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Alejandra: MJ Executors Tried to Starve Me Out!

3/3/2011 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alejandra Jackson -- the baby mama of multiple Jackson offspring and ex of two of Michael Jackson's brothers -- claims in new court papers the Executors of Michael's Estate threatened to fumigate the Jackson family house while she was living there and remove all the food.


TMZ broke the story ... Katherine Jackson is trying to evict Alejandra from the residence, but Alejandra won't leave.

In her legal papers objecting to the eviction, Alejandra claims the Executors of MJ's estate are trying "to advance ulterior and pompous interests, which are not consistent with the wishes and values of Michael Jackson."

Alejandra claims Katherine doesn't even want her evicted, but says she was "pressured by the Estate" to get her out.

Alejandra claims the Estate is trying to divide and separate the Jackson family.

Alejandra says the Executors threatened to fumigate the house on January 3, 2011 whether she and her kids were in the house or not.

Alejandra also alleges the Executors shut off the gas and began changing the locks while she and the kids were there.  She says the Executors even had all the food in the house packed up.

Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman tells TMZ, Alejandra's allegations are "preposterous."


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shelley's not your house..get out and stop stressing MJ's mom!!!

1327 days ago


Pond s***. What a worthless piece of $h!!. Get out, get a job, try & get money from the babies' daddies. But no way shld MJ's estate support your sorry self.

1327 days ago


I don't understand why the police won't just escort her out, It's obvious she pays no bills and her name is nowhere on the deed to the house. So doesn't that technically make her like a squatter?

1327 days ago

northern gypsy    

well...well...well...this one got game...
the brothers have got some serious treachery to deal with...
you should have kept it in your pants !!!

1327 days ago

Oval Beach    

Hey DEADBEAT...MOVE YOUR WORTHLESS BABY MAKIN A*S*S OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!! Apparently she is not getting the clue...I'm guessing that the fumigation is NOT meant for the roaches or least not the 6 legged is meant for the other roaches and bugs that just seem to keep infesting the house.

1327 days ago


How does SHE know what Michael wanted? He wasn't even letting them go see him in what, years?? And her being just a goldigging in law..KNOWS what Michael Jackson WANTS for HER???
I'm suspicious. Next thing, she'll have another Jackson child!!

1327 days ago


Hey Alejandra - how about you do something daring and unheard of, like support your own kids all by yourself?
Get a job, leech.

1327 days ago

Miss Mary    


1327 days ago


maybe if daddy 1 and daddy 2 would pay child support and if she would get a job (not on her back) she could afford rent some where. How old are these kids any way?
Is daddy 2 still on vacation?

1327 days ago


I just shed a single tear for the skank wh0re. Now, get the frig up out of the house you freaking leech!!

1327 days ago


What a freeloader. Move on, lady.

1327 days ago


Get the hint bitch you and your brats are not wanted there. LEAVE

1327 days ago

keeping it real    

GIRL GET A FRICKEN JOB and support yourself!
Your a sad women! And I hate to say your a woman! Your more like TRASH! Take care your own MF kids!

1327 days ago


You know what? Michael Jackson worked his ass of for years to become the millionaire he was. That is HIS money. He WORKED for it. His children deserve that money. His mother...a little. But none of his brothers, brothers wives, brothers baby-mamas deserve anything. Get a life. Get a job. Get out.

1327 days ago
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