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Lindsay Lohan: I Ain't Pleading to Nothin'

3/9/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is steadfast .... she's not plea bargaining her felony grand theft case.

Lindsay Lohan Case
We got Lindsay Tuesday night going to her agent's office and asked if she'd accept a plea deal -- which the judge has already said would involve jail time.  Lindsay appears to nod in the negative.

It's an interesting situation ... we've learned Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley and prosecutor Danette Meyers are meeting with Judge Keith Schwartz Wednesday to discuss a plea bargain.  Judge Schwartz has made it clear -- any plea deal will put Lindsay behind bars ... the only question is for how long.

Lindsay must appear in court on Thursday.  If she doesn't accept a plea deal, the case will be assigned to Judge Stephanie Sautner for trial, and the stakes for Lindsay then go up dramatically.


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be nice to Lindsay, lots of trolls on this board, LiLo needs are support

1321 days ago

Good riddance!    

Go ahead and fight it and end up in jail for a much longer sentence! Works for me!

1321 days ago


Lindsay if you take a plea deal than charlie sheen is the "WINNER" because what will be wriiten about you what the jail is serving for dinner, If you go to trial you will have signi***ant for a while longer. Please do not let Charlie Sheen win.

1321 days ago


Oh God just go away.....

1321 days ago


Hey Lindsay, going to trial is a bad move, but I can understand that you just don't get it, that even in your mind you think you're innocent, the fact that you took the necklace, and got home, realized you still had it on, you should've returned it. I know I would have, you figured that since you didn't get caught it was yours to keep, that IS stealing my dear. Take the deal and get it over with, then concentrate on your career. Right now, people dislike you because you refuse to think that these common rules that apply to the rest of society do not apply to you. You're greatly mistaken that the video will have no sway in public opinion in your favor, what is killing you now is the fact that you didn't return it once you realized you still had it. They tried to contact you to return it, you refused to answer until you realized the warrant was out. That makes you look guilty, you could have easily avoided all this if you had listened to common sense that you needed to return the necklace. It's very clear, from your alleged past that this is your MO. I wish you the best, and you could make a recovery, but it's up to you. You have gotten away with so much, things that any of us would've been locked up for, but it's caught up to you, and now you need to face the consequences. I am not a hater, just offering some advice to you, so you can get on with your life. Grow up man!! Get away from your mom and dad and focus on yourself.

1321 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

She needs to move on to porn... she has the tits for it.

1321 days ago


If Lindsay doesn't go to trial to try to prove her innocence she gets this theft on her record. And if, as TMZ says, the tape doesn't show anything conclusive, going to trial could be a win. An acquittal could keep her from going to jail for probation violation, she can argue she didn't commit a crime thus no violation.

1321 days ago


It's AMAZING what pointless and stupid shiz she'll do for $100,000 ... but won't do ANYTHING for a $50,000,000 career. Really?

1321 days ago


haha I love how she says nothing until TMZ thanks her.

1321 days ago


Lindsay. You are really one stupid bitch. YOU ARE A THIEF. So you walk around with the necklace around your neck for TWO WEEKS. How could you not know that? I know every freaking piece of jewelry I own...and I would know if something I was wearing WASN'T MINE!! You are a liar. You are pathetic. People would POSSIBLY feel sorry for you if you were able to pull your **** together. But you don't. You make stupid ass decisions and this "NOT GUILTY" crap isn't gonna fly. The only thing that brings me comfort is knowing your prolonging the situation and inevitably causing more harm to yourself. Your a joke. Your bull**** isn't funny anymore...and I'm very sure millions of people can't wait to see your sorry ass thrown in state prison for stealing a necklace that you so blatantly DID steal.(the video don't lie) People are tired of your antics which is a slap in the face of our justice system. So keep on spending YOUR money on a defense that has no chance of winning an open/shut case. In the end you'll be BROKE. Your career is OVER. Has been OVER. Your just too damn full of yourself to see it. I and millions of others can't wait to see justice served on your fake ass.

1321 days ago



first of all: She doesn't have an agent.

Second of all. I have 5 lawyer team, you have one lawyer, who secretly hates your guts. Thats right Lindsey, Shawn doesn't love you, she is only there for publicity.

YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL. No jail free card for you missy.

1321 days ago


Lindsay looks very healthy and in a good mood in this video.

All the reaction to the stores released tape is positive for Lindsay. Even her worst critic said the video doesn't prove intent. Lindsay didn't try to hide it or put it in her bag. She puts the necklace on in front of the clerk, talks to the clerk, necklace is in full view at all times and at no point is it obscured. We all know Lindsay left with the necklace on so it's hard to see how this tape can help the prosecution if there was a verbal agreement. Its a she said/she said situation. Also no one has explained why the store had Lindsays address and phone number.

Good luck Lindsay.

1321 days ago


Good! It's the dumbest thing she could do, but I hope the smug bitch refuses any deal; I hope it goes to trial, she loses bigtime and they throw her stupid arrogant entitledass into PRISON for 1+ years. Please be sure to put her in general population; no special treatment for this retard. Let the "gen pop" girls beat her down & steal her stuff; let's see how smug & arrogant she is after that...

1321 days ago



How about a private room at the Chateau tonight? Let's have a wicked party! I'll bring the goodies and you bring the Clam...we'll have a Ho Down! The judges don't know you, who are they to judge? Fork 'em!

1321 days ago


Is it me or is she just nodding her head as if she can't believe the paparazzo would expect her to answer that question about her legal situation.
It does not seem as if she is answering at all, but merely trying to avoid answering the questions

1321 days ago
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