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Charlie Sheen:

You Got One More Chance,


3/10/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyer has given Brooke Mueller's legal team an ultimatum -- either settle up today or face a judge tomorrow ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Both sides have been trying to hammer out a custody settlement for nearly a week, but negotiations have stalled.  Charlie's lawyers threatened to go to court earlier in the week, but they thought a deal might be close.  Now, it seems, it's not in the cards.

Sources connected with Charlie tell us ... if his lawyers go to court tomorrow and try and undo the restraining order that is keeping him from his kids ... they will pull out the big guns and expose Brooke's drug issues.

Tick tick tick.


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Miss Mary    

Me thinks he should wait until things cool down. Brooke is looking as if she is the sane parent right now.

1288 days ago


Yawn. First?

1288 days ago


What a sad situation for these children. Brooke may have her issues but, at least she doesn't appear to be stark raving mad. No child should be exposed to Charlie's perverted, drug fueled "winning" way of life. I'ts just a matter of time before we are reading Charlie's obituary.

1288 days ago


LOL, like this guy is a role model for his kids. They are better off without him, what morals can be preach to them? Expose her drug issues he says, that`s a good one. What about yours Charlie?

1288 days ago


Hey go to court Charlie. Maybe the judge had tiger bllod for breakfast. He won't be winning in front of the judge. Brooke looks like Mother Theresa compared to whack job Charlie.

Ps you were third not first. that's dumb

1288 days ago


Carlos probably told his lawyer to go after Brooke before he starts doing violent things or hiring people to do them.

1288 days ago


Amen Snowbunny. Dude is whacked out of is skull. A judge will keep him away from those kids

1288 days ago


So, word out on the street is that Charlie is BROKE... not just mentally but his pocket leaks no more. The word is: this is why he is so money hungry right now. why he is doing all this crazy stuff to get parts and shows and money fast. My thoughts on this if indeed it is true: He blew all his money on prostitutes and 8 balls of coke... there are a few very wealthy drug lords and porn stars walking today and we can thank Charlie for that.

1288 days ago


First the teeth went not the hairs going. The hat's a good look for you

1288 days ago


He knows he would lose in court, so he is hoping to blackmail her beforehand. In court he would just try to destroy her, not win.

1288 days ago


Anybody else think Brooke and Charlie Sheen have used up THEIR chances with the courts, the public, the Hollywood executives, their families, their friends, their neighbors and most importantly their children?

1288 days ago


What a joke. Brooke has admitted to her drug problems and is at least trying to get help. There's a lot to be said for someone who is actively working on recovery. Charlie is actively working on destroying his life. He's an egotistical, selfish, self-centered and pathetic excuse for a man. That's what drugs and alcohol do to a person. I truly hope he gets the help he needs. I'd love to see him turn his life back around.

1288 days ago


Hello Kettle, this is Pot. Realllly Charlie. Come on.
While she may have her drug issues, her mental health isn't questionable. She is demanding he undergoe a psych evaluation before he is allowed to have the kids back. It's about time. I know she has her demons but stick to your guns about the psych evaluation. I don't think there is a judge anywhwere who would not agree with you about that. Charlie is delusional and his yes people (everyone he pays)need to think about those kids and not their wallets.

1288 days ago


Bluffing loser says what?
That dumbass, he and his paid morons know they'll be tigerfeces before a judge.
They're scared to death that Brooke will drag this to court. Court's going to order a psych evaluation and that, in turn, will be used in any WB/CBS lawsuit.

1288 days ago


Charlie thinks he would be the better parent, at least she has her mother that is watch out for these 2 little ones. Denise should step in and take the twins. She seems like she is the sane one.

1288 days ago
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