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D.A. Gets Financial Help From Oksana's Lawyer

3/3/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley -- whose office will soon decide the fate of Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson -- attended 2 fundraisers on his own behalf at the home of the lawyer who negotiated Oksana's $15 million settlement ... which is the core of the extortion investigation.


TMZ has learned Eric George, a prominent Beverly Hills civil lawyer, hosted both campaign fundraisers last year, while the L.A. County Sheriff's Department was conducting its investigation. 

And documents reveal ... George contributed more than $8,000 to Cooley in 2010 ...  of that, George contributed $1,992 in August ... while the Sheriff's investigation of Oksana was going full bore ... we do know, however, George has had a long-standing friendship with Cooley and has made contributions to him in the past.

As TMZ first reported, George negotiated a $15 million package for Oksana during her mediation in May, 2010.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... Sheriff's investigators believe there's "strong evidence " that Oksana extorted Mel by threatening to release the explosive tapes unless she got the money.

TMZ broke the story that the D.A.'s office disagrees with Sheriff's investigators and has all but decided not to prosecute Oksana, but we're told Mel Gibson will be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence.

And we've learned ... Cooley has been involved -- holding a meeting in his office in December to review the case, though a D.A. spokesperson says no decisions were made during that meeting.
There is grousing among some people in law enforcement -- especially in the Sheriff's Department -- that Cooley should have completely removed himself from the decision-making process given the fundraisers and contributions from George.

George had no comment to TMZ, but a Sheriff's spokesperson has told us the only person under investigation in the extortion matter is Oksana.

Although sources tell us the die has already been cast, a D.A. spokesperson tells TMZ ... prosecutors will make a filing decision "very soon" and Cooley likely will not participate -- because he's about to go on a long-standing, out-of-town vacation for a week and a half.

The spokesperson would not say whether Cooley would make the filing decision if he's back in town when his deputies make their recommendation.


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Is LA District Attorney Steve Cooley Corrupt? Two Views

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Is California Attorney General Candidate Steve Cooley Corrupt ...Aug 27, 2010 ... Steve Cooley took money in past campaigns from people who were later caught passing on donations for one wealthy donor. money_from_question.htm - Cached

1329 days ago


Posted this because the poster had some links attached about Cooley....Interesting to read all the dirt on Cooley!

Big surprise on this. Not! Cooley is helping cover up the commission of TEN MILLION FELONIES by judges and LA County Supervisors. He's nothing but a big, fat crook himself.

See the following for the facts and evidence of the biggest corruption scheme in California history:



Judge orders injunction against Steve Cooley - TopixMar 4, 2010 ... Describing District Attorney Steve Cooley's actions as "striking and .... a stop to this corrupt fool Cooley who wants to be the California ... - Cached

1329 days ago



Hey little man, bet you didn't expect the Team Mel research team would be on your ass. But guess what, we are! It gets real dirty when you have as many resources and people to do the digging. We are a massive group from around the world looking for justice. When we see blatant corruption coming from an elected official than watch out we will bring you down or get the right people the info to bring you down. Either way the public will know more about you than you ever wanted published. This was your choice to walk and hold hands with the underbelly of society.

1329 days ago


Corrupt Cooley is friends with City of Bell Adams - NO arrest ...Oct 8, 2010 ... Corrupt Cooley is friends with City of Bell Adams - NO arrest ... Hey Steve Cooley: Time To Take A Closer Look At Former Bell Police Randy ... -arrest.html - Cached

1329 days ago


DISTRICT ATTORNEY CORRUPTION?: TWO VIEWS ON DA COOLEY'S RECORDMay 14, 2008 ... Candidates discuss why Steve Cooley is not participating in the U. S. ... He is corrupt as hell.Why is he in defense of Murray Conrad. ... - Cached - Similar

1329 days ago

KM - Letter to President Barack Obama (D): Steve Cooley ...Subject: Steve cooley and Henry salcido and la mirada and it's prejudice and corrupt city officials. Business/Professional Name: city of la mirada ... - Cached

1329 days ago


This in LA LA LAnd where Chuckles toots around town with kids on his hip while smoking the "AddictoMax 3000 CrackBong" and 3 Porn Star prostitutes following him around to perform the occasional hummer?

And here I though "Alice in Wonderland" was an impossible script.

1329 days ago


The last two post might explain why Cooley thinks extortion is o.k. in his book!

the tattler: Steve Cooley...FBI complaint filed against DA ...Sep 11, 2010 ... Corrupt District Attorney Steve Cooley. A citizen has filed a complaint with the FBI against Steve Cooley and one of his assistants (Luis ... - Cached

1329 days ago


Steve Cooley L.A.D.A. Should Resign Oct 1, 2010 ... Steve Cooley L.A.D.A. Is Stifling Prosecution of. Superior Court Judge Ralph W. Dau. The American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition ... - Cached

1329 days ago


Be sure to read the posts after the article...Some very interesting viewpoints on Cooley and some of his actions.


Steve Cooley's Litmus Test for Attorney General: Full ...Jun 12, 2010 ... From District Attorney Steve Cooley's official website. ... estranged wife and oversees the most corrupt administration since Frank Shaw. ... - Cached

1329 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

This is out-and-out CONFLICT OF INTEREST and totally biased! No wonder they're having difficulty seeing where Oksana tried to extort Mel! Mel's going to get the dirty end of the stick because of dirty politics such as is evident right here! I hope Mel sues the heck out of all of those involved; no way in heck that he'll get a fair decision! Barefaced disregard for what's right and what's wrong! This is so wrong! The media circus has ensured that Mel will never be treated fairly, and that crap Oksana will walk free! She and Charlie Sheen deserve one another; two peas in a pod!

1329 days ago


@KM - my favorite quote from here

"The best way not to be prosecuted by Cooley is to donate to his campaign, or hire an attorney who did. Just ask Philibosian or Salcido."

1329 days ago



I know, just about every article I read says the same thing about him....The Mel case has brought his tactics front and center! LAPD is calling him out on this IMO....They did not spend 9 months investigating this tramp for no reason...It seems pretty evident to us, as outsiders, what Cooley has been doing!

1329 days ago


You know, I am beginning to believe that the months of "extortion is a difficult crime to prove" that we endured from November until now were part of a strategy to brainwash the public.

"Why is extortion hard to prove?" we ask.

"Well, it's hard to prove because attorneys (who never do anything wrong) sometimes enter into negotiations that may look like extortion (but, of course, it isn't extortion, because THEY ARE ATTORNEYS). You see, prosecuting an extortionist may bring to light certain things these righteous attorneys have done that look like extortion to the ignorant masses . . . Well, can't you see why it's so difficult to prosecute an extortionist? Look at the effort it takes to protect the reputations of the lawyers involved!"

Posted at 2:17 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by Midwesterner

This time the police got the text messages which show the intent. That is why this is really sticky. In my eyes, Oki and George, are talking of shaking him down. It seems very plain to me.

Where is the concern for the kid? It is all about more money. Mel is a idiot if he goes to the doctors office and plays 'patti cake' with this vulture again. As a matter of fact, to have crawled into bed with her he was an idiot.

1329 days ago
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