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Oksana Seems Satisfied with Mel's Plea Deal

3/9/2011 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is aware of Mel Gibson's plea deal which broke on TMZ an hour ago, and she "trusts the District Attorney's Office with their decision" -- this according to her lawyer.

Mel Gibson Oksana Case

Daniel Horowitz, who reps Oksana, tells TMZ, "We need to gather more facts."

Oksana has told TMZ in the past, she does not think Mel should go to jail, but rather he needs counseling.  As we reported, the plea deal involves counseling.

Horowitz says he'll meet with the D.A. tomorrow to discuss the case.

As we reported, the deal will go down in court Friday.



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Fu*k that slut, send her azz back to Siberia. The DA needs to file charges against her.

1331 days ago


Gold diggin' slezestack

1331 days ago


I can see it now...

An "R" rated mini-series called "Lip Service". The exotic exploits of a "poor innocent Russian girl" and how she fights back against the system using only her wits, and the ability to suck a basketball through a garden hose.

1331 days ago


Mel's an ass and I hope he goes away forever now.

BUT ... Oksana is one of the largest turds to ever float in the punchbowl so why does she get away with all the crap she's done? She should be taking a deep breath in the gas chamber!

1331 days ago


Sounds like a typical 'suck-up' comment because she doesn't want to anger the DA...she's still looking at chargers herself.

1331 days ago


Baby-shaking, goading-button-pushing-gold-digging-home-wrecking-shake-down-extortionist get the hell out of this country. Go back to wherever you conned a citizenship out of some poor sap, Dalton?, yeah we know he beat you too.
A child with a sociopath, narcissistic, pathological lying ho of a mother either turns out like her or hates her....where do your two kids stand, Oksana? Grandma Ludmilla only sees them as trusts she can break.
LA and Hollywood reeks of corruption.

1331 days ago


Sounds like a typical 'suck-up' comment because she doesn't want to anger the DA...she's still looking at chargers herself.

Posted at 11:06 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by fuddyduddy

I thought the same thing. :-)

1331 days ago

Shanan Li    

I sure hope Oskana goes down--Not on Mel--in prison!!

1331 days ago


I wonder what she really did to push the anti-semite over the edge, aside from her irritating broken english. Something tells me she will be punched in the face again in under 2 years. And of course she'll have another baby in hand when it happens.

1331 days ago


What does Horrorwitless mean by saying
"we need to gather more facts"????

***Team Mel***

Posted at 9:58 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by Fidel's niece

Maybe he means his client didn't tell him the true facts and he's just realizing it.

1331 days ago


Well of course she doesn't have a problem with it since it looks as though the skany beyotch will once again skate away. Our damn system is messed up when you can obviously exort milions of $'s from someone over a fake DV claim. May this woman burn in hell for eternity for her lies and horrible deeds. I feel for the kids since its quite obvious they have a psycho for a mother. Great pickings Mel!

1331 days ago


Prosecutors have not yet announced a decision on whether to charge Grigorieva with extortion, which Gibson has been seeking

1331 days ago


Unbelievable this b*tch is still walking around. Came to the US, got pregnant, maybe or maybe not got slapped , destroyed Mel and will suck him dry and now because of that incident Mel will be prosecuted and spend millions on layers and in the end on her, so she can now live like a princess in a mansion with millions and millions of dollars, never having to work again. Yes, the new american dream. Thats justice for you. Its not only blind, its deaf, stupid and full of BS.

1331 days ago


Karma is a B___ch and she is going to realize that some day. After completely ruining two men, if anyone else is dumb enough to try her, they deserve her.

1331 days ago


Except for Friday's live stream broadcast, it’s all over.

I suppose there is some drama to hearing what will be Mel's first and only public words (“no contest, your honor”) on this topic.

Ox will be not be charged with anything. Harvey has said it over and over and it's true. Why? Because any further courtroom appearances by Ox will shed light on the lucrative and cherished cottage industry of the Exalted Lodge of Los Angeles Attorneys: "legal extortion," which is pronounced “negotiation.”

Ox will not file any civil action for the same reason that she will not be charged. But rest assured that Ox got many millions more from Mel than we have or will ever hear about as an out-of-court settlement. Why? To force her to sign off on the mother of all confidentiality clauses.

Consequently, we will never know much more than we do today. No attorney is going to leak that do***ent or any others. No attorney is going to rat on his lodge brothers and write a book. Neither Ox nor Mel will ever mention each other in public from this day forward.

We can toss our “Mel files.” It’s done.

Mel was shafted. Other celebrities will be taken in the same way.

The beat goes on.

1331 days ago
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