to be in show business himself. Now he's gotten what he wanted, while Lindsay's life spirals out of control. Lindsay could have easily been on that show, if she hadn't been such a fck up.

1298 days ago


He's probably going to work Lindsey dear, because you have quit. Someone has to bring in some money Dear, and even though you are the child and he is the dad, since you have been making all the money, I suppose it is OK for you to ask him to make the child support payments for awhile. Perhaps he wants to invite a real addict on for a gueast appearance, YOU!!!!!!!

1297 days ago
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