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Lindsay Lohan: I Ain't Pleading to Nothin'

3/9/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is steadfast .... she's not plea bargaining her felony grand theft case.

Lindsay Lohan Case
We got Lindsay Tuesday night going to her agent's office and asked if she'd accept a plea deal -- which the judge has already said would involve jail time.  Lindsay appears to nod in the negative.

It's an interesting situation ... we've learned Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley and prosecutor Danette Meyers are meeting with Judge Keith Schwartz Wednesday to discuss a plea bargain.  Judge Schwartz has made it clear -- any plea deal will put Lindsay behind bars ... the only question is for how long.

Lindsay must appear in court on Thursday.  If she doesn't accept a plea deal, the case will be assigned to Judge Stephanie Sautner for trial, and the stakes for Lindsay then go up dramatically.


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That Lindsay, always the entertainer. Just think, if she takes this to trial we'll have weeks of breathless updates.

Posted at 1:05 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by dimes


And weeks of her throwing her half-naked breasts at the camera. She'll think she's in a movie and will be preening at every opportunity she gets.

1289 days ago


What a slime-y, entitled, hateful chick.

1289 days ago



1289 days ago


Not a fan, but if you watch the video, she doesn't really say anything. She sort of grunts. Not sure how TMZ concluded she won't take a plea from the interchange.

1289 days ago


Let the "gen pop" girls beat her down & steal her stuff; let's see how smug & arrogant she is after that...

Posted at 2:44 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by Idiot!


Wonder if she'd be screaming if SHE got robbed? I notice that she wasn't chanting "linnocent" when the robbery gang hit her place up - IF they ever did. Who knows, maybe that was just a cover - after all wasn't that the timeframe that the jewels SHE stole were "stolen" from her safe??

1289 days ago


Nice to see she is still laughing about it.

Lets see if she is laughing when the judge sends her to jail but then again she is prob so use to being in court and jail by now it wont phase her much.

1289 days ago


I heart db and grandma cracker!

Good morning to all except cranky Trollhans and Mikey the wife-beater.

It does say something that Shawn is constantly talking to Danette and now the judge. You wouldn't think she would be if no plea deal was in the works. HOWEVER, Lindsay just could be THAT STUPID to demand a trial. This is the same chick who was TOO STUPID to complete a few easy classes over the course of 3 years in order to end her probation. How simple was that request, and yet she couldn't manage to fulfill it.

Whatever happens, I hope she gets the felony probation for three years. She deserves it with the long list of destructive and criminal behavior she has exhibited. And it would also be the best thing for her, an enforced period of time where she has to keep clean and stay out of trouble OR ELSE. Here's hoping that it happens to her...

1289 days ago


whateves LILO! it is a mater of time before you screw up again and we all get to come on here and chat about how much of a zero you are.

1289 days ago


Ironically, it's one of Lindsay's strongest supporters here (perhaps that has changed?), therock, who pointed out something rather important in the video: Lindsay was fingering the necklace the entire time she was wearing it in the second installment. So how DID she forget she was wearing it? Her sticky fingers were all over it!

Therock also pointed out that she was staring up at the surveillance camera. Interesting, if true. Did the dummy simply not see it, or not care that it was there? Did she think the store STILL wouldn't have the balls to press charges, even if her image was caught on tape stealing from the store? With Lilo, it certainly is possible that she was THAT arrogant.

1289 days ago


Good morning everyone!

I'm not so sure Lilo is actually saying she's not taking the deal. She seems to just shake her head in amazement the cameraman was asking her these questions.

She also comes off looking like a giggling 3rd grader.

1289 days ago


OK, I have to confess. I clicked on the video and watched it BRIEFLY to get some context. Lindsay just gives me the willies. When the pap asked, "Are you working out?" and Lindsay gives him that chilling, strange, smile with those weird eyes...I shut it down. Freaky, deeky!

Anyway, I watched it because I have to ask? How did the paps know that Lindsay was going to be there? Clearly it's either at night are late dusk and she's outside some vague, perhaps unknown agent. Of all the places in all of LA, what makes that spot so special that all of a sudden, SHAZAM, Lindsay shows up?

1289 days ago


Maybe she was grinning like that because her agent got her a nudie movie to star in.

1289 days ago


Now THAT is the look of a dullard. The girl's entire sense of self is wrapped up in the cameras. Without a camera pointing at her, I guess she feels useless. Having gotten to the point of needing to do anything for that camera, she's made a fool of herself. I think she needs publicity rehab.
She has no talent and it's quite evident that mom and dad didn't stress getting an education.

1289 days ago


OK, so we all pretty much know Lilo is fighting this because she doesn't want to be on probation any longer. It has nothing to do with jail time.

And...maybe we should ask ourselves why she is so adamant about not being on probation? Maybe so she can go back to her party lifestyle? Seems like she's fighting the probation awfully hard. Wonder how badly she wants to go back to partying? Is she willing to risk a year in the pen and a controlled parole after?

1289 days ago


She's still hot.

1289 days ago
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