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Lindsay Jeweler May Have Screwed Prosecutor

3/6/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "victim" in the alleged Lindsay Lohan jewelry store heist just cashed in on the surveillance video and in the process may have really messed up the prosecutor's case.


The jewelry store -- Kamofie & Co. -- has been working with a broker for the last few days and the broker has been on the horn with numerous media outlets, salivating at the prospect of cashing in.

The video has been sold -- but it's causing fits for the lawyers in the case, particularly the prosecutor.

Lindsay's defense is that the necklace was a loan ... the jeweler begged to differ. So intent is critical, and if the jeweler is called to the stand and admits this was just a convenient way of scoring some quick cash from the media, Kamofie will have about as much credibility as (insert favorite celebrity who lied in "comment" section).

We know lawyers in the case have been in touch with the people at Kamofie, trying to dissuade them from selling the tape ... to no avail.

No word on how this will affect plea bargain negotiations. TMZ broke the story ... in the next few days, Shawn Holley, Lindsay's lawyer, and prosecutor Danette Meyers will meet in chambers with Judge Keith Schwartz ... sources tell us Holley is trying to get the judge to commit to a short jail sentence if Lindsay cops a plea.

Stay tuned ...


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No Carvey, unconfirmed 'sources' said that and it was a story that was quickly taken down. When this story first came out they posted a photo of Lindsay wearing a rabbits foot necklace, implying that was the necklace in question. At the beginning there was so much BS being posted. The necklace was returned so I very much doubt Lindsay said that at all.

Posted at 5:26 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by susan


Yeah, and the black kid did it.

1325 days ago


I love this picture of Dina. Her hair looks like David Spade's. Really bad comb-over, or should I say forward? It is a little hard to see past Lieing Lindsay's lips though.

1325 days ago


Wouldn't it be interesting if Lindsay STILL cops a plea deal? That would certainly say a lot about her guilt!!

Personally, I can't wait to see the videotape. I believe a lot of my questions will be answered.

1325 days ago


I'm also a fan of T.I, Weezy and Remy Ma but obviously they aren't featured on TMZ as extensively as Lindsay.
I don't even disagree about the trouble thing but if she beats a felony charge SIICK

1325 days ago



I figure she'll go on a bender the night before the court hearing

1325 days ago


Whatever the case....she needs to visit a lingerie store before court to see if she "pick up" a supportive bra. Doesn't she have a stylist aka someone with common sense?

1325 days ago


RE: dont they realize that other celebs may feel gunshy about shopping in a store that sells them at perhaps embarrassing moments? Posted at 4:42 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by Chaps


No other Celebs will not be gunshy because

1) They are REAL stars who can afford the items
2) They are NOT kleptomaniacs with LONG RAP SHEETS or CRIMINAL RECORDS.

3) Real stars are annoyed LushLohan gets all this press for her bad behavior and their good works and hard work barely gets mentioned. CASE AND POINT girl can't get into an A List oscar party and had the GALL to show up uninvited.
She hasn't learned anything.

1325 days ago



I'm also a fan of T.I, Weezy and Remy Ma but obviously they aren't featured on TMZ as extensively as Lindsay.
I don't even disagree about the trouble thing but if she beats a felony charge SIICK

Posted at 5:32 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by Nicole


And being Catholic means what? That you prefer children?

1325 days ago


If selling the tape doesn't compromise the case they why did lawyers try to convince the store not to? Unless of course TMZ are posting BS.

From anyone's point of view, its a bad move by the store, one thing is is raising its ugly head, GREED!

Let it go to trial, Shawn will have a field day with the store owners. Don't forget, the store owners are the star witnesses...not anymore.

1325 days ago


Good Morning Rose, Mare, Carvey and All,

What do you want to bet we see footage of Little Miss Princess Poop and all of her entitlement falling down drunk outside of a nightclub within a week or so? She's not sober now, but with her ego if she worms her way out of this one, all hell is going to break loose!

Posted at 5:24 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by grandma cracker

Good morning to you too grandma cracker !!!

I firmly believe that we will see LL drunk/drugged out in the not too distant future.

Either because she has wiggled out of this case... or.. if she goes to jail and gets extended probation (either through a plea bargain or a trial) within 2 weeks of the end of this case if she wins or within 2 weeks of getting out of jail.

As the saying goes... it's not a question of "if", it's a question of "when"....

Do I wish that for her? No, I sincerely don't. I wish for her a sober, healthy, productive, law abiding life.

I just don't think she has that in her.... being a loser is in her DNA .... sadly for her.

1325 days ago


The closer this case gets to the courtroom, the more defaming stories about Kamofi & Co are going to be spun by the Lohans.

1325 days ago


IF this is true, then it means that although Lindsay won't go to jail THIS time, the law will DEFINITELY be gunning for her the next time, ala OJ. Sooner or later, they're gonna take her down.

Secondly, IF she thinks that having this released versus getting out of jail free is the better of the two options, she is clearly insane. If I were she, I would literally do ANYTHING to keep that tape repressed. Once it's out there, EVERYONE will know that she's a thief. EVERYONE. You want to talk about instantly destroying your career - THIS is the way to do it. Stupid fool.

1325 days ago


I bet SCH is behind this. She’s a manipulating unethical lawyer.
Have no respect for her

1325 days ago


What are these defaming and slanderous stories that the Lohans have released about the jewelry store?

1325 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

No bender before court, that's why Dina is here. I'll bet Lindsay is dying for her family to leave.

All this negativity and everything she touches turns to sh*t is why she can't buy her way into a party. Who wants stuff going missing. Who wants drama at their celebrations.

I hope the jeweler got a ton of cash for the video. Those poor people made the mistake of letting her in their store. All the negative press they've had to put up with now. Good for them and OTHERS BEWARE OF LINDSAY LOHAN. Associate with her and you have a good chance of ending up under the bus!

1325 days ago
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