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Lindsay to Dad -- Why The Hell Are You Doing 'Rehab?'

3/2/2011 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was "shocked and upset" to hear that her father signed up for "Celebrity Rehab" ... telling friends she's worried he'll embarrass the family.

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan

We're told Lohan is saying she's most upset that her dad, Michael Lohan, began taping the show without ever giving her a heads up.

Lohan is also adamant she will NEVER make an appearance on the show.

Lindsay also wants to know how much Michael is getting paid for the gig -- because she wants to make sure her dad kicks over some of the cash to Dina ... since "he should be paying his child support for Ali and Cody."

FYI -- "Celebrity Rehab" had been gunning for Lindsay to star on the show in the past ... but it never came to be.



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@by carol

he's not going to get sober. it was reported he's going for anger management issues and if he was sincere about wanting to get better, wouldn't be doing it by going on TV.

1269 days ago


Doesn't anyone else think Lindsay is sexy and quite doable???

1269 days ago


"Lindsay to Dad -- Why The Hell Are You Doing 'Rehab?'
Lindsay Lohan was "shocked and upset" to hear that her father signed up for "Celebrity Rehab" ... telling friends she's worried he'll embarrass the family."


Well, why the hell did SHE go.

SHE was the first to embarass the family.

That beotch must be taking stupid pills, again.

1269 days ago


Bottom line, this is a BS move from Papa D ouche to shine the light on him. Yes, Lindsay has done wrong in the past and will have to answer for her actions. But THIS? Come on. If Michael really wanted to address his anger mgmt issues without adding stress to the family he professes to care for, he'd do it privately. I'm surprised the man can take a dump in private without a camera rolling.

I've never watched the Dr. Drew celeb rehab thing because I believe if people are in pain and truly dealing with issues they don't want cameras around during their most vulnerable times.

Dr. Drew and Michael Lohan have sunk lower than pond s***.

1269 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

She's afraid HE'LL embarrass the family? I guess she wants that job exclusively.

1269 days ago

john smith    

@70 Rose You must be one of the foremost Lindsay experts in the world. Are you like the Russell Crow character in the film A Beautiful Mind? I'm picturing your home with hundreds of articles about Lindsay, Michael and Dina taped to the walls. Maybe you should write a book about the Lohans, your favorite family that you are so fascinated by.

1269 days ago


OMG, it appears another poster was right, Jim Carrey died in a snowboarding accident a little while ago... RIP

Posted at 5:15 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by therock

put down the bottle (or whatever) rock.

1269 days ago


EEEEEEEEK. They're like The Bundy's from Married With Children!!! Oh heavens; there are just too many similarities.
I'm just not going to believe anymore that a family like this exists.

1269 days ago


I think that's a compliment Rose. You've rattled the Trollhan. Major.

1269 days ago


Hahahaaa!! Really Lilo? You're worried HE'S going to embarrass the family?? LOL!

I thought Tigerblood Sheen was worse, but now I wonder....

1269 days ago


The Skank cant stay out of the news when the lime light is not on her. Its all on sheen and not Me Me Me Me Me.

1269 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan was "shocked and upset" to hear that her father signed up for "Celebrity Rehab" ... telling friends she's worried he'll embarrass the family."

OH, NOW THAT IS RICH! She's worried HE'S going to be an embarrassment? THE WHOLE FRIGGIN' FAMILY IS AN EMBARRASSMENT.
At least he's making some cash from being embarrassing...she's having to PAY for being embarrassing.

What a bunch of loons.

1269 days ago


If I was Lindsey, I would be glad for him that he is at least trying to get help. As bad a success rate as Dr Drew has, that is a lot more than her mother can say. At least her dad showed up at her court dates unlike her mother.
coming from a dysfunctional home, this story is all too familiar. The oldest child being the bread winner and everybody leeching off of her. Typical. Why does he have to get permission from his daughter to go into rehab??? I thought she wasn't speaking to him??
She needs to focus on her sobriety and not his and shame on her mother for dragging her into the parent's custoday and support problems.

1269 days ago


She has a mother that dresses like a 20 year old and has pimped her out her for $$$., lives in a dream world and a father that is a total ugly old nut case that only wants his name in the news. This family is beyond help.

1269 days ago


As the old saying goes, talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! Lindsay has been an embarrassment to everyone for years now. I know that she has been an addict for a long time. Here's hoping that she has finally straightened her life around but she has no business taking her father to task - no business at all.

1269 days ago
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