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Warner Bros. to Charlie Sheen:

You're Fired!

3/7/2011 6:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. has just fired Charlie Sheen from "Two and a Half Men."

Charlie Sheen Fired
Warner Bros. issued the following statement: "After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen's services on 'Two and a Half Men,' effective immediately."

The statement does not say if the show will go back into production.

UPDATE: A source at Warner Bros. says no decision has been made on whether the show will come back.

Charlie Sheen Fired From Two and a Half Men


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i have adonas dna and lions blood we must be brothers

1328 days ago


What will happen to Two and a half men?
New buzz

1328 days ago


Ok, so let's do the numbers...

He made $1,800,000 per episode.

Let's say 40% went to taxes. That leaves him with $1,080,000 per episode.

Let's say that he loses half of that due to child support, alimony, etc. So he is left with $540,000 per episode.

Now, let's assume that the hookers, coke, houses, and other lifestyle accessories eat up half of that. He is left with $270,000 per episode.

Ok, so let's assume that he is left with that pittance to secure his old age. Let's also say that he does not believe in banks, stuffs his matress with his savings, and gets no royalties whatsoever from anything he has ever done. If we consider that he has done 178 episodes of Two and a Half men, of which I have watched excatly one minute when my remote died, he is stuck living the rest of his life off of a mere, $48,060...,000.

Can someone tell me how this guy qualifies as a loser?

1328 days ago

Mary Ann    

Because I wouldn`t sign up for ur continued e-letters and my comments were PRO CHARLIE SHEEN u wouldn`t post it. =s BIASED BULL****!!!!!

1328 days ago

Duane Seigler

1328 days ago

ryan mayer    

all you trolls had better lay off my boy. he is duh... winning, once again. he knows what he is doing.

1328 days ago


no matter the language in sheens contract,morals clauses,derogatory statement clauses etc, the inevitable lawsuit sheen will file will be decided by a judge or a jury.good luck finding anyone that will side with you charlie after they veiw the hours and hours of hateful personal attacks you have provided the defense daring them to fire you.for years you got a pass for your conduct in your personal life.yeah,you showed up for work,but you kept your mouth shut.both sides made alot of got away with everything and warner bros backed you because professionally you always performed and they could protect you because of've repaid them with some of the most vile,hatefilled rants this side of mel gibson.warner bros and cbs will countersue you for damages too.good luck with that jury too.two and a half men and chuck lorre were the best thing that ever happened to you.your biggest fans,mostly guys like me,confused you with charlie harper.oh,thats just charlie being charlie.even when you threatened or physically abused women over the years you got a pass because we thought of charlie harper.we like charlie harper.i'll admit i envy charlie harper.what guy wouldn't want to be rich,not work,be single and publically flaunt being a drunk,solicite porn stars and prostitutes,go from beautiful woman to the next beautiful woman and still show a good heart and be likable.two and a half men and chuck lorre gave you mel gibson,you were a guys guy.we didn't know the real charlie sheen.for some reason you decided to show the world that charlie harper,that likable,funny drunk with a big heart is nothing like the real charlie've let us get to see and know the real charlie sheen.he's a delusional hateful a-hole who thinks he's bulletproof.he had the best gig in the world.then chuck lorre wrote that funny harmless vanity card saying he would be pissed if charlie sheen outlived him.instead of laughing off this harmless,funny comment sheens response was a hateful,vile,ungrateful,borderline anti-semetic declaration of war on the people most responsible for him becoming the highest paid actor on tv.sheens embarassing webcast sat night shows he's not gonna stop.eventually,maybe one thing will stop this madness.maybe,hopefully soon,charlie will realize the hurt he is causing his father.maybe charlie will realize that what he is doing will end up defining martin sheens career.martin sheen doesn't deserve this.he is one of the great actors of the last 50 yrs.he obviously loves his son deeply.when he's gone and his name comes up he really doesn't deserve the ever increasing likelihood that the first people will think of is his son charlie.if i could say one thing to charlie sheen it would be-charlie,i realize you could care less what people think about you,but do you realize that what you are doing now may end up defining your fathers career?

1328 days ago


WOW!! Now WE'RE the ones winning!!!!!

1328 days ago


I feel sorry for Charlie because I think he has some real mental health issues.

1328 days ago


We all are winning,thank you warner brothers,i hope the show will go on.

1328 days ago


Finally!! Time for him to bring himself down off the pedestal he has put himself on and get help--and understand that to have respect from people you must first be respectable!

1328 days ago


I don't understand why any of you are ragging on Charlie Sheen just because most of you are lonely males who watch the chicks on the television screen that he's slept with on more times than you've been laid in your entire lives.

1328 days ago


LOL! He doesn't need to be respectable, and that may the last thing he wants. With $40,000,000 + in the bank, he can pretty much do whatever he wants short of killing someone. He has what is called **** You money.

At a guess, he finds this all entertaining, and wanted out of his contract.

1328 days ago


I am sure he will have 10 offers by midnight tonight to do other things. Good you stood your ground Charlie! You got a physical test to prove you're clean..not it's time for a mental test to get the help you need so you can work in the future and support your kids. Sending health & peace your way!

1328 days ago


Robert Downey Jr. could walk off with the role of Charlie Harper!

1328 days ago
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