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Lindsay Judge Claims TMZ Is CIA

3/10/2011 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's judge is pissed ... that TMZ got information about his sentencing recommendation even though he wanted it held confidential ... this, as he has given Lindsay more time to mull over his sentencing offer that WILL involve jail time.

Lindsay Lohan Case
Judge Keith Schwartz was beside himself, saying he told lawyers on both sides to keep the sentencing proposal under wraps.  We posted a story shortly after the meeting, saying the judge would impose a sentence -- possibly 3 months in jail -- if Lindsay pled guilty or no contest.

In court today ... Judge Schwartz said we should work for the CIA.  Compliment accepted.

The judge has sent the case to another judge -- Stephanie Sautner -- for a preliminary hearing, but he's giving her one more chance to accept his offer.  Lindsay will be back in court before Judge Schwartz on March 25, and she can plead either guilty or no contest to the grand theft charge. 

If Lindsay doesn't accept the plea, Judge Sautner will hold a preliminary hearing on April 22.  At the same time Judge Sautner will decide if Lindsay violated her probation -- and it's virtually a sure bet the judge will rule Lindsay did indeed violate it.  At that point Lindsay will go to jail as she awaits trial.

Word to Lindsay -- TAKE THE PLEA!


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queen love    

Gump, Gump, star alert!!! Somebody tell her the porn star audition for ********** is over.

1292 days ago


Every Judge and EVERY Lawyer knows...if you are GUILTY?

GET A JURY TRIAL! You have a chance with 12 people...where as if you are INNOCENT? Your lawyer has a better chance of convincing ONE smart judge, who has heard it all, knows the ins and outs and is NOT swayed by emotions...

Just a little life lesson from me :)

1292 days ago


She goes back April 22 which just happens to be Good friday, it wont be a good friday for Lindsay if she doesnt take the deal!

1292 days ago


Both Lindsay & SCH sitting there laughing in court reminded me of the Manson girls during the Manson trial.
Judge Schwartz dosent find leaks a laughing matter. He wrote an artical about this very subject.

1292 days ago


I hope she can clean herself up and eventually have the media leave her alone.

1292 days ago


"Lindsay Judge Claims TMZ Is CIA"

So now we have to painfully watch Harvey and his crew of clowns on his TV show and online all day today GLOAT over this.

I'll be doing a preemptive strike by NOT watching thereby happily avoiding this predictably slobbery celebration.

1292 days ago


this judge can't figure out how TMZ gets the info? It is called CASH and a lot of it. Even I can figure that one out

1292 days ago



Both Lindsay & SCH sitting there laughing in court reminded me of the Manson girls during the Manson trial.
Judge Schwartz dosent find leaks a laughing matter. He wrote an artical about this very subject.

Posted at 9:47 AM on Mar 10, 2011 by Holly
Well if he "doesn't find it a laughing matter?" Than why isn't he holding someone in contempt if he HEARS ONE MORE LEAKED ITEM?

Why? Because he like the attention and gets to have another media circus with the skank in a month.

Media Whore? This judge...hope the next one slaps down the LAW.

1292 days ago


It's called PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. They know how it's leaked they just don't no how it's leaked. I don't no anything about it. Yeah, right. They just can't proove it.

1292 days ago


Oh My God:

TMZ will leaves this as the TOP story ALL day right?

If so..I'm outie.

1292 days ago


At least ROL playing fair. They did mentioned the judge single out majority of gossip websites. Where as TMZ is trying to take full credit accepting the CIA offer alone. GMAB! Everybody knows these jokers paid out maga-bucks to gets their story first from their so called "Sources" so they can put out there and say "We told you so" "We first reported" UGH! If I was a celebrity, I sue all their arse's! LOL no wonder the judge keep giving Lindsay a break, because the gossiping fools won't.

9:20 a.m. PT - The judge asked all parties in the case to keep details of the case confidential, and cited among other news outlets for breaking stories related to Lindsay's on-going legal troubles. said Judge Schwartz: "I can't understand how they find out this information!"

1292 days ago


Look at TMZ trying to take all the credit. LOL Judge also mentioned Radar Online.

TMZ and Radar Online ruin lives, blow things out of proportions and exaggerate. They go way beyond gossip, if anybody is hurting Lindsay case it TMZ and ROL. But that's my opinion. :)

Posted at 9:43 AM on Mar 10, 2011 by TeamNadya

But you see Nadya, that is their job. And the majority of posts you see here just squeal with glee. A simple and long lived way to attract and lead the sheep wherever you want them is to offer them a distraction from their mundane and, seemingly hopeless lives.

In TMZ's case, it's to relentlessly hound and to provide a forum of entertainment at any cost. Charlie Sheen, Lindsay's, whomever is the flavor of the month.

TMZ Cares......about revenue.....and now....apparently, polluting the court system.

1292 days ago


This is such a waste of our, California, taxpayer money. Enough already with giving her time to think about a plea deal. What the hell was the past 2 weeks for anyway? Just time for her to prance around the city doing nothing and to give the media outlets meaningless stories after meaningless stories and photo opts. The judicial system is a joke.

1292 days ago


It's better just to get it over with. Take the plea and get out shortly for over population.

1292 days ago


You need to change the poll question. It should simply ask, "Is Lindsay dumb?" You could get rid of the "no" button as well.

1292 days ago
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