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Chuck Lorre: Rob Lowe's An Interesting Replacement!

3/8/2011 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre has had meetings about producing "Two and a Half Men" without Charlie Sheen, and Chuck's people have been talking to Rob Lowe, TMZ has learned.

Rob Lowe Replace Charlie Sheen

Sources connected with Lorre tell us ... the mega-producer has been holding internal meetings about keeping the show going.  Various options have been discussed, and they have a short list of replacements for Charlie's character.

Our sources say ... Lorre's people as well as honchos from Warner Bros. have been in touch with Rob's agent at William Morris-Endeavor, talking about Rob possibly coming onboard.

There are two stumbling blocks for Rob -- he currently stars in "Parks and Recreation," and he grew up with the Sheen family.

No decisions have been made yet, but it looks like there's a real interest in keeping "Men" alive.

UPDATE: Ashton Kutcher.



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they can do a replacement.. but need to kill off the charlie character and bring rob in as the cousin after alan inherits all charlies estate or something like that.

1289 days ago


Rob Lowe Or Matt Dillion either one great replacements!

1289 days ago


nope. they should get robert downey jr

1289 days ago


Nooo! I love Rob on Parks and Recreation! The problem with Rob is he's too good! I don't watch Two and a Half Men but since Rob Lowe and Adam Scott have joined Parks and Recreation, it became a good show! No no no. Let Two and a Half Men die, I never watched it.

1289 days ago


Yes, C. We remember the video from 20 years ago. However, a 'moral turpitude' clause only applies while you are under contract. Lowe, unlike Sheen, has learned from his mistakes and you haven't heard of him repeating them, have you?

1289 days ago

King Beef    

Without Sheen the show will be crap. Just cancel the damn show. If they were really smart they would have just finished the season with Charlie and re-written the last couple of episodes to finish the show off for good. I love the show and have watched every episode, but I will admit that it has been going steadily downhill the last two seasons.

1289 days ago


I love the idea! Don't have him be an alcoholic whore like Charlie, but a new character that will bring a new story line to last a few seasons, get over the old stuff. I love RL as a choice!

1289 days ago


John Stamos would be PERFECT!

1289 days ago


Charlie might be crazy but that's Charlie's role, no one is going to replace him. No Charlie, no show, they should just can it.

1289 days ago


I think they should just let the show go while it's on top. I don't see Rob Lowe as adding value to the show. Personally, if they're adamant about replacing Charlie, I'd vote for Craig T. Nelson to come in as the long-lost father/grandfather. He's a riot, would terrify Alan, and that could actually be great!

1289 days ago


Well, Two and a Half Men needed someone very good looking and with no, I guess Rob Lowe would fit that bill!

I think the man could actually pull it off. As to whether there will be chemistry between him and Cryer is to be seen!

1289 days ago


This story is slightly misleading. It sounds like he was living with the Sheen's. The truth is that he and Charlie went to high school together and as a result hung out together -- a lot. Big deal. Rob is not Charlie, not a womanizer or substance abuser. I think he would be an excellent choice.

1289 days ago


Look, the last episode to air with Charlie had him running off with Rose. Just have Season 9 open with Charlie and Rose living somewhere else.

Don't replace Charlie. Simply have Jon Cryer on Season 9 with special guests popping in like John Stamos and Judd Nelson, etc. This way Charlie Sheen can get cleaned up and return for Season 10 and end the series with class.

1289 days ago


I say just let the show die and create something new. Everyone is sick of hearing about this crap

1289 days ago


Rob Lowe is perfect; he's sexy and masculine and funny...He is still a dream guy after all these years.

1289 days ago
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