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Cops: Wrestler Was 'Belligerent,' Arrest Was Warranted

3/7/2011 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A rep for the Columbus PD tells TMZ they feel they had every right to arrest former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard this weekend ... saying the video TMZ posted earlier doesn't tell the whole story.

As TMZ previously reported, Gaspard was popped by Columbus PD for allegedly jaywalking and the video of his arrest shows three officers pinning him down while he, and several onlookers, tried to tell them he did nothing wrong.

Sgt. Rich Weiner, a rep for the Columbus PD, tells TMZ the police report says Gaspard was observed by an officer walking in the roadway and obstructing traffic. He says Gaspard ignored an officer's request to get out of the street and refused to provide the officer with ID when asked several times.

Sgt. Weiner says, according to the report, the officer then tried to arrest Gaspard, but he "broke free from the officers as they attempted to take him into custody."

The video we posted begins sometime after that, which Weiner says "does not show the events which led to Mr. Gaspard being put on the ground and being placed in handcuffs."

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I don't know u but it really does seem u were treated very unfairly. Come to Nashville, we r much nicer in the south.

1304 days ago


How come there never been any issues whatsoever in the Columbus Police Dept regarding racial profiling until this incident?
there may have been other issues with the CPD but never this!
there never have been any peep about this at all!

People are so quick to judge just b/c of other incidents elsewhere!i empathyze with truly bad incidents and not saying it can't happen...but not in this case...if you run away from the cops or become belligerent or become physical in any way, they have the right to become physical against you!

1304 days ago


the thing is Columbus has so many different kinds of people..
it's a college town and not only that there's many different races living here...
there are many Gays, many African-American, many Asians, many Whites, many Latinos/Mexicans, many Somalians, never had i heard of any issues with race with the police!

there may be few bad seeds just like in any profession but never so blatant like this out in the open...
we have some friends in the force, and never did i ever see any issues with race

1304 days ago


the cops suck so bad here, the new governor john kasich called then idiots. he was caught on video its on you tube,,its funny as hell

1304 days ago


AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The cops name is Rich Weiner :)

1304 days ago

George Bush    

Well the white witnesses said he was not even walking in the street. **** the pigs in this video.

1304 days ago


That's why I never jaywalk when there's a cop around. It gives them reason to act like pitbulls off a leash.

1304 days ago

Leave Me Alone    

Cops aren't going to say 'yes, we were a little overzealous'. You should not have to be harassed without just cause.

However, if he was impeding the flow of traffic, he was a danger to himself and others, and that's where the problems occur.

I hope there are witnesses to corroborate either side of the story.

1304 days ago


Never trust the pigs.

1304 days ago


Yeah well I would not care if somebody killed them all. Seriously. Cops are worthless self perjuring pieces of **** and I WISH everybody would rise up like Seattle and kick the **** out of them all SO EFFING BAD they all quit their jobs like ineffectual scared *******police in Mexico. They want to abuse their authority? death death death

1304 days ago


mike no. 11 must be associated with the law pretty well(cop or lawyer). It's not right that any cop can just stop you. My dad and grandad fought wars to prevent this kind of crap. just because you have a badge don't make you right.(ask texas with all there wrongfull convictions).. It's time we stand as a people and say enough is enough. I have an cousin who's a cop and i'd whip his a** if i caught him pulling crap like this(and he knows it)

1304 days ago


I think that J-walking should only be a detain-able offense if you get hit....

1304 days ago


Look up "American's Most Redneck Cities", and you should find Columbus, Ohio somewhere in the top 3. Yes folks, the Columbus Ohio cops have nothing better to do then arrest people for JAY WALKING. Now don't think wide, expansive streets, no these are essentially two lanes, plus parking... narrow main streets. Most people don't know that this redneck, hillbilly city [daubed by some, the capital of West Virgina] has nutty laws like that-most of the cops are overweight and gunning for anybody... especially Blacks, I've seen it, first hand.

1304 days ago


so if this cop did abuse his authority is one thing but don't call it RACIAL if it just had to do with some idiot cop using too much force...
like this azzhole cop here called the dam helicopter and all units to where he was just b/c he pulled over friends of mine and one of them who does a lot of cash business(legit) so he could carry a concealed weapon(has the license and everything according to law). but this jerk cop who was young and overusing his authority had him on the ground even though he told the cop he had a gun and followed instructions.
the judge apologized to my friend and threw out the case and also told him he didn't owe any court charges. this was a case of an overzealous young cop trying to make a name for himself making himself look like a tough big man who brought down someone with a gun with the overkill, helicopter, calling all other cops over like he was in trouble, etc.

what i am saying is that there are jerk cops in Columbus, but not have anything to do with race!

1304 days ago


I heard what the witnesses were saying. The witness statements are on this recording....

1304 days ago
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