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Rodney King

Pulled Over By Police

-- Cited

3/3/2011 10:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rodney King had another clash with police this week -- the day before the 20 year anniversary of his infamous beating -- but this time, Rodney was only hit with a citation for driving without a license ... TMZ has learned.


Cops in Arcadia, CA received a complaint about a man driving recklessly in a green Mitsubishi Tuesday afternoon ... and when they located the vehicle, they saw King behind the wheel.

A spokesman for the Arcadia Police Department tells us King was pulled over when cops witnessed the car making an unsafe lane change -- and when they approached the vehicle, King admitted he had been driving with an expired license. 

We're told King was cited for the license -- not the reckless driving -- and immediately called a friend to drive him home.

And absolutely nothing else happened.


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What?? Brutha got citated?? No!!

1267 days ago


He ran out of that settlement money a long time ago but I guess he can keep trying to win the Lotto again. Too bad it cost 53 people their lives last time.

1267 days ago


He looks good. Hope he's doing well. ps stop f-ing with the law.

1267 days ago


Lori after you have your brain damaged by the cops see how well you remember to do things on time!

1267 days ago


...and absolutely nothing else happened ----- HILARIOUS!!!!!

1267 days ago


My friend Tim Clay went to John Muir High School with Rodney King in Pasadena,CA back in the 1980's. And Rodney King is still having a difficult time getting along with people.

1267 days ago


Some of the comments suggest he is lucky to get a just ticket. Some people i guess think he should of got another beating which is a sad commentary in this day and age. Im glad Lori isn't the judge, the jury, and the executioner. If people think he was ever treated fairly by the police then I'd love to see them take that beating 20 years ago. I think after all he has endured they owe him a couple passes. It's one of the most terrifying moments I've ever witnessed in my life. The police have so much power Im proud they got it on tape because it knocked the police down a few notches and they still almost got away with it so that tells you how corrupt they were. Maybe he ran from the police and mybe he did break the law but noone should ever have to go thru that. You have no heart Lori. Terrible comment.

1267 days ago


what happened to him was not deserved and the police definately made a mistake but because what eventually happened...has not thought criminals to claim the race card...all you need to do is watch one espisode od COPS..ther eis good and bad in all...Not saying Rodney is bad..I do not know enough about the whole case but his name is synomonous with race card and get rich..surely not what he had ever hoped for and not his fault but the media's....Shame on the media for egging on conflict when there are slow news weeks/months....and whay is a slow news week a bad thing???? so the media events a bad thing or invents a star..(witn no talent)like Kime Kardashian and family.. good for them but really overall really offence to KK or family as I am sure everyone would do the same if had the oppertunity. Just overall sad.

1267 days ago

Cobra Commander    

I know the cop wanted to beat the SH!* outta him not for nothing he did JUST CAUSE....And I know Ole Rodney prolly wanted to Piss himself saying not again DAMN DAMN DAMN

1267 days ago


Nice to see he's still a law abiding citizen after all these years....

1267 days ago


I admire the guy for having cleaned up his act. At least it wasn't a "driving while black" situation. He doesn't need to be pushed in the wrong direction because of his history.

1267 days ago


Nice to see he's still a law abiding citizen after all these years....

Posted at 6:45 PM on Mar 3, 2011 by miamigurl


1267 days ago


whats to become of nothing from nothing and that awhile false pretensions are the norm in a soceity so clueless to the depths of perceived feelings and how it all falls so f-ckin' short of anything to made of it ever all of the while -

1267 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I'm glad to know that at least he wasn't DUI. I know he's been trying to stay clean for himself & his family. I hope this will be his last hurrah as an outlaw. One last brain-freeze.

1267 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

You know that cop wasn't going anywhere near this guy. He probably treated him better than his own wife that night.

1267 days ago
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