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Evelyn Lozada

I'm QUITTING 'Basketball Wives'

3/8/2011 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada claims she was stabbed in the back by producers and wants to leave the show for good ... TMZ has learned.   

Evelyn Lozada Quits Basketball Wives
Sources close to the reality star tell us ... Evelyn feels producers violated her trust by allegedly divulging sensitive information about an illicit relationship she had in the past.

We're told Evelyn believes producers leaked the information to a female cast member in an effort to incite a violent confrontation between the two women on the show. 

We're told Evelyn feels completely betrayed and even fired off an email to producers last night ... saying she wants to leave the show for good.

So far, no official comment from Evelyn.


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summerhill ga did the producers know?...are they mind readers..."if i don't tell, nobody knows" this a way to be on oc"s payroll?

1289 days ago

Sheila Bourne    

I hope that the women can move pass this and maintain a cordial relationship because all the women came so far establishing a friendship. When it's all said and done it looks like dude slept around on Tami during the entire relationship & that's on him. Speaking from personal experience a woman shouldn't hate "all" the women her EX cheated on her with, that is giving him to much stronghold & power over her!

1289 days ago


Evelyn Lozada = Trash, Skank, Cheap Trick, Hood Rat, Low-classed, Hateful, Whore, Slut, Tramp, Deceptive, Conniving, Back-stabbing, Second-rate, Wannabe, Fake-ass Bitch whose day is coming!!! I don't know what Ocho sees in her. I'm sure it won't last. Team Tami.....I wish her all the best.

1289 days ago


Evelyn is getting paid back because she is so evil and mean to people. She lets everyone know that she is loose woman and will sleep with your man, any man with a dollar. I love Tammy, she is real and emotional and open and doesn't pretend at all. Those ladies are terrible, they are so scandolous..and back stabbing..Royce is terrible, why is she on the show?, Shawnie, thinks she is God and Jennifer is such a follower...but she is not as evil as the rest...I heard Evelyn wants to quit, she should because now everyone knows she is scandolous..

1289 days ago


Evelyn Lozada who... yes get gone for sure...

1289 days ago


i think evelyn, knew kenny was married, she just didnt care because it was worth a chance he would leave tamie and marry her. she was telling ocho, that she wanted a baby and marry. the baby idea would give her money, since her daughter is getting older and the money for daughter will stop. she thinks the last show put her in a bad light, thats a joke, she and jen have been threatening everyone and throwing drinks in their face. the tami thing just added to her bully, groupie ways. tamie will be friends with evelyn and everyone on show because she needs the money. ocho , is a fool if he marries her, he will be paying her for a long time. saw him in an interview and he said evelyn had him on an allowance, so she already has her hands in his pockets. he said he needed money and she would not let him have more. poor tami, now she will dance with the devil to get paid.

1289 days ago


I agree with Tami and she reacted like anyone of us would have. It's true she is ghetto fabulous but so is Evelyn with her nice long summer dress and big a** hoop earrings. Evelyn need some a** whooping and Tami was ready to deliver. The trick needs to get off the show. Ochocinco is just as bad as she is so I think I can say they have met their match. Let's see who else will join their "circle"

1289 days ago


Evelyn boo, you're messy indeed! Tami was ABSOLUTELY right -- Evelyn missed the point. You can't come to someone after the fact and say "I slept with your husband, but lets be friends!" She should've told that ish from the beginning. Evelyn has a serious problem apologizing -- not one time did she say "I'm sorry." Instead she tried to spin it back onto Tami calling her a "non factor" WTF. Chad is getting what's coming to him for sure. That's going to be one messy divorce and she likely will pop out 2 or 3 babies to keep that money coming in! Dummy.

1289 days ago


Wow, it's so easy to have sex with Evelyn. She's makes no secret that she'll screw it it's an athlete. We all know that ochocinoco has two in every city and he'll hump anything. Shaunie is an instigator, there was no reason Tammy had to be told of something over a decade ago. I luv Tammy, she's ghetto but when she's sober, she's a sweetheart. I have no luv for Evelyn, good lord, what a bad, slutty behavior, she's a horrible example for a daughter.

1289 days ago


Chad, Chad, Chad, don't get mad. Don't you know?????????????????
you can't turn a ho into a housewife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1289 days ago


umm, if it's what happened on the finale, How the hell could it be leaked when it was Evelyn who started to blab to Shante??? What ****ing morons, all boring, VH1 take this crap off the air unless your goig to include them as contestants on 'I Love Money 5'

1289 days ago


The funniest thing about that show is that it is called "Basketball Wives" when NONE of them chickenheads actually made it to be a basketball wife or couldn't hang with the basketball wife lifestyle!
Gloria was the only one who actually stood her ground, had her man's back, and was in good wifey status they couldn't stand her.

IT'S a trainwreck... maybe if they actually took the show to another level by keepin it 100, they could get some real ratings and loyal fans.

Personally, I would like to see REAL BASKETBALL WIVES like Vanessa Bryant who stands by her man, the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.

1289 days ago


I'm glad she leaving cause she's FAKE and MESSY. And Chad ain't gone be with her too long when he sees who she really is. I want to choke all of them stupid heifers except Tammi cause she the only 1 thats real. They make themselves look stupid as hell.

1289 days ago


Anybody who's followed the show can see that that was a delilberate set up by none other than Shaunie O'Neal... She is an executive producer of the show and urged Evelyn to tell Tami right then and there.... Umm I'm a great believer that you should own up to your ish... However, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that that was the completely wrong moment to divulge that info. Not only does liquor not agree with most people, but when it comes to Tami, she always seems to go bonkers when alcohol is involved. Back in '99 the internet & celebs lives weren't as in your face as now... Kenny cheated on Tami... Let's be real, as a woman you may feel pissed at the chick who "did" your man... But HE is the one obligated to you. HE is the one who cheated and violated your marital vows... So what if Evelyn hooked up with some players... I'm not promoting or condoning extra marital affairs, but why the hell are we beating Ev down, when HE was doing all he dirt? I don't think that she meant to come across like she didn't care about the fact that Tami was hurt, but Tami was drunk & getting reckless & talking about punching her in the FACE... Come on!!! I took it as he wasn't claiming to be married or otherwise taken, and it definitely didn't stop him from cheating on her with all those other women...

1289 days ago


Bye stupid slut!!!!!!

1289 days ago
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