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D.A. Will Charge Mel With Simple Misdemeanor Battery

3/11/2011 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson will be charged this morning with simple misdemeanor battery .... not felony domestic violence ... sources connected with the D.A. tell TMZ.

Mel Gibson Misdemeanor
TMZ broke the story ... Mel has cut a deal, in which he will plead no contest to the misdemeanor battery charge.

The D.A. had the option of filing a more serious charge -- felony domestic violence, but the D.A. is filing the lesser charge which is the basis of the plea bargain.

The actual charge will be California Penal Code, Section 243(e)(1), which is battery "against a person with whom the defendant is cohabiting, a person who is the parent of the defendant's child, or a person with whom the defendant currently has, or has previously had, a dating or engagement relationship."

And, as we reported, Mel will NOT be sentenced to any jail time.  He will be ordered to continue his counseling and that's about it.

People familiar with the case -- and the L.A. County District Attorney's filing decisions -- tell TMZ the charge and the plea are appropriate and fit within D.A. guidelines.  Remember, Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna, and he was not sentenced to a day in jail.



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just curious    

TMZ says he'll be charged this morning. Has it been changed from this afternoon (at 1:30 PST)?

1287 days ago


Ladies and Gents,
we need greater voice at Huffington Post...i realize they are among the sea of vultures over there but we need our voices heard...
i along with 2 others have tried our best in thwarting all the lies the devil-incarnate has publicized over at the Post but many are still against Mel and for the extortionist!
How can so many people purported to be intelligent believe such lies and will not search for the truths? they are just all a dam lazy azzes who just spit out whatever they heard/read in the mainstream media who are the same pseudo-intellectuals reporting biased one-sided lies from the she-devil!

i would like some help over at Huffington when and if anyone has the time to show that Mel has many supporters who do not believe all the lies...

would appreciate some help in the comment department! Thanks!

Posted at 9:25 AM on Mar 11, 2011 by Who'sThat


the idiots there have the audacity to compare Mel to Chris Brown and OJ Simpson...
"rolling eyes"!

1287 days ago


Just curious...Mel will show this afternoon when he makes his plea.

1287 days ago


I can't wait to hear what Oksana will be charged with, when the DA announces HER charges.
She has a whole list of felonies that she could potentially be charged with. That should be intersting !!

1287 days ago


Hello All..

you may have read this already but i want to inform you of the recent article Ruth Houston wrote.

at the top of this article was an update...

UPDATE: There is a possibility that Oksana Grigorieva may be charged with extortion, after all. Check back for additional updates as this story develops.

of course, all of you may have read this already or are privy to there some news that the she devil will be charged?

Posted at 9:00 AM on Mar 11, 2011 by Who'sThat


i just brought this over from previous thread so more people can see:)

1287 days ago


I bet Horowitz wanted the felony domestic violence charge.

Posted at 9:52 AM on Mar 11, 2011 by fuddyduddy
Of course he did, and his pet client, and all of the other blood lust trolls.

This doesn't make their civil case really exceptional. hahaha.

Hey Danny Boy - No Mercedes for youuuuuu!

1287 days ago


Too bad Ox's claims of a bloody beating with two punches didn't match the physical evidence. She wanted the felony charge. More child custody = more money for the baby shaking gold-digger/extortionist.

1287 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Another light slap on the wrist for the white, wealthy, celebrity class.

Mel, you little antisemeitic, Holocaust denying, overacting, drunken fidget, I hope you spend eternity in hell with nothing but Jews and Charlie Sheen's rotten crack teeth.

Also, that stupid beaver stuffed up your gaping sphincter.

Oh, and have a nice day.

1287 days ago


so if the she devil is not charged with any crimes, this will pave the way for civil suit by her against Mel..?
for any of the law experts likelihood of a successful civil suit since Mel is charged and plea deal struck!

i am sure some of you ladies may have discussed this already but i missed it..
thank you!

1287 days ago


Oh look it's that bigot Johnny Carcinoma with another Hallmark Catholic bashing moment...

1287 days ago


Mel tells the truth and is punished. I hope the lying extortionist gets what's due her!!! If not we all know the DA is corrupt!

1287 days ago


@Johnny Carcinoma
Just like your screen name, you are malignant and live off killing that which is healthy. May someone come along and "remove" you, much as a mal carcinoma, before you have a chance to spread. (or reproduce).
Learn to follow only yourself! Don't buy into everything you read, research information.
You may actually *learn* something.
But....I find that highly doubtful.
Have a nice day!
Tmom. {o:.

1287 days ago


Well I still can't get my logical brain around 'Gloryhole' advocating a parent dragging children into adult arguments to somehow 'help' them.

Is she promoting some kind of legal child abuse? Some adult argument escalates because some creepy manipulator brings children and babies into an argument -- giving more leverage an abuser who uses children as a shield to criminal prosecution? (We all know who has done this for money -- the Oxtortionist.)

Does that mean more money for her in her 'legal extortion' racket?

Ptui, ptui, ptui.

1287 days ago


1287 days ago


he is not a very nice man, listen to his rants he is not to far off from Charlie. His history shows what he is like, did we for get.

1287 days ago
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