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Lindsay Lohan: I Ain't Pleading to Nothin'

3/9/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is steadfast .... she's not plea bargaining her felony grand theft case.

Lindsay Lohan Case
We got Lindsay Tuesday night going to her agent's office and asked if she'd accept a plea deal -- which the judge has already said would involve jail time.  Lindsay appears to nod in the negative.

It's an interesting situation ... we've learned Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley and prosecutor Danette Meyers are meeting with Judge Keith Schwartz Wednesday to discuss a plea bargain.  Judge Schwartz has made it clear -- any plea deal will put Lindsay behind bars ... the only question is for how long.

Lindsay must appear in court on Thursday.  If she doesn't accept a plea deal, the case will be assigned to Judge Stephanie Sautner for trial, and the stakes for Lindsay then go up dramatically.


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Red Cloud    

Lindsay's career over? Keep dreaming. But what's to be expected of people who think she's not pretty, she has no talent, she has no fans, she planned a robbery, nobody watches her movies on TV, the paps have to be called, she is capable of armed robbery, she is broke, she is not clean and sober and never has been clean and sober, she looks 103 years old, every positive post here is from the Lindsay clan, Lindsay herself has posted here. Shall I continue?

She gets millions and millions of searches. I've seen her name googled at more than 100 millon. If 90% hate Lindsay, which is quite unlikely, millions of people DO NOT hate Lindsay. That's more than enough for a fan base and a comeback. There are various ways of interpreting the numbers, but the numbers are real. Here's an exapmle from google for today and yesterday

Lindsay Lohan, innocent, necklace....4,010,000 searches

Lindsay Lohan, guilty, necklace....410,000 searches

Lindsay Lohan, innocent, necklace....3,940,000 searches

Lindsay Lohan, guilty, necklace....428,000 searches

1288 days ago


Was there a box full of jewelry marked "Free"?

1288 days ago


thats a double negative, you can't not plead nothing. that means you plead something! someone should have stayed in school:D

1288 days ago


db, well said! However, I see it as the corpse being symbolic of more than just her career. I would see it as her very life and future, not just her film career. As you say, Dina has been propping up the corpse of Lindsay's life for quite a while, pretending that she's "just fine, just any 20 something year old kid having fun." And the reality has been much, much darker.

Dina will ride that corpse around until it finally is an actual corpse, and then she'll ride it some more, much as the Jackson family has with Michael's corpse.

And Michael is no better. Am I the only one who finds it INCREDIBLY creepy that he's following her court case with a crew of cameras like they're both in a parade or something wonderful? WTF is that about? What's he filming for? Money? Fame? The chance to put on film something that he can use against Dina?

I can't imagine seeing my own child going to court for such tragic reasons and then turning around and turning it into a circus for my own benefit. Hell, Michael, why don't you sell Lindsay Lohan popcorn, while you're at it?

To me, neither parent will ever truly help Lilo because that would mean they'd have to give up their own lives and twisted lives. Dina would have to stop drinking and drugging herself, stop giving Lindsay drinks and drugs, and stop enabling her and using her as an ATM machine.

Michael would have to admit that he physically abused Dina in front of the kids. He'd have to admit that his own criminal tendencies influenced Lindsay, and his jail stint affected her.
He'd have to admit that his so called "rehab" is a sham as he currently participates in it, and that he's not the man of God he pretends to be. He'd need to learn some REAL humility, as a true man of God should.

Yeah, good luck on those two ever making any positive changes in their lives in order to help Lilo. It ain't gonna happen.

1288 days ago


Therock, no matter what our differing opinions may be on the matter, I DO agree with you, she needs prayers and help. She needs to go away and get REAL help, not this fake CELEB BS that allows her to sneak off and drink whenever she feels like it, with no acountability. She needs to find out who she really is WITHOUT Dina or Mike attached. She needs to learn to say "No" to both of them. She needs to learn how to be a decent human being to others. She needs to learn that there is life and happiness without drinking, drugging, stealing, etc. She has so many problems that I don't see an easy fix. Very sad to see a 24-year old SO messed up at a time that could be the happiest and healthiest in her life. SO much wrong with her. Can she be saved? Don't know. She doesn't seem to want to go there.

