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Lindsay on Surveillance Tape -- I Told Ya So!

3/7/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ she thinks the fact Kamofie & Co. sold the surveillance video of her proves what she's been saying all along ... they are just using her to make a quick buck.

As we previously reported, the jewelry store worked with a broker to peddle the tape -- despite the fact lawyers for the prosecution asked them not to, fearing it would ruin their case.

Now the tape is out there ... and sources close to Lindsay tell us she feels vindicated.  Lindsay insists it proves Kamofie & Co. are trying to capitalize on the situation and are motivated entirely by money.

Lindsay hopes the store's actions will sway public opinion -- and the prosecution -- to see things her way.



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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. OF COURSE the jewelry store sees an opportunity to make money from Lindsay trying to steal their jewelry and takes it- what's wrong with that?

Just because the jewelry store wants to sell off a tape of Lindsay Lohan stealing jewelry, doesn't mean Lindsay Lohan didn't steal jewelry.

If the jewelry had been a loan like she'd claimed, then either herself or her people would have the signed paperwor stating as much, and they would have shown it to authorities by now to prove Lohan's word. Nowhere on the surveillance tape does it show Lohan or her people signing do***ents agreeing to a loan, and Lohan claimed her stylist signed papers because Lohan herself "doesn't deal with paperwork" when this all started.

She stole the necklace, the video proves she stole the necklace, and the store decided to take their misfortune of getting robbed by a vulgar talentless cokewhore and make a little money off the tape that proves she stole the stole the necklace.

I don't get TMZ's slant on this at all.

1305 days ago


The ONLY thing that is clear here is that TMZ is miffed that they didn't get the vid for the price they were willing to pay for it, and a higher bidder won out.

It is not ok for EVERYONE else, including the Lohans, to make money off of the media, but not the jewelry store owners.

The only thing that motivated the rush here was the fact that they had to hand over the tape to defense lawyers, otherwise this wouldn't have been done until AFTER the case was settled.

This means absolutely NOTHING to the larger picture. Carry on DA.

1305 days ago


Selling a tape would not change the fact she stole a necklace, if in fact she did. Lindsay's camp is hoping if they say it enough times, the public will fall for it.

1305 days ago


The jewelry store sold it prior to the hearing because tapes have a habit of going public. So they might as well profit instead of the usual source which leaks tapes to the media.

1305 days ago


Why is that tape and all copies of it not in evidence? And the prosecutor has to beg them not to sell it? Aren't they in charge of the stupid case? Isn't there a chain (pardon the pun) of evidence that must not be compromised and yet we have tapes willy nilly flying around the place?

FFS! No wonder these celeb types get away with everything. Robert Downey Jnr must be really hacked off with it all.

1305 days ago


The store are nothing but self motivating money grabbing extortionist's. First their 'PR' spokesperson said they sold the tape to recoup losses. Now they say people have a right to see it...really? How will that help Meyers in the court case?

The tape would have been shown in the case anyway so why did they sell it now? Its obvious, they wanted to 'get in first' and make a heap of money BEFORE it was shown in court. Their motives are as clear as the nose on your face...dispicable.

Go to trial Lindsay, let Shawn tear these unscrupulous people apart on the witness stand.

1305 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Hope one of Lindsay druggie friends steal something from her so Lindsay will know how it feel when someone steal something that doesn't belong to them and as usual she get off and but what Lindsay doesn't know Karma will bite her spoiled selfish rotten std ass big time and the blind Lindsay enablers don't really care about Lindsay as long she get off and she doesn't learn how to responbility for her actions.and all this crap Lindsay is will eventually get her ass back in court or jail near future and her career is so over

1305 days ago


all we'll see in the video is Linds walking out with the necklace on, she said she took it but it was a loan, the store say something different, no audio on the video so it'll be hard for the prosecution to prove, even more difficult now the store has sold the video to the highest bidder, its a mark against their moral fibre.

what I don't get is, its been reported linds had the necklace on for about 45 mins, the assistant let her put it on, there was NO obstruction or hiding the necklace, we can see that from the pics, before linds left she was talkin to the owner, no other customers in the store, door was locked, they opened the door for her and let her leave, sounds like a set up made in heaven.

1305 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

If a small bank or credit union has a tape of someone famous robbing them and they sell it since the perp is a known public figure, it doesn't mean you didn't commit the crime. Dimbulb LiLo is grasping at straws.

1305 days ago


maybe they were threatened from the likes of lunatic fans or something with interests placed in that sc-m bag to cover its criminal way of business to s-ck f-cked --------

1305 days ago


All the store has to do is provide their P&L statements to prosecutors, showing huge losses since this happened, and the sale of the tape will mean nothing.

1305 days ago


No signed loan do***ents=THEFT
Walking out without paying=THEFT
Not returning it if, in fact,it WAS a mistake=THEFT

Selling the tape means nothing. The Blohans are getting desperate.

1305 days ago


They all walked out and left together leaving Lindsay with no illusion that her stylist had stayed behind to fill out the loan agreement.@susan do you agree??A few days later When x-17 photogs. caught her leaving the dentist wearing a robe and walking with her assistant she then attempts to obscure the stolen necklace from view Why??If it was loaned for publicity show it off!flaunt it! Dina sold her 'story' to NBC for $15,000 per interview So What kinda bullsit hypocrisy is that?? Authorities need to look into these Possible criminal conspiracies of the Lohans to perpetuate crimes by some family members while other family members negotiate for sale exclusive details of the crimes and potential defense tactics.Mike Sr. remember the Ricco statutes??

1305 days ago


The facts are she left w/o payment or an binding agreement, which contitutes theft. Intent my A$S, if anyone of us did this it wouldn't have gotten this far;we'd be rotting in jail.

The store has lost business beacause of this saga with Lohan, they needed the money: Duh! How many celebs will do business with them now, regardless of fault. They should sue her in civil court for damages to their reputation.

So a guy can get arrested and assualted for jaywalking, but this klepto can walk because someone sold a tape?!

Stealing is stealing!

1305 days ago


WOW I am shocked that TMZ edits comment to make people seem guilty I posted a comment for lindsay and they would not post it because it was positive for her ???? makes me question the moral backbone of TMZ

1305 days ago
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