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Paula Abdul Dials 911 to Escape Boyfriend's Car

3/3/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul made a frantic and tearful 911 call during a Valentine's Day drive with a boyfriend -- repeatedly screaming, "Drop me off!" ... and TMZ has obtained the recording.

0302_paula_911_callDuring the call -- placed at 4:35 PM on Valentine's Day -- Paula cries and sobs hysterically and says, "I wanna go, and he won't let me!"

Seconds later Paula says, "Are you gonna drop me off 'cause I have emergency on the phone" -- and shortly after that she says, "He's dropping me off."

Officers got in touch with Paula about an hour later and she said it was just a verbal dispute.

We're told Paula and the guy were driving near Santa Barbara when the epic argument erupted. Cops went to her house that night and found she was fine. Paula did not want to file a police report.

A spokesperson for Abdul tells TMZ, "Arguments with loved ones are often times heated. After the call was made everything was worked out."



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holy god, you seriously need to stop with the 'alcohol' & 'drug' jokes.. it's really getting old. she is NOT on anything... she does NOT drink.. so get that out of your heads. there was obviously something going on that was REALLY wrong for Paula to make a 911 call & this guy must have been doing something really horrible or hurtful.. she wouldn't do that 'just cause' or for attention.. P's not like that. you can tell in her voice that she is frightened & she does not sound intoxicated what so ever. seriously, stop with the jokes.. they are really mean & it hurts reading them. i hope you know that while all of you are joking.. this could have been really serious. she has feelings, she has a emotions.. she's a human.. let her be. god, you people piss me off.. (i'm sorry, but the fact that they leaked this mad me made, they totally invaded her privacy) yes, i realize that Paula would have had to know that going through with this call would lead to it MAYBE being released.. but, there are somthings that don't need to be released into the world, and this is one of them. they could have respected it & let it be. but whatever.. what's done is done. just stop with the hate & bashing, it's not cool. peace & blessings... ;)

1279 days ago


Becky: didn't enid catch them in bed as well?

1279 days ago


She should have junped outta the car, and put all of us out of misery!

1279 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Okay first of all I think all these comments are rude, disgusting and CRUEL. Paula is far from any of those statements you have made her out to be. She is such a lovely human being and I am sure she had every reason in the world to make this phone call if something serious was happening, and when something like that happens you dont think about it being released. And she called 911 right? how did TMZ get hold of it? I think it is so cruel and a violation of privacy for the police department to release this just because it is Paula Abdul.

All you critics, do you really have THAT much time on your hands to hate on Paula? You all need to get a life.

I hope Paula is doing well, we all love and support her and she deserves to be happy, sending her biiiig hugs!

Posted at 8:10 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by Chery


Oh wake the EF up dingbat.

How many times my idiot (now ex-) wife went crazy and DEMANDED to be dropped off NOW.

Um. HELLO??? Where??

In the middle of friggin nowhere??? Like between Ventura and Santa Barbara???

Any responsible man would try to calm the stupid female down and collect herself so she WON'T END UP DEAD on the random roadside.

Men simply cannot win these days. I put up with this nonsence for 30 years because my wife was the mother of my kids - but if ANY stupid woman did this to me now - OH YEAH BABY - YOU WILL BE DROPPED OFF IN BF NOWHERE AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

My god, in the year 2011, when we were supposed to be living large and flying around in Jetson cars... we men are being strangled by an entire generation of clinically insane women that do not have one collective logical brain cell among the entire population.

1279 days ago


LMFAO! @ #14. Also, are we sure the boyfriend wasn't Simon Cowell? You know Simon Cowell always makes her weepy.

1279 days ago

Jeronimo Dan    

Some people just have to have that fifteen minutes every few minutes...

1279 days ago


@ 53 HarlotO'Hara

Not sure about that? but Enid was definately not a woman to be messed about with was she? I wouldn't have wanted to get on the wrong side of her-would you?
Because of Jackie's affair with Paula,they divorced in 1987.

1279 days ago

Davey Boy    

I bet Charlie Sheen's brother is glad he got out from under the thumb of crazy Paula. Yikes!

1279 days ago


Little Dwarf (Little Person) Paula needs to know, REAL PEOPLE need 911 for REAL EMERGENCIES.

911 is not there for celebrities to have a "pal" to wave the Celebrity Wand for their perfect worlds.

1279 days ago

Football Diva    

I am all for someone calling 911 if they are in danger. But if the situation was that critical, why not press charges? She may be the nicest woman in the world...I don't know. But she really comes across as being heavily medicated or needing to be. And all these people who are defending her behavior...this should be what she expects as a "celebrity." You know people are going to pry so get over it. I also think she should be fined since she didn't press charges.

1279 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well a nice heel in the nuts usually does the job.

1279 days ago

Hot Blooded    

I've gotten into arguments in the car before, I guess that means next time I can call 911 when I feel particularly p!ssy.
Oh wait, I'm not a celebrity and I'd actually be punished for making a fraudulent emergency call. Nevermind.

1279 days ago


Why is everyone saying she's a drama queen, etc? Aren't you suppose to call 911 when you feel you're in danger? What if that went too far and she didn't call? Something horrible could have happened.

You are all sick and cruel for judging such a woman who is beautiful inside and out.

1279 days ago


I liked Paula until I saw her reality show and caught a glimpse of what she is really like. She lives for drama and this poor man probably didn't want to drop her off on the side of the road. She can be an extremely unreasonable woman, drinks iced coffee drinks at 1 a.m. then complains about not being to sleep, duh. Lied about drug abuse for years before finally getting some help, AFTER she lost her job on AI. etc She is just plain goofy and not in a good way.

1279 days ago


holy god you guys... stop with the 'alcohol' & 'drug' jokes... she's not doing that kind of stuff, alright... it's getting pretty old. there was obviously a reason she wanted out of that car.. & this man is obviously making her to this hysterical, frightend point.. so while you're all joking aaround.. i hope you know that this could have been very serious. back off, alright.. seriously that's not cool. she has feelings & emotions like all of us.. she's a human.. let her be. god, you people piss me off. (i'm sorry, but this whole thing being leaked kind of mad me mad too, because they totally invaded her privacy & i know that Paula would have had to go through with this call, knowning it might have.. but not ALL things have to be leaked out to the world.. this didn't have to be one of them..) peace & blessings.. ;)

1279 days ago
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