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Simon Cowell Takes a JAB at 'Idol' Judges

3/3/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems Simon Cowell hasn't been watching "American Idol" since he left the show ... 'cause last night in L.A., Mr. Nasty fired off a little slap at the judges.


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What jab? Seemed like he didn't want to answer the questions, probably because EVERYONE asks him that question... your camera guys/reporters need to up their game with the questions- lame and boring...

1330 days ago


He was just playing dumb. He wasn't going to get into a conversation with those reports under any cir***stances. He wasn't slamming American Idol at all. Some people are looking for controversy where there is none.

I like American Idol this season. It's different and new. I don't think half the people that are in the top 20 would have made it if Simon weren't there. This season has THE most talent out of any previous season. That's because of Steven Tyler and Jennifer coming on board. Simon was always the one to send people on their way too fast. The producers let him run that show when they shouldn't have. It gave him a supersized ego in a pint sized body. I'm happy he's gone!!! Steven Tyler is awesome!!!!!!!

1330 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I really like the new idol judges. And I can't help myself...I like Simon too.

1330 days ago


Read as, "I'm too important to answer your inane questions."

1330 days ago


Surprisingly I think the Idol Judges are doing well. They picked a good crop of singers this season, at least I think so. I will also be watching X Factor when it starts.

1330 days ago

Hot Blooded    

I think he was just playing dumb, you know, didn't want to answer the questions.
But I've gotta say, I can't stand Simon ever since I watched him on Top Gear! Pompous arse-hat.
Plastic surgery DOESN'T make you look pretty, Simon!

1330 days ago


Not surprised this arrogant putz would make a snarky comment about his replacements. (Tip: Go easier on using your grandmother's eye mascara, Simon.)

1330 days ago


TMZ, Please STOP, yes I yelled, with your innane attempts at making news. I honestly wonder at the vocabulary, inflection and just plane absurdness of interpretation that goes on there. I have a question or two for your news team. Do they have educations and if so,how far or in what fields? Also, if you do have educations. Are you just doing what you do because you think your viewers are are stupid and that easily influenced by your interpretations? I want to say that I will give the viewers more credit than you do.

1330 days ago


Are the subtle changes seen now on American Idol a seething reaction in JEALOUSLY by Executive Producer Simon Cowell?
Steven Tyler has certainly earned his stripes in the industry working for a full 40 years while combining that with a naturally dynamic personality. The New York Times took notice on PAGE ONE just recently, and after that very intriquing article appeared, the camera skipped completely over Steven during the judges comments, and more than once last week. All three judges faces looked stressed while both Jennifer and Randy became much more animated and talked more in duration, but not in content. I also noticed the volume was higher for both of them while for Steven it was lowered. Simon is trying desperately to garner attention to the new X-Factor.

1330 days ago


Simon's got class. If he would have bad mouthed anyone, you'd be all over him for that. How better to not gossip than by just ignoring the questions? How better to not tell the idiots asking the questions to go f' off than to just ignore the questions.

Some of these comments here are just ridiculous. I love American Idol, but I wish we had more honesty like Simon used to give. These kids who want to be in show business won't learn anything by J'Lo telling them they look nice. Show business isn't nice, and it's best to find out if you can handle it before you're a star.

1330 days ago


Who cares I like the Awesome Three!

1330 days ago


TMZ is obviously retarded. The man was clearly joking.

1329 days ago


Idol has lost it's appeal - the only way to watch the show now is to DVR it and only watch the singing. It's boring to hear all the fluff and background - - on the ones they picked - who cares? Really miss Simon - - bring Ellen back even

1329 days ago


Idol has lost it's appeal - the only way to watch the show now is to DVR it and only watch the singing. It's boring to hear all the fluff and background - - on the ones they picked - who cares? Really miss Simon - - bring Ellen back even

1329 days ago

Sleepless In Seatle    

I'm Glad Casey, and Jacob made it...but I think Clint Junbug Gamboa was robbed out of a chance even a wildcard. He was one of the top singers no doubt. But because he was portrayed as a. Bad guy people did not vote for him rather than his talent. So sad America! Shame on you for judging based on tv editing without looking at the big picture..get real!

1328 days ago
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