1288 days ago


Ah, well done, Vorlon! Glad to see you saved some of her grandiose rants. Actually, they were made worse because they were thrown at people in response to their trying to offer words of assistance. And how could "our" be a typo, as FoL claimed? The proper word would have been "their." Not a typo, but a moment of truth. Rare, in that bunch.

1288 days ago


Rock's presence her is not so much about Lindsay, but rather an opportunity to mud sling Dina. I'm down with that.

Posted at 6:22 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by grandma cracker


Duly noted. I saw where he said that Dina is at the root of all of LL's problems. I beg to differ. I think the blame goes to BOTH parents. Neither one was a fit or responsible role model. BOTH exploit her for the own ends and NEITHER seems to put her own good ahead of their own.

1288 days ago


What agent? Do you need an agent to do porn?

1288 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Bye all, off to school. Any posts by grandma cracker beyond this one is a hijack by the trollhans

1288 days ago


She is looking more like Hulk Hogan with that hairline. Get a bandana Lindsay.

1288 days ago


db,in my opinion, she isn't much of an actress. I watched several trailers of a variety of her movies, and was surprisingly underwhelmed. I really had expected someone very gifted. Instead, I found an actress who, in my opinion, made Jen Aniston look like a good actress. Lindsay's acting seemed alternately wooden or over-acted in the facial expressions. I saw no real passion behind any of the roles, and I didn't believe her in them. She just seemed like Lindsay, phoning in the roles. JMHO, not a movie critic.

1288 days ago


If they work out a plea today, Linds will know whats shes going to do before going in the courtroom tomorrow.
Its safe to say she's accepting the plea if shes wearing jeans prepared for jail

1288 days ago


News Release
Kamofie and Co. Will Auction off the Lindsay Lohan Case Necklace toBenefit Charity

Venice, California - March 9, 2011 -

Geoff and Sofia Kaman, theowners of Kamofie and Company, the store where Lindsay Lohan is accused of stealing a stunning designer diamond necklace, have decided to auction the necklace off and donate the entire proceeds to charity.

"The extensive media coverage of this case has been surprising, to say the least, and we are disappointed and upset by the various articles which have challenged our integrity. We have already publicly released the videotape which speaks for itself and accurately records the incident, and we believe the next step toward achieving closure is to donate the now-famous jewelry to charity.

Thus, we have decided to sell the diamond necklace through auction,and give the proceeds to charity."

"We invite the public to make suggestions as to the most appropriate charity to receive the benefit of the sale’s proceeds. Please visit the website to register any suggestions,and we will carefully consider all comments in making our decision about the appropriate charity."

Many people said it would be acceptable to go ahead and sell the necklace through the store, but “Sofia Kaman would rather the money go to help an appropriate charity, since at least that way some goodcan result from this incident," reports Christopher Spencer, the company’s spokesman. Spencer notes that since the necklace is currently being held as evidence by the Los Angeles District Attorney, the actual auction probably cannot take place until after the criminal case is resolved by plea bargain or trial or some other means, but the Kamans hope the fame which has attached to this beautiful piece of jewelry will helpboost the auction price of this historic necklace and thereby benefit charity.

1288 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Good Morning!

It's laughable....agent??? We already know there is NO agent. For what? Her concrete carpet walks? Her mug shots?

For those saying she is mentally ill. Doubt it. It is a combo of Arrogance, Entitlement, Enabalers, Drugs/Alcohal and lack of education. Who knows if the girl was ever intelligent. All of the above combined into the result we now see. A girl who makes bad decisions and expects to have no consiquences and still be loved. A very delusional mindset. It's too bad, but IMHO this will never change.
Agree w/ db, extremly creepy. The girl is becoming downright disturbing.

Will be busy today, so if my name is used again, its been hyjacked! Just a heads up. See all of you on Thursday!

Agree w/

1288 days ago


I also had a bowl of Lindsay Lohan-brand breakfast cereal.
I have enough energy to paint my building (inside & out)

1288 days ago
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