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Rodney King

Pulled Over By Police

-- Cited

3/3/2011 10:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rodney King had another clash with police this week -- the day before the 20 year anniversary of his infamous beating -- but this time, Rodney was only hit with a citation for driving without a license ... TMZ has learned.


Cops in Arcadia, CA received a complaint about a man driving recklessly in a green Mitsubishi Tuesday afternoon ... and when they located the vehicle, they saw King behind the wheel.

A spokesman for the Arcadia Police Department tells us King was pulled over when cops witnessed the car making an unsafe lane change -- and when they approached the vehicle, King admitted he had been driving with an expired license. 

We're told King was cited for the license -- not the reckless driving -- and immediately called a friend to drive him home.

And absolutely nothing else happened.


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Unsafe lane change? Are you kidding me? I see that about 50 times a day. Sounds like racial profiling to me. WTF!!

1295 days ago



1295 days ago


Caint we all jus........ git along?

1295 days ago


Oh no! Not our Rodney King, no, please say it isn't so! Well. I am truly sorry that this has happened to him yet one more time. But now he can attend all the major basketball games and meet all the celebrities. Leave this poor man alone, I say! FREE RODNEY KING! FREE RODNEY KING! FREE RODNEY KING!

1295 days ago


Notice how TMZ only reports arrests/posts mug-shots from LAPD?

So.......who's your LAPD contact?? Funny.....these things happen to famous people all over the country/world!! Funny how I never see any NYPD mug-shots.....There is a constant flow of gossip in you not have any contacts in NY??

1295 days ago

Surfer Gal    

I went to a Jehovah's Witness Convention years ago & Rodney King's mother was a guest speaker. She said that Rodney was was always trouble, always up to no good & she'd washed her hands of him.

If his own mother thinks he's bad news then newsflash, the man is bad news.

1295 days ago

leisure inc    

He must have spent all his millions on crack. Don't know too many millioniars that drive a piece of sh*t car like that

1295 days ago


You would think that if you didn't have a valid license--that you'd at least drive safe and not cause any unwanted attention to yourself...DUH!!

1295 days ago

Brian B.    

"Too bad the cops did not kill him 20 years ago. He is a violent drunken pig, likes to drink and drive fast, and beat up his hoochy mamas. He deserved his whupping that night and now he has a get out of jail free card to dui and someday he will kill someone."

Posted at 9:54 PM on Mar 3, 2011 by Rico"

WOW. What an IGNORANT thing to say! You're a vile human being.

1295 days ago


Has it really been 20 years? Damn.

1294 days ago


Huh....I suppose 'once a criminal, always a criminal' might apply?

1294 days ago


Good to see he is respecting the law now.

1294 days ago

B James    

In no way would I ever compare Rodney to Rosa Parks. However, he could have used his fame and notoriety to make such an impact. As the "voice" of injustice, he could have impacted so many with his story. Instead, he spends a majority of his life (following the situation) continuing to do all the wrong things. How sad that he wasted his life and an opportunity to make a difference.

1294 days ago


After leading a chase at high speed and not cooperating with the female arresting officer, Rodney King deserved that "tune up". Yet, when the police officers were initially aquitted thousands took to the street, robbing maiming, and looting. 36 people died during the riots, most of them asian people, as a part asian person this grieved me greatly. I remember seeing that brick bounced off of Reginald Denny head. What did he do to desrve that? May be HE desrves some "social justice". Clinton gets the federal government to go after the officers, and they get surprisingly convictions. This guy gets a big pay out from the city, and people think he's a hero.

1294 days ago


King will always been known as the man who caused the LA Riots, along with the 4 cops. King continues to break the law and gets a free ride. If the average person had been driving without a license, they would have been ticketed and their car TOWED..not to be allowed to "call a friend and get a ride home". How unfair is that? King snorted his money away, beat his wife, beat others and continues to be jailed with kid gloves. What a waste of life and he wants to be known as a man of change, not the cause of the LA riots, where 50 people died and people who had were not involved with King, lost everything they had worked for, something King doesn't know how to for a living. Sad when criminals are looked up to as a hero.

1294 days ago
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